Best emergency pain reliever for tooth pain — castor oil!

I had excruciating tooth pain from a big hole on the side of my molar. I put a castor oil-soaked piece of gauze up against the hole and the pain disappeared within 5 minutes. I kept it up for a few weeks to be safe, and the pain has completely gone and not come back since. The hole is still there, but there’s no pain at all.

If you’re having tremendous tooth pain and can’t make it to the dentist in time, I urge you to give this strange little remedy a try.

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How I make my own DIY magnesium oil

Spraying magnesium oil on my skin relaxes me like nothing else can. My tense muscles start loosening within 10 minutes of spraying magnesium oil. It doesn’t matter how stressed out I’m feeling, this always does the trick.

And the best thing is that I can make my own magnesium oil in large quantities for very little money.

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Why I Say No to Lasik

Before going for Lasik treatment, do your homework first as these eye surgeries can have some devastating and permanent life-altering results. Despite what doctors will tell you, complications are not “minor” when they affect a person’s mental and emotional happiness.

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