Turmeric and Other Remedies for Painful Boils


If you’ve ever had a boil anywhere on your body, you know how painful they can be.

You can take antibiotics to get rid of the infection, but sometimes going the natural route is much more effective, especially when the bacteria has for some reason grown resistant to regular antibiotics (which is happening more and more often).

Turmeric is an extremely effective cure for boils and is found to work well when all other methods fail.

There are two ways to use turmeric to cure boils.

Method 1: Eat it or drink it

Simple enough, but most of us might have trouble swallowing raw turmeric. So do what suits you.

Some suggestions include adding the turmeric to:

  • water
  • tea
  • milk

If you’re able to cook, you can add turmeric to:

  • stir fries and curries
  • broths and soups
  • rice (add a little turmeric in the water as you boil it)

Whatever method you choose to take the turmeric, the dose is 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric powder three times a day, and more if you can take it.

Combine turmeric with good fats and fresh ground black pepper. To increase turmeric absorption, combine it with any good cold-pressed oils or fats (such as almond oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil, sesame oil or grapeseed oil). Black pepper added to turmeric has also been proven to increase the bioavailability of turmeric.

Paul recommends combining turmeric with Ghee or the butter fat in creamer. He wrote:

I contracted via a Surgery that cleaned and Sticky Plaster closed a gash on my Leg. Soon a large area of infection appeared on lower leg above the Ankle roceeded to give me large doses of PENICILLEN for 6 month, saying that that was their only Remedy.
Eventually thats topped growing but then I gashed my other Lower Leg on a Suitcase. This also blew up like a Boil and spread seriously. Again more Penicillen for over another 6 months until my Bowels became very constibated which I never previuosly had. So I looked on GOOGLE and found many entrys that gave fabulous reports on success. Did this and allclear up immediately then with Whole grain Soya & Linseed Breads (4-6 Slices daily) got it all working again.Poroven that Tumeric is not Water Soluble and nes to be dissolved in GEE (Butter heated to remove Water and Solids.) Howver I use Cream on my Coffee or Tea and float half Teaspoon on that and its dissolves into the Cream which itself goes Yellow as proof. Now with the Butterfat in Cream, the Tumeric can go into the Bloodstream to do its work, which otherwise would have nbeen wasted through the Bowels and less effective. Seems that mixed with Honey and Butter or Cream would be ideal as a Poultice and highly reccommended. Talk to an Indian about TUMERIC which they all take Daily and really in that unhealthy country, MANY ARE NEVER UNWELL AND LIVE TO A RIPE OLD aGE.. GOOD lUCK. PAUL

Method 2: Apply turmeric paste over the boil

You can either use water or milk to make the thick paste. Keep it covered with a bandage. (Be prepared to see a temporary yellow tinge on your skin from the turmeric, though! This will fade in a couple of weeks, and I think its a small price to pay for getting rid of the boil.)

Although there’s two popular methods here, I would recommend using both at the same time.

This way you’re attacking the infected boil internally, by cleaning your body and skin of infection, and even more importantly, preventing the boil from re-infecting the surrounding skin (one boil can sometimes spread to more, or recur after some time elsewhere).

And the turmeric that’s applied externally would hasten the drainage of the boil.

Why turmeric works

Turmeric contains curcumin, which has antitumor, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin is a remarkable substance that scientists have studied for its abilities to fight cancer. Turmeric’s powerful blood cleansing properties also helps it to successfully cure resistant MRSA infections when antibiotics have failed.


Reader submissions

This page has received some useful information shared by generous commenters. I update this list periodically as more comments come in.

Thank You to all the commenters for sharing!

Alternative methods to curing boils submitted by commenters

  • Turmeric and Honey

Henrietta successfully drained her boil with a honey and turmeric paste left on overnight.

She wrote, “It works: I had a strange boil for over 4 weeks, it kept getting bigger until I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to take action. I’m seeing my doctor Monday but on Friday I started applying Hydrocortisone cream…with no effect. Then, Saturday night, I made a topical paste of honey and turmeric, left it on overnight with gauze bandages…in the morning, I felt that the boil was smaller, and when I looked under the gauze–it was a miracle! The boil had started to drain! Definitely a very effective home remedy. Strongly recommended.”

  • Boil Ease or Draw Out Salve (commercial product)

Nik used Boil Ease which made his boil recede in 3 days (it costs about $10 and can be bought over-the-counter at CVS, Rite Aid, Eckard in the First Aid section).

He wrote, “Anyone who is affected by LARGE, PAINFUL boils please try BOIL EASE or DRAW OUT SALVE. This is a true story. I am in no way affiliated to this company. Boils and their treatment have a special place in my heart because I have had many, many, many large and painful boils… too many to even count. I’ve visited 5 different doctors, have a lot of medical bills from them draining my boils at the hospital, thought I had MRSA… overall, very bad experience. Like everyone said about antibiotic abuse, my doctor would refill my antibiotic Rx without me even seeing her EVERY MONTH! that’s how often I got them. Long story short, a friend told me that her doctor recommended BOIL EASE, an over the counter ointment that can be bought at CVS, Rite Aid, Eckard… in the FIRST AID section (i couldn’t find it at first). I bought it, used it, my boil was HUGE and it did take a while but it went away in about a week and hasn’t returned. when i get boils now, as soon as i notice them, i put Boil Ease on and it goes away in 3 days. Def. try it! It’s only 10 dollars, they have the cheaper version DRAW OUT SALVE for like 7 dollars. Try it… from someone who has been suffering with this for almost 7 years, you WONT REGRET IT! I feel like I need to pass this information on because I didn’t know about it and now I wish I didn’t have scars from being operated on for NO REASON!! I wish i had known about this and I hope you all pass this information on as well.”

  • Potato or Peach Tree Leaves

Sheila shared her father’s remedy of using a scraped potato or peach tree leaves.

She wrote, “When i was a kid my dad would scrape a potato and wrap it in a gauze and apply it to boils and stys to draw out the infection, it works and if in the right season peach tree leaves poltice is another good source.”

  • Pepper leaf

Ruth Brown, a missionary in Nicaragua, said she had many problems with boils. She says, “the Nicaraguans taught me to put a pepper leaf on the boil that they picked off of their pepper tree. It worked better than anything I could have bought. Unfortunately, when I am in the States or elsewhere, I don’t have access to pepper trees or their leaves.”

Julie McKenzie also wrote about using pepper leaf for boils, “When I was a little girl back in the 1950s my mother always put Mecca Ointment and a pepper leaf on a band-aid and applied it to any boil I broke out with. It always worked and the boils went away.”

  • Tea Tree Oil and Spirits of Camphor

Sage mentions putting tea tree oil and camphor on boils.

She wrote, “Topically, I use Tea Tree Oil and Spirits of Camphor for boils and had great results also.”

  • Salt Pork

Little Lee had good results treating a boil that was across an armpit with salt pork. The salt pork relieved the soreness immediately and led the boil to drain. His boil was cured after two days and has not recurred even after 6 months.

He wrote, “I had a boil that ran all the way across my armpit. It was so red and swollen I couldn’t lay on either side to sleep. Antibiotics and warm compresses didn’t help. I remembered an old remedy. I bought a slab of salt pork, cut off a hunk and stuck it on the boil. Immediately almost all the soreness was gone and in five minutes there was a horrid smell. The boil was draining! It took about two days but it is gone. Thank goodness! I haven’t tried anything else but I will keep it in mind.”

Little Lee also mentions that he is a diabetic in another comment, “By the way, I am diabetic also. The boil hasn’t come back and that was about 6 months ago. May not work for someone else but for me it was the cure!”

Salt pork poultice is an old remedy. The fat and salt content of salt pork help to bring boils to a head.

  • Banana Peel

Ashley described her success at using banana peels on her boyfriend’s boil on another article (Banana Peels Works on Warts).

She wrote, “banana peels work great on boils. my boyfriend had a big nasty paintful boil on his butt and i put a banana peel on it for 10 minutes because it stung and itched right away. the next morning it was almost completely drained and totally pain free.”

Special Medical Conditions

  • Kidney transplant patients

Vicky asked if turmeric is safe for kidney transplant patients such as herself.

She wrote, “I am a kidney transplant patient and have suffer from boil for quite sometimes. Is tumeric powder is safe for me to take?”

My answer was: 

Hi Vicky, turmeric seems to be okay and may even be beneficial for kidney transplant patients. However, its still best if you clear it with your doctor first.

Below are some extracts from the web. You can click on the links to read the original text in full.

From cancer.org
“One small study of curcumin (edit: curcumin is found in turmeric), along with another antioxidant called quercetin, was done in adults who received kidney transplants. Those who received the combination in high dosages had fewer transplant rejections than those who received lower doses or placebo. More studies are needed to find out if this holds true. Curcumin may also promote the emptying of the gallbladder, but again, more human studies are needed.”

From drugdigest.com
“In addition to their anticancer effects, antioxidants in turmeric may protect the brain, kidneys, and liver from damage by alcohol, drugs, radiation, heavy metals such as lead, or chemicals such as dry cleaning fluid.”

From tcwellness.com
“Studies on diabetes induced kidney disease show promising indications that cucurmin inhibited the progression of damage. Lesions of the kidneys were reduced and the kidneys continued functioning well with a .05 percent turmeric diet.”


  • Turmeric for pregnant women

Catherine asked if turmeric is safe to eat during pregnancy.

She wrote, “my grandaughter has several under her arm she can not take script because of pregancy is this safe?”

My answer to her was this:


Hi Catherine, I found contradicting views when checking on whether or not turmeric is safe for pregnant women.

On one hand, turmeric is used in so many Indian dishes that many Indians ingest turmeric everyday.

On the other hand, I also found a quote that mentions how turmeric cannot be recommended during pregnancy or breast-feeding in large amounts (greater than what is normally found in food) as turmeric may stimulate contractions of the uterus and may alter menstrual periods.

To give you an idea of how much is in “foods” – in most Indian dishes, very little turmeric is actually added (usually a pinch or half a teaspoon). But so little an amount may not have much of an effect to clear your daughter’s boils.

You can go to this page to read up more on using turmeric. There are many user accounts of it.

But I can’t tell you for sure whether or not it is safe for your daughter to take turmeric as I don’t know myself. Perhaps its better to err on the side of caution and at least wait until she has given birth and stopped breastfeeding?


In summary, small amounts of turmeric like those used in cooking appear to be safe but larger amounts is not advisable as not much is known about the effects to the mother and infant.

More information about turmeric and pregnancy can be found here (a forum where Indian women share their experiences with pregnancy and eating turmeric)

Other comments

  • Diet can affect the incidence of boils

Sage wrote, “I must agree with Henrietta’s statement about the importance of changing and improving your diet. Most of my issues with boils have occurred after consuming candy, cake and other sugary sweet baked goods. Dealing with abscesses too was unbearable until I totally removed soda pop from my diet, thus eliminating the abscesses. I also use turmeric (thanks to Earthclinic.com) and Black Seed Oil with plain yogurt when I have a problem. In the past I drank Turmeric with tea, but constipation sometimes resulted. So now, I mix 1 tsp of Turmeric, 1/2 tsp of Black Seed Oil with a half cup of yogurt and it has worked wonders. In addition to turmeric, I also drink Burdock and Echinacea with Goldenseal teas to help strengthen my immune system. Topically, I use Tea Tree Oil and Spirits of Camphor for boils and had great results also.”

170 Replies to “Turmeric and Other Remedies for Painful Boils”

  1. I am in great shape, diet and everything – I went through a phase where I didn’t get one in 2 years time. I feel like dieting isn’t a total part in this… I did research on turmeric, seems to work for me, personally. Went to CVS got the 400mg pills when I got one. I also got Drawing Salve. took the pills 2 3x a day. I opened 1 pill and made a paste with the Drawing Salve and a little water, applied it and bandaged it up. This boil was going to be a monster, it hurt like hell, so I left it on for a day and night. Woke up sunday morning and it had a huge white head on it, it drained alot over night with a heating pad. You aren’t supposed to squeeze them, but it was ready… repeated the paste the next day and its been gone and the skin has been healing.
    I’ve gone to the drs. been tested for MRSA, was a “Staph infection.” i’ve had serious ones last WEEKS before they drained. This did in 3 days. If i would have caught it and attacked it when it first started i think i could have prevented it. This was the fastest i’ve had one go away and drain, 2 days into it… so yeah, i think it helps. It may not cure it, but if you can catch it fast, and act quickly it’ll be nothing than what it can turn into. Dangerous infection

    Take it for what it’s worth, I think it helps!

    1. Hi. Im not the one to post comments about anything but here I’m, to reach out to those who are suffering from this condition, also being a med student I thought I had to do this. I got HS out of blue and was affected by it for a few weeks which had me so scared cause of the boils getting bigger and bigger and spreading into many places. I’m cured of this. And trust me on this, there is this indian remedy “Triphala” buy it from amazon.take 1 tbsp in the morning and before going to bed. this will cleanse your blood and your lymphatic system. Don’t hurt in trying and you’ll be healed like I was within a week. Much love!

  2. Recently I’ve experienced to have a clusters of boils which is very painful especially those underneath my butt and armpit,it’s really a pain in the ass and a real sucker.sometime ago, while browsing the internet, Turmeric pop-up and it gives me an idea and I read it,I was amased the benefits of it, so went immediately to the supermarket to look for turmeric, but I can’t find it,I live in Paris which is a different language, so turmeric is known here as Curcuma. I bought it right away and drink it 3 times a day,After 1 day I noticed that my boils started to drain and the pain is gone,Before reaching the 4th day my skin glows and skins that experienced boils peeled off automatically,for the meantime my skin changes a lot and for the better,It brings back my self-esteem and confidence, thanks for this wonder herb called TURMERIC…

  3. Turmeric is really amazing stuff. It has slaughtered many of the boil problems I’ve had time and time again. The only difficulty is putting up with the powerful taste, but it seems there are always ways around that. Cooking it into something or making tea is my favorite way to take turmeric.

  4. Turmeric is really good. Even its good to use in food. Using turmeric in food reduces heart problems. It is good for skin.

  5. Its a super wonder to me. I had some of the worse boils and I tried all kind of antibiotics, creams what not, but none of them helped. I then read the good turmeric could do, and started using that. Its a miracle I should say! As soon as I feel I have a boil I swallow like 3-4 table spoons in the morning and evening. Guess what the boil disappears! And its all natural unlike the antibiotics!

  6. Thank you all for the information. I have been suffering for quite a few years now from very painful boils. I’m excited to try Tumeric and see how it works. Does any one know any home remedy or prescription or OTC product that helps get rid of boil scars? Not only is having boils embarassing to me but the scars make me feel even worse. Any info on how I can get rid of scars would greatly be appeciated.
    Thanks so much!

  7. I’m a very healthy, energetic, mommy of two. For about a year in a half I have been working out seven days a week,two hours a day. So my health was excellent! I recently went on a vacation and meet a gentleman,had sex with him. And came back home still feeling fine. After a week of my normal day to day, I started getting a burning pain on my inner butt and anal, was very painful and then the pain and itch started coming to my pevilc area. I would get a mirror look down below and it was bright red. So I made a appointment with my obgyn,he done a a few test,”I WAS SO SCARED THINKING THIS WAS AN STD/HERPES” But the test came back and he said it was Staphylococcous. I was like what in the world is that and how did I get it?
    He went down the list…and I kept thinking was it because of me having sex with this person I didnt really know. He prescribed antiboitcs,but after a week on that…they came back harder and more painful! Like I had mentioned at the beganning I’m very athletic,so the boils started traveling down my inner thighs and it was so painfull to go jogging even walking was painful.
    Not to mention the itch that happens at night. Why did the infection spread with the antiboitics?
    I started doing my own research online and I came across herbal treatment for boils, I was desperate to try anything that would cure this awful mess. I went to Walmart and got Turmeric and Echinacea. Im praying this will be my cure. But this doesnt tak away from me feeling dirty,and what is clean enough. I swear I went and got all germaphobic on my house,clothing and children. Has anyone felt this way?

    1. Hi Worried,

      I too have a MRSA infection. I got mine when I embarked on a new career in healthcare. I now have a moderate infection all over my chest and antibiotics are only a temporary answer.

      After doing some research, I’ve decided to…

      1. Eat a clove of raw garlic 3 times a day
      2. Drink a glass of water with 2 tps of apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp Manuka honey 3 times a day.
      3. Drink a glass of water with 2 tps of Tumeric 3 times a day.

      Are you taking tumeric pills? It sounds like you are and I would recommend that you go to an Indian grocery store and buy ground tumeric (a spice). Tumeric pills are more expensive and contain harmful additives.

      You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed about your infection. MRSA is becoming all too common in today’s world. The numbers of infected people are astounding. You also shouldn’t feel anxious about “spreading” your infection. Do some reading up on MRSA (but beware scare articles on the internet, they are trying to scare you into buying a book or a drug, etc..) Staphylococcus lives on the skins of healthy people. You aren’t a walking pandemic. Just don’t share towels, or have bare skin contact with anyone while you’re broken out and you should be fine.

      One last thing; make sure you shower if you get sweaty. Don’t wait to shower after you work out. You will regret it if you do. It will make you break out worse.

      Good luck to us both. Feel free to stay in touch with me, we all need support.

      Take care,


      1. I worked in nursing for 19 years and I developed a very painful ping pong sized boil on my face. I was scared. I went to an Urgent Care doctor who did an incision and drainage. It came back + for Community Acquired MRSA. The Strain I picked up was susceptible to 9 different antibiotics. However I rarely if ever take AB’s any more. This is why we have these resistant strains of staph bacteria from the over prescribing of antibiotics. The ABs that would not work on me were Penicillins (which I am allergic to anyway), Erythromycin, and some of the Sulfa. Now when I get a boil, I don’t even go to the doctor. Firset I don’t want another incision done which I think can drive the infection down deeper. Second, a frien of mine contracted MRSA, was put on high power anitbiotics, Vancomycin and ended up in a nursing home for rehab because the Vancomycin damaged her kidneys. She’s now waiting for a kidney transplant. Now as soon as I feel one coming on, I do Hibiclens showers from the neck down. then I wash the surrounding area with tea tree oil soap and let the soap dry on the boil and the surrounding skin. Then I take a cotton ball with tea tree oil and jojoba oil mixed and swab the boil and the surrounding skin. Then I take a gauze dressing or telfa pad and soak it with colloidal silver spray, cover it and use an Ace wrap or Kerlex to keep the dressing in place. I’m also severely allergic to bandaids and any other dressing with adhesives which can cause additional skin problems on top of a boil. Next I start taking Turmeric (500mg) and Grapefruit Seed Extract capsules, the highest dose possible, three times daily. The last two times I developed a boil, this regimen cleared up and I was able to avoid the doctors office. You should monitor yourself and the wound daily. If you start running a fever or start having pain or changes in urination, etc, then you should probably go see an Urgent Care Center or a doctor. If you can avoid taking antibiotics, go the natural route. I guess the alternative old fashioned remedies like bread poultices and fig paste work because the bacteria cannot recognize these killers. Read the story of King Hezekiah in the Bible. Hezekiah had a boil so bad, he thought he was near death, and the physicians of the day placed figs over the boil. Hezekiah prayed for God to heal him and the Bible states God added 15 extra years to his life and the fig cured him. So praying and believing that the natural cure will work goes a long way in the healing process.

  8. Let me say that Turmeric for skin is the real deal. It’s the only thing that has kept my persistent skin issues at bay, ever since I stumbled onto it a few years ago. Nothing else has worked like turmeric powder has.

    1. Tessa, were you using turmeric internally or externally?
      I just started drinking 1 teaspoon of turmeric 2x a day to clear my skin … hope it works. Just started it with black pepper after reading how it increases absorption (by 2 thousand times?!).
      I just had a glass of it mixed with tomato juice… tastes like a virgin mary!

  9. hi, i have 3 abscess. one near by butt, one on my thigh, and one right behind my back. I’ve been following the tumeric treatment here for a day and it seems like the abscess is finally coming to a head. May i know if i should try squeezing it out (use a needle or something like that?) or should i just leave it? please advise, thanks a lot.

    1. If you can wait, the boil will burst naturally. If you can’t wait (eg if you’re afraid it might burst while you’re outside), you can pop it with a sterile needle. However, you’d need to be careful to avoid infection, and keep the area clean and covered as it heals. Use a good antiseptic like iodine.

    2. Leave it alone. Let it drain on its own or you may develop an infection from squeezing and picking. It can drive the infection down deeper even into your bones.

  10. I have been plagued with butt boils for last 4years !!! No more pills!! I am taking a natual approach to the problem. Great suggestions guys!! Let you know my results. Will past it on!!!!

  11. I have 2 boils on my groin and its been here for over 2 years.. I don’t know what to do anymore, i’ve tried anything and i am too embarassed to go to the doctor or tell my family about it, because of the area its in. Im not sexually active JUST because of those 2 boils. Its ruining my whole self esteem. I need helpp. :/

    1. Take and soak in a very hot bath – then take a large bandage soak it with tree oil and in a couple of days boil should be gone been fighting mine for ten months used tree oil and came to a head and so much stuff drained out

  12. Hey,

    i been having boils since i was a teenager..now it still does.. Last time i seen my doctor was he said i need to go for surgical and that was only solution. I used went for surgical but my boils just getting worsen. its been 12 years i been struggling with my boils, at times i was embarrassed with the smell. On my worst week, when i started my period, its just become bigger, it makes me ill. Can my period can cause this too?? i don’t know.. Im a excessive sweat person. And what about food like eggs etc? Should i avoid them? And please help me how to avoid me for having pain.. Im tired for having this sickness.. and avoid me for goin another major surgical 🙂 your advise will be great help to me.. But i will try to use whatever some people post in here..

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Mollie! Yes your period will definitely effect your skin. I think it is possible you are very sensitive and may have allergies. I know this is bad news but it might be a good idea to do an elimination diet. Meaning eliminate dairy eggs wheat sugar and chocolate. You need to stick it out for at least a month then slowly add things back to see if it causes a reaction. Also look at what products you use on your skin. I would recommend cetephil to clean your face and a plain glycerin soap for your body. Maybe skip moisturizer for a while. Never use products with mineral oils. To ease your pain you can take hot Epsom salt baths. And finally I hear taking a good quality zinc supplement will help. I’m so sorry about your boils. Everything I recommended is cheap, but it might be a good investment to find a naturopathic doctor. I hope this helps and I’ll be thinking of you.

      1. Thank you for the above knowledge 🙂 Currently im using traditional medicine, well so far it went great 🙂

        But i will try on the above especially on the soap, is it okay to use baby johnson? just wondering…

    2. Mollie–I had and still do have recurring boils for about 5-6 years now. I recently had some surgery and the doctor noticed my boils and scars from the boils. He diagnosed me with hidradenitis suppurativa. It is possible that you may have this condition too. If you google hidradenitis suppurativa, you will find some good information about this condition. I like the website hs usa because it tells you the different stages of HS. I am researching and reading post to see what other people have tried and I am going to start trying some of their methods. Good Luck! Sandy

    3. I have the same prob…mine accure on my face and they get bad when I get to be around that time of the month. What advice have you got….I NEED HELP. Im 43years old…this sucks. Please help.

  13. I have suffered from boils for many years and have had no luck making the issue better. The typical issues I would face is getting between 5-8 boils at a time all over my body. It seemed as though there was never a time I didn’t have a boil on my body. I have suffered much pain and self esteem issues because of this. However, I came across a discussion board and decided to try what this one person suggested. Hand sanitizer or wet wipes! This kills the bacteria on your skin and helps prevent the bacteria on the skin from creating boils. This person said they would wipe their boil areas with wet wipes a few times a day and that prevented them from getting boils. So, I decided to try hand sanitizer. I must say, out of some things I have tried, it works. After I shower, I used to use body lotion all over my body but it seemed to create moisture and cause more boils. Now after I take my shower, I still use body lotion in the areas I don’t get boils in. For the areas I usually get boils in, I have a seperate product for that. I mix hand sanitizer with any type of body lotion I’m using at the time. I make sure both hand sanitizer and cream are mixed in a bottle so it makes it kind of a loose but creamy texture. I apply it to the areas that I usually get boils and let it dry before putting on my clothes. I tried using just hand sanitizer but I noticed it didn’t work as well alone and caused my skin to be dry. I notice the best concoction is hand saniitizer with shea butter cream/lotion but any type of lotion works for me. I have been doing this for the past few months and can honestly say this has been what finally has helped me. Yes, I do get a boil every once and awhile but it is nowhere near as severe as how I used to suffer from these. My scars are clearing up and the areas are no longer looking purple-ish scarred and I usually go quite awhile without getting a boil outbreak. Anyone who suffers from boils, please try this. I hope it will work as good for you as it has for me. I never imagined I would be able to find a home remedy to deal with this issue but finally after many years of suffering from boils, the issue no longer plagues me and my mind, as much as it used to. I’m also considering trying to add raisins to my diet as I heard eating raisins completely got rid of some peoples boil issues. I don’t know if this will work for everyone who may want to try this, but I was a pretty severe case and now I only get 1 boil every once in awhile. I just felt compelled to pass along this home remedy in hopes that it may be able to help someone else decrease the amount of boils they suffer from. It has been a long time since I have had to use bandaids and now I can finally work on decreasing the appearance of my scars as my skin has cleared up much more since I have added this routine into my daily life. Please give it a try, maybe it will work for you!

      1. No it won’t hurt I’ve used hand sanitizer when it itches or I shave in the areas where I get boils. I get it really bad in my armpit. I’m sitting here right now as I type this drinking turmeric and made a paste and put it under my armpit. Well see. I think I’ll start rubbing sanitizer under there and use spray on deodorant and use tumeric on the regular if it works. These boils make me miserable. And I am such a clean person. I hate it. And if you’ve had one lanced that’s awful. Very painful

  14. Hi Mollie!

    Well what I can remember is that when I did have some boils and put the hand sanitizer on, it did sting a bit, but I have a pretty good pain tolerance so after the stinging happens for a few seconds, it felt better. Since hand sanitizer does have alcohol in it, it does create a little sting. But after the first few times I got used to it. Now, when I apply it, I don’t feel nothing. It’s hard for me to remember the exact feeling of first applying it as it has been quite some time since I had a break out of boils. If you’re too scared to try it and have a very low pain tolerance, then maybe you should pass up on it. But if you are willing to feel a bit of a stinging for a bit, then it may be well worth it for you. It is amazing what hand sanitizer mixed with body lotion/cream has done for me. I find it easy for me to do daily rather than whip up messy pastes and put it on the boils. Like I have mentioned, I used to get anywhere from 5-8 boils per break out. Now, I currently have no boils on me. I do eat raisins once and awhile randomly so maybe you can try eating some raisins as frequent as possible, as I have head quite a lot of success stories linked to eating raisins. Good luck Mollie, I know how awful boils can be and while I don’t know if I’m completely cured I do know that I no longer have boils always lingering on my body and I haven’t felt the pain of a boil in a few months now.

    1. Hello–I have been getting (what I thought) were boils for 5-6 years now. I had surgery recently and the doctor diagnosed me with hidradenitis suppurativa. Unfortunately, antibotoics don’t help. But I have been reading posts and have been taking turmeric. This week I am going to cut out my diet soda to see if that helps with this disease I have. Google hidrdenitis suppurative and you may discover that you have this disease too. Thanks

  15. Valuable info. Lucky me I discovered your web site accidentally, and I’m surprised why this accident did not took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

  16. I started eating a square of strong cocoa once a day for I thought health benefits. I now have a second boil on my back. Going to stop with the cocoa.

  17. I have that Hidradenitis Suppurativa and have had for 13 years..It is very embarrassing and hard to cope with at times let alone the pain and everything that goes with it..I read on here where some one recommended Boil Ease..And I am here to tell you it does work,,,I also have took baking soda and made a paste with it and that helps draw out the infection I finally broke down after hiding this for so long and decided to go to a dermatologist..I hope that I can get some relief at this point I am ready for surgery or what ever means necessary I hope that Everyone suffering from this doesn’t get as self conscious as I do I have even had doctors who in the past wasn’t aware that this was a disease make terrible remarks to me…Good luck to all of you…I will keep you posted on what I find out from the specialist…God Bless and keep smiling…

  18. Ive had massive out break boil problems for about a year now and one of the best way ive had mine drained is get an aloe leaf cut it down the middle heat vituperates and then wrap it on the boil with gauze in a few min it should he drained and haveno pain ky great grandmother taught. Me that

  19. I would first try putting warm compresses on your boil for about 10-15 minutes. Did you read all the posts about boils on this site for some ideas? I just had a boil and it didn’t drain for 3 days. Very painful and sore. I put a warm compress on it with some epsom salts dissolved in the water and it drained the next day. Hope this helps. Sandy

    1. Sandy..I used a warm (hot as I could stand it) sitz bath on mine today. Sure hope it will drain by tomorrow. I wish I could figure out what causes them to occur. I believe stress might be a factor. What do you think? Thank you, Paige.

      1. Paige–I hope it drains for you soon. Do you get lots of boils? I posted before about a disease called hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). If you get a lot of boils, it is possible you may have this disease. You can read up about the disease on the web under HS USA. I haven’t figured out what triggers it, although they say that stress can be a factor. I am taking turmeric about 2,000 to 3,000 mg a day. The turmeric helps some people but not others. The turmeric may also take awhile to kick in. Let me know how you make out. Also, if you read the other posts on this site, maybe there will be some more ideas for you. Let me know how you make out. Sandy

          1. If you think you might have Hidradenitis Suppurativa, it is good to join the support group at Yahoo for the H.S. I found out in Sept. 2011 that I have it. I’m still trying to figure out how to control the HS. I hope you do not have it. Did your boil drain yet? Sandy

        1. Hi i have suffered from these boils for 40 yrs off and on. I now am 56 and seem to get them more than ever and everywhere. from inner thighs to butt crack and like 2-3 at a time. They do not always break some just come and go. I started turmeric on May 1st but that is when they seem to get worse. Any advice could it just be they are all coming out and then go away?

  20. Hi my name Garry, I use to get allot of boils daily, you name the place and I’ve got it there including my back, shoulders, inner thighs, on the crotch. And it continued for sometime. I don’t know whether it was a change in diet or medication or what but they just stopped coming. But the scarrs were left behind any remedy for that ??? And also about a week ago I got this massive boil on my thigh which took about 3 days to develop and start to drain thanks to Fucidin topic antibiotic ointment. But when the boil popped there was ofcourse pus, but the was also allot of blood. And sorry I know it might be disgusting but it had terrible odur. Like the min it popped I knew it did because of the odur ??? What do you think it could possibly be ??? And last but not the least every 3-4 days my scrotum becomes red. As if it had a rash but it doesn’t really itch or burn but its just very red. And then a few days I apply Canestan -S which makes the redness go but when I stop using it it comes back ??? Please help really worried 🙁

      1. What about the redness on the scrotum ??? Its not a rash but its just red and if do not apply canestan – S then in 3-4 days it becomes a rash. Also is long term use of canestan-S harmful because its on the scrotum it can or may damage my sperm count or making I thinner ???

  21. thanks for the information about how effective turmeric is for boils…..such useful information shared by generous people like u makes life easier for al whn in a trouble like boils

  22. Hi Samantha. Nice article. As usual, very informative.
    Turmeric is also known to be a very good antiseptic as well. There is a ritual in certain cultures to take a pre-nuptial community shower (separately for the sexes, of course) just before the big day. Its an age old safeguard to basically cleanse the body of any infections and skin diseases.
    It works like a charm on boils. It works even better if mixed with lime as in a paste. But be sure to use fresh paste. And be careful to keep the eye of the boil open. The lime drains the fluid and keep the skin cool. Even severe boils are known to disappear overnight.
    For itchings and other fungal infections, especially in the groin area or underarms, turmeric paste is very effective. Try using it for three consecutive nights before starting on any OTC topical ointments…

  23. @ Garry. For the scars left behind from the boils, u may try ghee made out of lambs milk (dont know if its locally available where u live, though). It might be a bit smelly, but if applied regularly, after a month or two the marks will start fading. This is a commonplace remedy for stubborn marks in the Tibetan, Sikkimese and some other cultures.

  24. My whole family started getting these abscesses after my son took his family to visit his new inlaws in Mexico. First my grandchildren got them their ages were 3 and 4. They had to be hospitalized for 2 to 3 days. The abscesses were drained cleaned and then packed with antibacterial strips we had to remove a little everyday too much for anyone to endure especially little children. My son got a couple of them, my husband has had about 3 of them this is all since 2008. I get them at least every other month sometimes antibodics will get rid of them but they always come back. My daughter in law from Mexico has never gotten them I’m not sure why we do and she doesn’t ?
    I got laid off from my job after 18 years and now I don’t have insurance I’ve been looking for home remedies to take care of the abscess I currenlty have in my vaginal area so I’m trying Turmeric for the 1st time today I have also read to eat raisins they help purify the blood. My abscess is so bad now I can’t walk, sit or stand for very long. Laying on my side is the only thing that gives me any relief.
    I pray that it works and will post the results asap.

  25. The Turmeric worked wonders I made a paste and applied it to the abscess and the next day it was draining and the pain was gone. I went and bought a Turmeric capsule to take I wonder if I should take them the rest of my life or just when a boil comes up?

  26. I have been having boils appear for the past 4 to 5 years now. It started my sophomore year in college. I would usually have at least 6 a months. Besides the excruciating pain and sometimes itchy area it brought, it had gotten to the point where I didn’t even want to show my legs or thighs in public feeling ashamed of the ugly scars that the boils left. I wasn’t having sexual relations with anyone but thought i had contracted something serious from a toilet seat or something. After doing some research and trying many herbal and medicinal treatments I ran across an article about a woman having the same problems and recommending turmeric. I had never tried it so I said what the heck, why not try it? I mean, nothing else worked, no harm in trying. It was the best thing I could have done. I have been taking turmeric a month now (four 400MG capsules, two capsules in the morning and two at night before bed) and I’m finding that the boils are not appearing like they did and none have grown back so far. It took about a 3 weeks in for my body to show signs of improvement so don’t be worried if it doesn’t work right away, give it time. I have just bought my second bottle and hope it continues to work. Just wanted to say thanks to u all who created this page… knowing I’m not alone with this problem makes me feel so much better. Hope it works for you guys too. My only question would be do you continue use of it after the boils clear completely or will I have to continue using it everyday for the rest of my life.

  27. To Jess: I would continue to use the Turmeric. You may have a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa or HS. You may want to Google the HS and see if the symptoms apply to you. Sandy

  28. I need help, i have this boil just at the base of my tailbone, but its in between the crack of my bum and it really hurts, i just started trying the turmeric cure but what i would like to know is, does it hurt when you put turmeric on it, because i did put turmeric on it and for a while it didnt hurt then i went of to sleep but woke up with so much pinching pain and i guessed my pain killers had worn off but it hurt so bad i had to clean the turmeric off, i just wanted to know if its normal, the boil has come to some sort of a head but its thick and it doesnt see to want to burst on its on, i am so impatient because obviously i wount be enjoying this christmas because of the pain and i’m afraid i might overdose on painkillers bcos the pain is giving me a fever but nothing close to the symptoms i read for sepsis, so please tell me if this is normal for turmeric to hurt the boil or if its the boil hurting on its own and not the cause of the turmeric. thanks

    1. Hi Cynthia

      I usually take the turmeric in capsule form with water or juice. I have never tried the paste form. I would think your boil is becoming more sensitive due to the turmeric working though. I know since my body has been introduced to turmeric it takes last time for boils to go down and disappear. I’m sorry your christmas is being effected by this, I know how hard that can be. I would suggest you continue your turmeric and pain pill treatment. Although it may hurt for the time being, I honestly think it is only because it is working. I know a few more people on here have tried the paste and I hope they can help you with some of their advice a little more details than myself. Happy holidays and I truly hope you feel better.

      1. Hi,

        thanks for your reply. So today i asked my sister to have a look at the boil because of the location i couldnt see it, it turns out it didnt have a head and the turmeric and other substances i was trying to use to drain it had burnt the skin around there without helping it to drain, so she says i should put some aloe vera gel which i did and after a while it took of the burnt skin and some pus came out of the pores, i think it was the pores cos i couldnt see where it was coming from, but not all drained, and i didnt want to press or squeeze too hard, so now i have scars from the burnt skin that came off but not all the pus is out, i dont know what to do but at the moment i put some aloe gel on tissue and put it on the boil and i intend to get tea tree oil to put on it too but i am definitely going to continue drinking turmeric in milk, now tell me dear Jess, is this wise?

        Thanks x

        1. Hi Cynthia,

          I’m far from an expert, but taking the turmeric capsules with milk like you are doing sounds like the best idea to me. I have been taking them for abut 6 months now and have not had any boils. (Unless I forget to take the pills or run out before getting more… I’m kind of forgetful at times haha, but believe me, the new growing boil reminds me to go get more). I take 4 capsules a day. 2 400 Mg tablets in the morning and 2 400 mg tablets before bed. After awhile I saw the boils go away. Is this your first and only boil? If so, I hope your remedy works and they do not return. What upsets me is how much you explain to the doctors and it seems as if they just shrug you off as in saying you will have this condition forever and there is no hope or cure. I’m glad I searched the web and found this for myself because had I not, I surely would have been laying up in pain somwhere. Let me know how things work out for you. Good luck 🙂

    2. Hi Cynthia. What you need to do is mix turmeric with some fresh lime in semi solid form. Apply the resultant paste over the boil leaving the eye or the head open. (Pl dont cover the head). Leave it overnight. In the morning, the boil should dry off. If it persists, reapply. When you want to clean the area, i.e., remove the hardened lime, wet it first with water and after sometime it will get softened so taking it off wont hurt. Thanks.

  29. Hello, my son of 7yrs has had abcess and was diagnosed with MRSA which is the bacteria that is difficult to kill off with antibiotics. I also read on another site that garlic is very good for MRSA, boils, abcess. U can eat it everyday, which of course is too difficult for me to impose on my son but it also says that the lady used it in baths. She crushes 6-8 garlic cloves leaves them out for about 30 mins. And then puts them in the bath. I bathe my son in it when I notice any kind of sign of a red blotch. And he hasn’t had anymore breakouts. I just bought turmeric just in case because I have my 18yr old brother who has had reoccurring boils. He has also tried the garlic bathe and hasn’t had break outs.

    1. Hi Cindy, that’s really interesting, thanks for sharing. 🙂 Garlic is amazing, I’ve used it for ear infections in the past and it works so much better and faster than anything the doctor can give me.

  30. My daughter had a painful boil that of course just kept getting worse. After her complaining for 3 days i found this site and tried the turmeric paste (just mixed with water). I applied it before she went to bed and covered it with a bandaid. In the morning it had completely come to a head and burst. All pain was gone! It was a miracle remedy in my opinion! Of course, it does leave your skin with a yellow tinge of color and the smell is somewhat offensive but nonetheless the best remedy we have ever tried. Thanks so much!

    1. I’m really happy it helped your daughter as well, that can be a painful experience for a child… I have been on turmeric for about a year now and I am down to 2 capsules a day with no reoccurring boils. I just hope they continue to stay recessive. I wish it was something out there that could just get rid of them though.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Joseph. That’s interesting, I guess chicken is a negative trigger for you. I know that deep-fried chicken is especially bad (sad, really!).

  31. my daughter suffers with very painful boils. she developed one yesterday that was very painful. she made the turmeric and water paste and applied it to the boil and within 3 hours the boil drained.

  32. I have noticed 2 boils under my arms over night, I have never had these before but I am going to try the tumeric paste and I will let you know how it works for me….also should I start taking it on a daily basis becuase of this and its just good for you?? I was thinking about it.

  33. I have had hidrodenitis for some time now, and all the remedies the doctor’s have recommended, i.e. surgery, antibiotics, vitamin c and hot compression wraps never worked as well as this turmeric paste. I must say, I applied turmeric to an extremely painful boil under my arm and the boil went from excruciating pain from the pressure on a nerve ending to starting to drain in about 2 hours. I’m thinking about supplementing my diet with turmeric after reading all of it’s anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-boil properties. It’s a wonder drug for sure!

  34. Any suggestions for helping heal an abscess that was drained by a doctor? It was drained about 5 weeks ago. It is done draining but the incision has not healed and is still slightly painful. Is Turmeric powder ok in this situation?

    1. Hi Lindsey, you can try applying a turmeric poultice over the incision and see if that helps. Use your own good judgement though (i.e. stop if it seems to make things worse). Turmeric is known to help wound healing and stop bleeding when applied externally.

      You can also take it internally to prevent infection and to strengthen your immune system — both of which will speed healing.

      p.s: If your doctor had put you on antibiotics, be sure to add some probiotics (good bacteria) to your diet to repopulate your gut flora. This is important because 70-80% of our immune system and defenses exist in the gut.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Yes, the turmeric helps on incisions tremendously! ! I just had a boil cut and the packaging has come out. It started healing. Ive read reviews regarding the tumeric and made a paste with water and more the infection is coming out. Now, im getting a boil under my other arm and has applied tumeric to it. It is getting smaller but hurts bad!!! I have a banana peel on it hoping it will help bring it to head. I know, my reply is late but it will help “one of us”, who is suffering from this dreadful disease in the long run as well.

          1. The banana peel did not help at all. I went to Wal-Mart and purchased Turmeric and curcumin 500 mg capsules ($5.00 you take it twice daily) along with Smiles Prid. Prid is an all natural homeopathic drawing salve ($5.00). I put the salve on and rubbed it in very good. The next morning the boil started to drain!! I’m still in a little pain but notnas much as I was before!!

    2. Don’t let them operate on it. you’ll be left with a huge scar and the boil still may come back. it’s good that it drained. it will heal over time but it’ll never be as strong as the original “babyskin” it replaced. My advice: let it heal naturally and if the scar tissue breaks to allow for draining then that’s all the better. draining is good. Ron.

  35. Lindsey, I use vitamin E oil on my cuts and scrapes. It works wonders. It may help heal your incision. Apparently this works by sealing the wound from the air which allows it to heal. This is the same reason in ancient times there were temples where people with wounds that wouldn’t heal could go and dogs would lick their wounds which helped them heal. If you have every tried to wash a dish after letting your pet dog eat out of it you probably know it takes at least three times washing it before it feels “squeaky clean”. This shows just how viscous their saliva is which reveals why this ancient method worked as it was a persistent and powerful sealant against the air.

    I think I stay with the vitamin E oil.

  36. I have try everything and nothing work until I got Turmeric powder. With in 1 day it bust right open and began to drain like crazy. I had a little pain after the first dose,but then it stop. I took 1 teaspoon with a half glass of almond milk and a little bit of black pepper 3x the first day than I made a paste with Turmeric power with olive oil and tea tree oil. And the next morning it was draining.

    1. January 25,2014
      So happy I found this site I’ve had boils most of my life, many years ago
      had surgery that did nothing but left me with ugly scars I’ve been looking for cures for a very long time and these remedies look very promissing
      cant wait to try them thank you so much.

  37. Thanks everyone for all the interesting solutions and results from using turmeric.
    My dog has a Aural Hematoma in her ear.
    It’s a pillow of blood and possible clots that
    form between the layers of her ear.
    I am trying the honey and turmeric paste and covering her ear with gauze and tape to see
    if this method has any drawing qualities.
    Surgery is a an option but the general comments by people say that after cutting the ear and draining the contents the hematoma can and often will come back. Surgery is $460. The contents of the hematoma might also eventually be absorbed back in the dogs body. This could take weeks or months leaving the dog with a rippled ear after it is reabsorbed. My dog is 11 yrs old and I don’t want to her to have surgery. She is not in pain. So the turmeric paste is on and so is the dog cone around her neck. I will remove the dressing tomorrow in hopes of some success. Hope it works!

    1. I’m just curious if this method worked on your dog’s hematoma? Ours developed one last night, and we have a vet appointment this afternoon.

      I take tumeric capsules daily, and I gave her one last night and this morning with food. I thought it may help with the swelling. When I saw your post I was curious if it worked for you.

  38. Does the turmeric paste work on deep boils as well? I get them between my thighs all the time and I am over it now, for the last 2 days I have been on restricted movement and today I was in tears because I didn’t matter how I sat or laid, I was in agony. I am 35 weeks pregnant too and I have so much to organise and cannot afford to do nothing any more. Any advice appreciated!

  39. I could try using Neem Oil as that prevents boils from occurring and sometimes stops them when developing. This worked for my brother he had something like 3 armpit boils, (2 developing) 1 was ready to drain in like a day. VERY PAINFUL, he put the oil and they reduced to a smaller size. I was wondering, Can I use it? As I have diabetes. Can I use it externally. And as it is in 5 hours I’ll board a 16 hour flight so I am a bit concerned.
    Thanks Sincerely,

  40. After the tumeric helps is to drain….what should I do? Should I clean it…re-apply tumeric paste and cover it? I tried the tumeric paste remedy and I’m happy to say it bought my anal abscess to drainage . Thank you all. I need to know if I should keep applying The paste and bandaging it

    1. Hi Margeaux, that’s great news. You can continue using turmeric for a few more days after drainage as this can help to prevent reinfection in the cavity while it heals. You can stop turmeric once you feel the cavity has healed enough.

      And if you choose to forgo the turmeric paste, simply keep an eye on it and look out for any signs of infection each day (e.g. redness, swelling, fever).

    1. My 28 yrs old son keeps getting these boils on the back of his neck and it has began to scare me. Should I use the paste even if he has gone and had it drained, but for some reason they failed to completely drain it. In other words, it has been cut.

      1. Hi Fay, yes you can try using turmeric paste if the wound from his cut has closed enough. Turmeric is also good for healing wounds and preventing infection at the site. But if you’re worried, you can also wait until the cut has completely healed over before trying the paste.

        Also since you say it’s a recurring issue, you may want to encourage your son to resolve whatever health issues he may have (otherwise the boils will just keep coming back). It could be a simple matter of poor elimination or a diet that’s less than healthy. Strengthening and cleaning the liver and kidneys may also help as they are important organs for elimination.

        All the best 🙂


  41. Over ten years ago I had a boil on the back of my neck that I used boil ease salve to drain. I later had another try to come up in the same area so I took to the internet and found that zinc could work. Took 100-150 mg (2-3 50 mg pills) and within a few days the it went back down. You can then take 1 50 mg pill for maintenance although I have gone long stretches where I did not and sometimes a bump would reemerge and I would take some more to get it back down.

  42. Hey people, I am so glad I found this thread online. I have been dealing with a cluster of boils on my butt and butt crack that hurt a lot. I have trouble sitting and driving and I have a trek that’s due in a week’s time.
    I read all the answers and it seems turmeric is the way to go. I have applied a paste of turmeric with water in the affected area and have had milk with turmeric twice since morning.
    My doubts are:
    Should I leave the coating of turmeric paste overnight?
    Can I leave the area open without a bandage and wear shorts after applying the turmeric paste?
    What are the gradual stages in which the boil heals when we apply turmeric to it? This is so I can track it and figure out whether turmeric is working the way I’m using it.

    Thanks a lot guys and my sympathy goes out to everyone who has ever had to face a boil in their life. I hope everyone here gets cured soon.


  43. I am so so happy that I found this thread! I’ve been dealing with painful boils in my armpits and on my inner thighs, sometimes even on my hips, for over 2 years now. Read about the magical root turmeric here and made myself some golden milk with it (twice hehe). I really hope this will help, because the boils keep coming back and nothing seems to help. I have one under my armpit and one on my thigh right now and it hurts so bad. I’m only 22 and this condition makes me miserable. My confidence is gone and wearing a bikini is quite a challenge for me because of the scars. Do you guys have any tips on how to fade them?

  44. I myself am dealing with this one horrible boil that appears in the same place and of all places my vaginal area which is so painful. I once had it cut and drained which to me now after it appearing again makes it useless to keep going and wasting my money to get it cut time after time .So I Just bought me some Turmeric capsules at walmart (9.00) for the 500 mg. very inexpensive hoping it works I will let you all know .Love all these great reviews btw .#damnyouboils

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