Mayonnaise for Soft, Shiny Hair

Okay, for once I’m not completely on board with a tip. Because while there are lots of people who said they’ve had great success with using mayonnaise as a hair conditioner, there have also been accounts of this method being gross, stinky, or just plain useless.

If you want to try this for yourself, do note that you’ll have to use only REAL mayonnaise, and not a salad dressing substitute (like Miracle Whip). And since none of this mayonnaise will go to your thighs, reach for the FULL FAT ones while you’re at it.

Step 1: Get full-fat, real mayonnaise. Not the low-fat/diet variety.

Step 2: Put a healthy glob of the mayo on your palm and slowly work this through clean hair. It’s fine to put it on damp hair, and might actually make it easier for you to work the mayo in.

Step 3: Put on a shower cap if you have long hair so that you don’t get mayonnaise all over your floor/couch/clothes/other people/pets etc.

Step 4: After a good solid hour, wash the mayo off with regular shampoo and cold water. Shampoo thoroughly because leftover mayonnaise in hair is not a good idea. Shampoo twice is best. Towel gently and let your hair dry on its own.

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  1. This is actually a good tip and it works fine. I tried it once— but I just can’t get the awful smell of mayonnaise of my hair. Ugggh!

    Vinegar is actually good for the hair too- but got the same problem- it smells like hell.

  2. I tried. I had hard time getting beyond the scent; and then my hair felt softer for a couple of days. I have naturally thick silky asian hair. For a while, I just could not figure out why my hair felt.. like not behaving the way it used to. It turns out Mayo also gave me the unnecessary amount of oil and the build-up afterwards. It was very very frustrating. I had to chelate for several times. Triers beware, it is not for everyone.

  3. i am trying it right now in my hair and the smell is horrid i have another 30minutes to wait before i can wash it out and am hoping for the best results mood : anxious :-0

  4. Definatly try this! Me and my mother do this all the time, and we have glowing healthy hair. Although hair can smell a little but, hey. You have to pay the price.

  5. this is so amazing. it works really well. my hair is super thick and nasty after using this jk it works so well no it doesnt or does it??

  6. My hair use to b down to my back n i got the stupid brazillian blow out n completeley dired oit my hair and destroyed it!!!!!!! Vefore i got it my hair was cut to about 2 inches longer than my shouldeers and now its above my shoulders dry spit ends and horriflying im sick n tired of it i hate being made fun of and i want something tht works!!!! I need good healthy hair pronto!!!!! Idk wat to do anymore!!!

  7. I tried using mayonnaise in my hair since I was told that it work wonders to dry hair like mine. I am amazed with the result. My hair is shinier and thicker. From now on, I’ll use it as my conditioner and I’ll just use a baby shampoo.

  8. I used the mayo that I had in my fridge and it isn’t to bad. How long you leave it in for [15min-60min], how well you rinse it out, and how often you use it are all contributing factors. But this does work, however odd it feels putting it in your hair for the first time. [=

  9. Hello all

    I’m going to try this … can you tell me the feed back for this because my hair s so dry and split ends also… I’m very worried about my hair please help me anybody…

  10. This works very good. I did it when I was 12 cause I had lice and my scalp is sensitive to chemicals (doctor suggested mayo treatment). Realized it actually made my hair shiny, soft and healthier looking. So every so often I still do the mayo treatment

      1. You wanna apply it similar to conditioner. Not to much otherwise its hard to get out and leaves your hair oily and greasy. Make sure to get it from roots to tip and If you have long thick hair like me it can take up to 3 shampoo’s to rinse it clean. Only shampoo your hair afterwards though don’t put any conditioner.

  11. Works well! My hair was dry and wouldnt style very well. The mayo made it soft, shiny, and great to work with! Have to wash it all out though, otherwise it’ll make your hair oily and gross! Great!!!

  12. The mayo treatment went over really well – the smell made me hungry! As I type this I am looking for the bread so I can make me a sandwich with some of the left over mayonnaise…

    1. Good to hear it worked well for you — mayo on hair seems to get mixed responses. Some love it, some hate it.

      Enjoy that sandwich 🙂

  13. The mayo is marinating in my hair as I write this right now! Lol! This is my first time using it so I hope it comes out nicely. I’m 16 and have RIDICULOUSLY thick and coarse hair that feels like dead straw. It’s naturally curly and around shoulder length with choppy layers, but I flat iron it a lot because the curls are frizzy and unmanageable. I hope it helps even a tiny bit since otherwise my hair has no shine at all and feels like it belongs on some old ratty doll. Not. Good. =____=

    I also have intentions to dye it some funky colors in the future so I’m hoping this comes out alright to help later. I had a bad dying experience this summer that required 8 hours in the salon of stripping and dying to get it back to a natural color. Somehow, though my hair stylist was shocked, my hair did not fall out at all and had little to no breakage at the ends. So my hair is sturdy,but the texture is still awful with zero gloss.

    I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed that this works (I’ll update when the mayo is out)~! >w<

    1. Carly, if this does not work for you, try ‘Silk Therapy’ shampoo & conditioner by Bio Silk!! I’m in my 60’s & have had hair like yours, all my life. About 6-8 months ago, I got fed up with it, paid a little more for the Silk Therapy, but I will NEVER use anything else! For the 1st time in my life, I have hair that feels like REAL hair , not dry coarse straw. For the 1st time ever in my life, has a man run his fingers thru my hair and said….I like you hair! I was in a hurry one morning, so I used Pantene shampoo/condition (in one). I was upset all day, because my hair was so crappy. Please, please, give it it a try! You will not be sorry. I wish I had known about it 30 years ago.

  14. try olive oil! i also helps! i tend to wash my hair everydai and it started getting dry and breaking. so i apply olive oil to it every week for an hour and after im done, i shampoo and condition like normal and my hair stay gorgous

  15. love the olive oil idea but is their anyway possible if we can use something more easier to use thats easier to find because these days i cant stand my hair ! i have short brittle dry coarse hair and i used a perm to straighten it and just washed it out the next week , how do i bring it back

    1. Hmmm I don’t know your definition of “easier to find”. I would think that mayo is quite easy to find in most supermarkets.

      Another popular option is coconut oil. To make it easier to use, skip the leave-in method and just apply a very small amount to your hair each day. If the oil is too thick, just rub it between your palms first before running them in your hair.

  16. Well, I’m going for it!
    I’m actually going too try it my baths running now and there’s mayo in the fridge well
    Wish me luck.If this goes wrong I shall be

  17. I’m trying this now for both lice and to make my hair shinny… right now i feel no more biting and its only been 30 minutes! I recommend this to anyone looking for a fast, easy way to rid lice in just an hour! and get better hair in the process 😉

  18. How many times should use this mayo treatment because i used 2 times but there s no changes in my hair… can you anyone help me… how to make my hair silky and shiny… which shampoo and conditioner suitable for my hair… my hair s so dry and little curly… please help me please… am very worried about my hair..

      1. I usually do it once or twice a week. I also mix it with 1 egg, some essential oils (jojoba & almond) and organic milk and leave it on for about 1-1.5 hours. My hair is exceptionally soft and shiny afterwards, I love it!

  19. Excellent post! I’m a huge fan of using mayonnaise as a deep conditioning treatment and find that it works wonders for my hair. Highly recommend shampooing afterwards because the smell isn’t exactly great and also keeping the hair mayo separate from food products so that there’s no contamination.

  20. just used mayo on my hair! And wow it has a great result!:) got shiny, silky, soft and manaegable hair. Love it!
    I just put the plain mayo alone, left it on my hair for 5hrs for my hair is soo frizzy, got lots of split ends, easily break and it flies away. Wrap it with a plastic. After 5hrs, I washed it, using a baby shampoo for its mild not to strip of what the mayo did on my hair and to remove the scent of mayo and its really WOW! The 5hrs is worth it! 🙂
    if you got any questions, tweet me on

    1. Baby shampoo is the worst stuff you can use on your hair. It’s recommended if you want to strip hair-coloring from your hair. People think it’s gentle because it is for babies, but it’s not, it’s actually one of the strongest shampoos on the market because of its PH. The best stuff to wash with is vinegar.

  21. So I tried this yesterday right after I read it.

    I have been being the no shampoo thing for a good 8 months now. The first couple months were hard. My natural oils insanely over produced and I started the baking soda and ACV approach but tha seemed to leave my hair kinda stiff. So I would only do that once or twice a week. I recently started to notice my hair seemed dry. My ends were ruff…but thats b/c I haven’t had my hair trimmed in a long time. Which is very healthy for hair growth…something I never really knew.

    So anyways this is what I did yesterday.

    I did a quick at home hair trim. (I looked online how to trim my hair at home) I applied and thoroughly massaged real mayo to my scalp and damp hair. I would say about 4-6 Tbps. I have shoulder length hair. Wrapped my hair in a bag and left it in for about an hour. (washed dishes, cleaned the house, read more stuff from this site) Washed it out with warm water. M hair still had alot of oils left in from the mayo but I just tied it up in a pony tail. It is hard to get all the oils out with just warm water. But I figured leaving it in until later on that night would be like a leave in conditioner. So I went to work with hair in pony tail. So that was a good 7 hours with some oils still in my hair. (it did look shiny/greasy…so it’s up to you how you would go about it. But I didn’t mind going out of the house like that) When I got home I took a shower. Thoroughly massaged my scalp and hair again then massaged my ACV mix into my hair, rinsed that out, then massaged my baking soda mix into my hair, rinsed that out. My hair felt amazing and still does!!! It is like silk!!! Light soft shiny smooth!!! It hasn’t felt like this in a long time.

    I know this is a long comment but I had to share my experience!

    My new cheap hair treatment is mayo! Loving it!

    1. Also one more thing. As I was reading over some comments on here. I have strange straight yet wavy hair. I use a 100% ceramic straightening iron on my hair. I just straightened my hair this morning and it is still silky soft and shiny. It feels feathery light. So if this mayo treatment is great it makes my ends look soft and straight and after straightening my hair my ends didn’t look damaged at all.

      Another helpful hint is that the ACV and baking soda is what gets that oil out in one wash. No greasy after look. Unless you really over did it with the mayo. I also do a cold water rinse right before I hop outta the shower. That leaves hair shiny. Kinda like when you splash cold water on your face after washing your face with warm water it closes up the pores. That kinda the same effect with hair it seals in the moisture and gives it a nice shine. I forget where I read about that.


      Good luck all!!!


  22. hi! I used 2 eggs, a teaspoon of oil (forgot what it was called) and also 2 and a half cups of mayo. Oh, before I did this I rinsed my hair with warm water… it helps. Then, I put my hair in a bag and let it sit there for 30 minutes-hour (also wrapping a towel around my head to keep the heat in). Then I washed it out but did not use shampoo. When it dryed it was very soft a silky. To get the smell off I used a body wash with a strong scent (pomegranate) and let the soap soak into my skin before rinsing. The mayo doesn’t really stink because all this has mixed into it, so it didn’t take much to get the smell off. It really worked though! My hair is soft and silky!

    Oh and also don’t put shampoo in before 24 hours after doing it!

  23. Tried mayonnaise in my hair and guess what? This is the softest and shiniest my hair has ever been. One problem though- I didn’t have dandruff before and now I have. Could it possibly be because of not using real mayo?
    One thing I know for sure though, I definitely want to continue using mayonnaise, just without the dandruff.

      1. Hi Marilyn, I’m glad you had good results, but I don’t know why you would get dandruff from this. Did you use Miracle Whip before or some other mayo substitute? My suggestion is to try real mayo instead and see if it makes a difference.

    1. Dandruff is caused by a fungus from oil on your scalp. Mayonnaise contains oil. You might not be washing the mayonnaise off of your scalp completely. You can use shampoo to wash it out, but try rinsing with vinegar instead, it’s supposed to help dandruff, and it makes your hair shiny and smooth.

  24. Thanks so much for this I tried this earlier today while running my bath and after an hour i washed the mayo off in the shower and after my hair dried it was super soft and easier to comb through!!!
    Will never forget this website article!

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