Dandruff? Rinse with Mouthwash

Well, use it to rinse your scalp and hair, that is.

Mouthwash works on dandruff primarily because of the hydrogen peroxide in them. Hydrogen peroxide has antiseptic properties which helps kill of fungi that cause dandruff and hair fall.

How to do it: Wash your hair with regular shampoo. Rinse with cold water and work about a capful of the mouthwash into your scalp.

Finally, rinse it off again with cold water and you’re done. (Alternatively, you can also add your conditioner, then rinse.)

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  1. hi..i have a problem of dandruff due to which causes lots of hairloss…what is the cause of this dandruff and whats the remedy for it…i am very sad due to this hairloss…i regularly wash my hairs in every 2-3days with sunsilk yellow which contains protein but then too within a day or two dandruff cums back…please help me for this…

    1. Hi, everyone’s hair is different, but I just wanted to share that since I stopped using store-bought chemical-laden shampoos, my hair has never been healthier, shinier and less prone to dandruff.

      If nothing else has worked for you, you might try want to try using apple cider vinegar rinse and baking soda. It’s worked very, very well for me 🙂

      My cheap and non-toxic alternative to shampoo

  2. I have bad dandruff…is it supposed to look like your scalp is cracked and white and flaky? Or is this something entirely different from dandruff?

    1. Could be eczema. My husband and son both have it. Maybe you can see a dermatologist for confirmation. When my son was a baby, his doctor recommended rubbing a little mineral oil onto his scalp, fresh out of the bath. If you have this though, you might have other spots that occur on your legs, wrists, or elbows. My son “breaks out” when the weather changes from hot to cold or vice versa. We just apply aquaphor in those areas after his bath, and he heals up in a few days until the next time. I also noticed a difference if he hasn’t had enough water to drink. That seems to trigger the eczema as well.

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