This tip is so good you may want to throw away those expensive alcohol-filled toners.

For those who wear make-up, this tip can’t get any simpler or more frugal. And you’ll love this so much you’ll want to throw away those expensive alcohol-filled toners!

What you’ll need: One ice cube.

How to do it: After washing your face with a cleanser (or some baking soda), rub an ice cube over skin for a few minutes. Then pat the cool skin dry, and apply your foundation, followed by the rest of your make-up as normal.

What you’ll get: Long-lasting make-up that looks great throughout the day. Foundation will also spread more evenly, and look more natural.

Why this helps: The cold ice closes open pores very quickly. Closed pores create a super smooth skin surface, which make-up can glide on easily.

[Thanks to my beautiful and talented sister for this tip!]