Skin Pigmentation

Signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning

Signs of mercury poisoning include emotional disturbances, fatigue, forgetfulness, and headaches.

As mercury affects the brain, behavior and personality can also change — with low self-confidence, depression, and timidity.

How to heal your skin from deep chemical damage from toxic creams

Quick fixes are unlikely to restore skin that’s been deeply damaged by long-term use of steroid-based and toxic creams with hydroquinone, monobenzone or mercury. Instead, try slow and restorative healing from the inside out along with natural healing oils.

Cheap and effective: Make your own Vitamin C serum or cream

Vitamin C breaks down in heat and sunlight, so it’s no wonder why some Vitamin C creams work less effectively than advertised, or not at all. If you want to use a Vitamin C cream on your skin, you’ll get the most value and efficacy by simply making it yourself.