To try this for yourself, use only real mayonnaise, not a salad dressing substitute like Miracle Whip.


Okay, for once I’m not completely on board with a tip. Because while there are lots of people who said they’ve had great success with using mayonnaise as a hair conditioner, there have also been accounts of this method being gross, stinky, or just plain useless.

If you want to try this for yourself, do note that you’ll have to use only REAL mayonnaise, and not a salad dressing substitute (like Miracle Whip). And since none of this mayonnaise will go to your thighs, reach for the FULL FAT ones while you’re at it.

Step 1: Get full-fat, real mayonnaise. Not the low-fat/diet variety.

Step 2: Put a healthy glob of the mayo on your palm and slowly work this through clean hair. It’s fine to put it on damp hair, and might actually make it easier for you to work the mayo in.

Step 3: Put on a shower cap if you have long hair so that you don’t get mayonnaise all over your floor/couch/clothes/other people/pets etc.

Step 4: After a good solid hour, wash the mayo off with regular shampoo and cold water. Shampoo thoroughly because leftover mayonnaise in hair is not a good idea. Shampoo twice is best. Towel gently and let your hair dry on its own.