Warts may be a sign of potassium deficiency. Enter the banana peel, which is high in potassium.

From what I have read, applying banana peels on warts really works to remove them. Before you go all psshh!, read on my friend.

Warts (and some moles) are usually a sign of potassium deficiency, and the idea to infuse a potassium-rich food directly over the wart does have some merit. Banana peels are high in potassium.

Which brings me back to this simple, yet effective remedy.

You’ll need: One banana peel. You don’t have to buy bunches of bananas for this, just one may be enough as long as you keep it stored in the fridge.

How to do it: Cut a section of the banana peel, large enough to cover your wart. (Keep the unused portion in the fridge now. ) Depending on where your wart is located, you’ll have to find the most suitable method to keep the cut peel section in place as you go about your day. The inner portion of the banana peel (the damp, fibrous part) should be placed against the wart.

If it’s on your toe, putting a small bandage and wearing socks over it is a good idea. If it’s on another part of your body and is small enough, you can do this by simply putting a band-aid or some tape over the banana peel to hold it in place.

Be consistent and replace the banana peel section with a fresh one twice daily at least. The wart should shrink in size and fall off painlessly over time.

This will take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks to happen so be patient.