Harmful Skin Lightening Creams

Signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning

Signs of mercury poisoning include emotional disturbances, fatigue, forgetfulness, and headaches.

As mercury affects the brain, behavior and personality can also change — with low self-confidence, depression, and timidity.

How to heal your skin from deep chemical damage from toxic creams

Quick fixes are unlikely to restore skin that’s been deeply damaged by long-term use of steroid-based and toxic creams with hydroquinone, monobenzone or mercury. Instead, try slow and restorative healing from the inside out along with natural healing oils.

Deceptive labeling on skin lightening creams

Skin whitening creams with mercury make their way all over the world, and sellers are able to get away with it due to poor government safety controls in many places. Online sales also make it easy to completely avoid detection and checks.