Castor Oil (Part 2 – beautiful skin and hair)

castoroil_glassCastor Oil has many medicinal and curative uses, and the same properties that make it so effective in healing the body also make it an excellent choice for maintaining beautiful and healthy skin and hair.

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1. Castor Oil cures acne

The ricinoleic acid in castor oil works to inhibit many viruses and bacteria, and as castor oil is able to penetrate skin tissue deeply, this makes it an effective treatment for acne.

To treat acne, dab a hot damp washcloth all over your face in the evening before you go to bed. The heat will gently open the pores on your face. After this, massage a little castor oil gently into the skin. Leave on overnight. Repeat this daily for 1 to 2 weeks to see results. You can also repeat this twice in the day, once at night and once in the morning.

2. Castor Oil keeps the skin looking smooth, youthful and unlined

Castor oil’s ability to penetrate more deeply than any other essential plant oil make it an excellent way to keep skin looking youthful and fresh. Castor oil works better than any store-bought anti-ageing creams.

One of the best and easiest ways to use castor oil is to rub in a small amount around your eyes before bed, washing it off the next morning.

You can also rub in castor oil all over your face, but as it’s extremely thick and sticky, use sparingly. A little goes a long way! You can rinse this off after 2-3 hours, but you can always keep it on for longer if you feel comfortable. This type of all-over application might feel more uncomfortable in hotter and more humid climates. Thus, cooler days/nights or fall/winter may be better for castor oil mask applications.

Done daily, this will keep wrinkles at bay and the skin looking fresh, youthful and supple. With consistent use over a few months, this can also help to fade old dark marks left over from pimples/spots.

Note: If you intend to use castor oil intensively (24 hours/day over many consecutive days without significant breaks), you may encounter some temporary “looseness” in the area of application. This looseness/wrinkling effect is temporary, and the skin will tighten back up again in 1-2 weeks if you take a break from castor oil. However, you can avoid this risk by taking regular breaks. This “looseness” should not happen when castor oil is used normally. To clarify,  24 hours/day over many consecutive days = NOT normal use.

Be sure to use only cold-pressed (or cold-drawn) castor oil that is hexane-free. Any other kind could clog your pores.Another good reason to use cold-pressed castor oil instead of refined castor oil is that cold-pressed oils retain much more of their valuable nutrients.  A study by a Turkish university showed that more than 95% of the free fatty acids and carotenoids, and up to 61% of the tocopherols were removed when an edible oil goes through the conventional refining process. Read this comment for more information.

Castor oil is found in several anti-ageing creams, wrinkle creams and undereye creams.

Reviva Labs Eye Complex Firming Cream - castor oilReviva Labs Eye Complex Firming Cream burt's bees radiance day cream - castor oilBurt’s Bees Radiance Day Creme (UPDATE: they’ve since removed castor oil) Borba Advanced Aging Recovery Crème -castor oilBorba Advanced Aging Recovery Crème
Commercial anti-ageing creams that contain castor oil

Castor oil and facial hair growth – fact versus fiction

A few commenters have questioned the wisdom of using castor oil on the face given its ability to promote hair growth when used consistently over months. i.e. won’t this cause hair to sprout all over the face?

This is a fair question and deserves a straight answer.

ANSWER: No, castor oil will NOT turn you into a bearded lady or a wolfman!

Yes, it’s true that long-term and consistent castor oil applications will promote hair growth. However, it cannot make hair appear on areas where hair does not naturally occur for you. I have used castor oil around my eyes every day for years now and I assure you, gentle reader, that I have NOT turned into a bearded lady.

Castor oil use is ancient, and if it was able to create bearded ladies or wolfmen, the world would have heard about it by now through folk tales and old stories. Not to mention, the modern medical, pharmaceutical and scientific community would also have been all over this “miraculous” effect by now if it were true.

(But as it is in politics and in life, fear mongers will do what fear mongers do. As I always say — when in doubt, use your head!)

What hair growth REALLY means

For most people, when castor oil is used on the face, this means thicker and longer eyebrows/eyelashes and more rapid growth of them.

If you are a man with facial hair (a beard or a mustache), castor oil use over those areas will promote faster growth and thicker hair. This is also the same for some hirsute women.

However, castor oil use does not affect ‘vellus hair’. Vellus hair is the fine, downy and near-invisible hair that we all have on our faces (mostly over the cheeks).

What if you have had laser hair removal?

Applied consistently over months, castor oil can cause hair to regrow after temporary and “permanent” hair removal — including laser hair removal, waxing or tweezing.

For instance, after years of over-tweezing in my teen years, some parts of my naturally thick brows have become sparse. Regular castor oil use has filled in and thickened these sparse areas for me over time. However, if you were born with naturally sparse facial hair, castor oil use is unlikely to do much.

Similarly, if you have “permanently” lost hair from a wound or an injury (like I did from a deep burn on my leg), castor oil will also eventually return hair growth to normal.

If you do not want hair re-growth after laser hair removal, then avoid use over those areas.

3. Castor Oil breaks up external and internal scar tissue, and prevents new scars from forming

Castor oil’s unrivaled deep tissue penetration help to soften and remove both external and internal scars, like those that form following surgery. I have personally removed a deep burn scar using castor oil (I also shared my before-and-after photos in that article).

Castor oil will penetrate deep into the tissues to slowly break up scar tissue. Amazingly, castor oil is able to distinguish between healthy cells and abnormal ones. In healthy cells, castor oil will detoxify and stimulate them, while increasing circulation. In abnormal cells like scar tissue and growths, castor oil will instead work to aggressively dissolve cells thanks to its solvent property.

To break down internal scarring, soak a piece of clean cloth with castor oil and place it over the scar area for an hour or two each day. You can also simply rub castor oil over the scar each day. More serious internal scarring will take longer to break down.

On another note, castor oil can also prevent scars from forming in the first place. Applying castor oil over cuts or scrapes will promote excellent skin healing.

Remarkably, applying castor oil after surgery, cuts or wounds will also minimize scar formation. This could be because of castor oil’s ability to increase our body’s lymphocytes (because of this, castor oil packs are especially useful for people with HIV or AIDS). Lymphocytes, or white blood cells, appear to regulate wound healing. And studies have shown that T lymphocytes may play an important role in wound healing and scar formation. Babies and young children have naturally higher levels of lymphocytes than teenagers and adults, which could be one of the reasons why our skin healed with much less scarring when we were younger.

Several commercial scar reduction creams also contain castor oil (eg Scar Zone, Scar Repairex). However, they also contain more chemicals than they do castor oil!

scarzone-castoroil scar_repairex_castor oil
Both Scar Zone and Scar Repairex list castor oil as an ingredient

4. Castor Oil soothes shingles

Denise talked about how castor oil seem to be the only thing helping soothe the pain from her shingles.

She wrote, “I have been applying castor oil on my shingles. So far it has soothed them and softened the whole horrible thing. I am going to keep using it as Ive tried everything and its the only thing that seems to be working better than all. What do you feel about shingles and castor oil. I feel its my only hope as I know in the past its relieves pain and redness..”

Shingles are a type of viral infection and as castor oil has been proven to boost the body’s lymphocytes, it could be why castor oil applications appear to be helpful for anyone with weakened immune systems. For more on this, read how topical castor oil applications boost the immune system.

5. Castor Oil thickens eyelashes and eyebrows

Rub a little castor oil over the base of your eyelashes before bed. This prevents thinning and promotes rapid growth, leading to thicker and fuller lashes. In fact, many commercial products for eyelashes contain castor oil.

To thicken sparse eyebrows, rub a little castor oil over the brow line before bed.

6. Castor Oil prevents hair loss and regenerates hair

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal properties of ricinoleic acid in castor oil protects the scalp and hair from infections that can cause hair loss. The omega-9 fatty acids in castor oil also nourish the hair and prevent the scalp from drying.

Rubbing castor oil on your scalp and the roots of your hair will regenerate new hair growth within months. This will also thicken thinning hair.

To treat baldness, it is also a good idea to look at improving your overall diet and seek to maintain healthier mental/emotional states at the same time. Otherwise, baldness may simply recur after castor oil treatments. Many things can lead to baldness, but one of the most common causes is magnesium deficiency, which is rampant in modern society.

Even if we have a healthy diet, sustained fear/stress/anxiety will deplete our bodies’ magnesium stores. Drinking coffee, alcohol, smoking or excessive exercise will also do this. Thus, eating foods that are high in magnesium (such as dark green vegetables or certain nuts/seeds), supplementation with magnesium chloride/magnesium citrate, or transdermal magnesium therapy can help greatly. Magnesium also has a wonderful calming and relaxing effect, which will be especially useful if stress is your issue (read my original comment about this).

For a deep healing treatment, rub castor oil into your scalp and leave it on overnight. You can wrap your hair up in a towel or a shower cap to keep the oil on your scalp and away from your bed linen (castor oil stains are almost impossible to remove).

For a lighter treatment during the day, rub a very small amount of castor oil into your scalp or hair (whichever you feel needs help). Castor oil is very thick and viscous, so a little goes a long way. You can either wash this off at the end of every day, or leave it in if you feel comfortable (to maintain your regular schedule of hair washing, whatever that may be).

However, if you have fine or weak/brittle hair, it’s a good idea to mix castor oil with a lighter oil so that it’ll be easier to wash out later (baking soda will also help remove castor oil, but it can be temporarily drying).

Some have reported good results from mixing castor oil with coconut oil or olive oil. Coconut oil is especially good for restoring damaged and weak hair because of it’s high nutrient content.

nautress wrote, “I mix virgin coconut oil and castor oil together and they do wonders to my hair. I mix 1 ounce castor oil and 2 ounces of virgin coconut oil. I oil little all over my scalp and massage it in, which later comes down the shaft of the hair, and oh my goodness, softness.”

Anonymous wrote, “I find that castor works!!!! I am going through menopause and my hair was falling out something awful. I recall reading in a beauty book long time ago when i was a teenager about castor oil making your hair grow. Well it is true.i can’t stress enough how it rescued me, i once had a woman to ask me did i have on a lace wig and i received many compliments about my hair and lots of women ask me “if it is my hair”, even my own sister did a double take. My hair grew longer and thicker. Be careful not to apply too much, the oil is thick, but i swear by it. They also say olive oil does the same never used it but thinking about trying a lil mixture of both castor oil and olive oil. But i tell many of my african sisters about this especially when i see the damage extensive weaves have done,and around the edges where too-tight braids have thinned the hair. I swear by this product and will use nothing else.!!!!!!!!!”

bb wrote, “I can verify that castor oil works for lengthening and thickening hair… it does not need to be rinsed out. If you wash hair regularly (for me that is 3x/week) and apply small amounts of castor oil to the ends, leaving it in, it does wonders for keeping the hair protected and moist so that it can grow and not break… ”

Retta wrote, “…I have started using the castor oil in my hair, (via internet reviews :youtube etc.). I don’t use the Jamaican black castor oil. But I use a grocery store brand, I paid $3.00 for a relatively small bottle. Any way, it was very thick and seemed somewhat sticky; I mixed mine with some tea tree oil, rosemary oil. I have been using it now for two weeks, 3 times per week. Some complain of build up, I don’t have that problem at all, my problem is my hair soaks it up!!! I mean, it has helped my hair a great deal. In two weeks I have noticed a remarkable difference in my hair, and its texture, it is so soft, it also feels thicker. My only regret is I wish I would have known about castor oil when I was a teenager, I would have better hair this very day…”

rbooh wrote, “Thank goodness I found castor oil!

I moved to a new city and my hair was not adjusting so I tried a few different things ( I do NOT recommend the “no-poo” method if your hair is color treated BTW ) and wound up breaking TONS of my waist length hair off. I was desperate to find something and I stumbled onto castor oil. After researching it I tried it as an overnight leave in and my hair just LOVED it; my hair was 75% better after just one use. I mixed a generous dollop into my hair conditioner and use that as well as a light leave-in application of straight castor oil on my damp hair.

I also did my own experiment using castor oil on my face. I used castor oil on one half and my regular lotion ($50.00 for a few oz) on the other half and in just one week I noticed a visible difference. The castor oil side was plump, smooth and blemish free, not to mention my luscious lashes.

Most amazing of all!! Castor oil totally, as in completely!! removed a WART from my chest. I can’t believe its gone since I’ve had the darn thing for 6 months and even 1% Retin A didn’t do a thing for it. I rubbed pure castor oil into the wart for 2 nights before bed and voila, GONE.

Perhaps not everyone needs the heavy oil and I read quite a few negative opinions about using it straight in your hair, but if you have really dry hair and skin, it truly is amazing. The odor is kind of odd and can take some getting used to. But I love that I can touch my face after touching my hair and not worry that my hair products will make my face break out.

I highly recommend castor oil to anyone, I even use it on my 9 year old sons eczema!”

7. Castor Oil keeps hair looking soft and shiny

Castor oil is a humectant as it draws moisture into the hair and skin. Applying castor oil on hair will keep it looking soft, shiny and strong.

8. Castor Oil softens thick calluses and removes corns

Castor oil application will soften any rough or thickened skin, including calluses and corns. To treat corns, apply castor oil over your feet and put cotton socks on before going to bed. (Incidentally, sleeping with castor oil socks on will also soothe painful heels and foot pain.)

9. Castor Oil cures skin infections like athlete’s foot and ringworm

Apply a castor oil soaked cloth on the affected area. If it is small enough, a bandaid with a few drops of castor oil can be used instead.

10. Castor Oil prevents stretch marks

Rub a small amount of castor oil over your stomach and thighs daily to prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy or periods of weight gain.

11. Castor Oil will remove moles and warts (apply heat for faster results)

Rub castor oil into moles or warts every night. The moles (or warts) will start to shrink over a few weeks, and continued use will eventually remove the mole without any scarring. Complete removal may take 2-3 months, but this slow healing will also ensure there is no “hole” in your skin. (The surgical removal of moles will often leave a hole where the mole was. This indentation can often be permanent.)

Diana kindly shared a useful tip she discovered. She wrote, “I used castor oil on moles, but I think the secret is to use heat with it. For instance, keep a hot, wet towel on the mole for a minute, and then apply castor oil, and then reapply the hot towel, for another minute. Do that for about 10 minutes, 2 or 3 times every day. I did this and I started to see results in 4 days.”

12. Castor Oil will remove age spots (liver spots)

Rub castor oil into your age spots every night. The age spot will lighten over time, and continued use will eventually remove the age spot completely.

Tip: Remove castor oil residue with baking soda

Castor oil is thick and viscous, but it can be washed out with regular soap and a good lather. However, if you find it more difficult than usual to wash castor oil out of your hair or skin, try mixing in some baking soda and water. Baking soda can cause some temporary dryness, but is very effective in removing all traces of castor oil.

Where to buy castor oil

Castor oil can be found in most good health food stores. Check the label to make sure it’s cold-pressed (or cold-drawn) and hexane-free. This is especially important if you plan to put castor oil on your face, around or in your eyes, or if you plan to ingest it for internal cleansing.

Some supermarkets or pharmacies may also sell castor oil in small bottles in the laxatives section/shelf. Again, check the labels.

You can also find castor oil in shops that cater to Indian communities. If you have a ‘Little India’ in your town or city, you can probably find it there as castor oil is a popular hair tonic among Indians. However, the downside is that these mom-and-pop stores are unlikely to sell castor oil that’s labeled cold-pressed or hexane-free.

If you prefer to buy castor oil online, several websites sell bottles in a variety of sizes. I buy mine from (I found the shipping to be reasonable even for the largest, heaviest bottles. There’s a discount code at the top-right of this page if you’re interested). Other websites that sell castor oil include Vitacost and Amazon.

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  1. Hi samantha its me again, my oil has come now, but i want to know regards using my pack. Do i need to soak the flannel in oil completely every use or will it still have some on it? Many thanks for your time.

    1. Hi wayne, you would normally need to replenish the flannel with some oil (I usually find that there’s less of it). Though if you see that there’s still quite a lot of it, you won’t necessarily need to. But you should probably only do that once or twice at the most.

      This is because the oil will degrade with each use and get rancid over time—it will degrade just by being exposed to air, but against our skin, it’ll also be mixed with sweat, oils and dead skin cells—so at least some new oil and a change in the flannel used every so often will be beneficial. Just use your own good judgement in this. Hope that helps.

      1. Cheers samantha, i wasnt quite sure thats all. I have tried the oil yesterday and can say it deffo dissolves deep down has it made my bowel go a bit more crazier than normal.
        I am going to use it once weekly has i have a ‘bag’ for my bowels and its a little more awkward for me if it stimulates the bowel., however im going to take immodium to try and slow it while i use the oil.
        I still am going to use it though has i really want to dissolve adhesions and this could just do it!
        Many thanks for your help samantha.

  2. Hi Samantha sorry for been a nuisance!, I’ve tried the oil pack again and unfortunately due to the operation where I have a ‘bag’ it seems to send my bowel into overdrive so sadly I don’t think I can do that again.
    However I did try rubbing some on my wound and that was fine, now what I’d like to know is, could castor oil still be effective at dissolving adhesions using it this way?
    I know it mentions on your site about simply rubbing it in, without using the full pack.
    I’m sorry for asking so much but I so want to still use it, just without a side effect I can do without! Many thanks, Wayne .

    1. Hi Wayne, no worries, I can understand why you would be anxious. To answer your question — yes, simply rubbing the oil in would work also. A castor oil pack isn’t necessary for everything, it’s just a helpful tool. It’s the oil and time that does the work. Actually, if you haven’t seen it yet, that other post might be more helpful to you).

      1. Oh cheers samantha , no i didnt see that comment. I was just curious if i went absorbed if you didnt use heat but youve answered the question so i will do this more often, many thanks, ill let you know how i go.

  3. Hey, Samantha, long time no comment, but I receive email notifications of posts on this thread, read them, delete some, save others and have read your and Wayne’s posts…

    I wanted to say to Wayne that what I see in reading his posts is a persistence in using the method and in asking for info because he is unfamiliar, yet he mulls over and considers things and tries things himself, and asks for as much info as he can as questions come up — and in a respectful, grateful, real tone (his concern comes through, too).

    I know you are really “good” with people who come here with “attitudes”, Samantha… Wayne just seems like a breath of fresh air and the kind of person with the kind of attitude that is easy to help!

    I write this to encourage you, Wayne! And to compliment Samantha, again, on her terrific attitude and great site!
    That’s all!

  4. Oh, wait, Samantha and Wayne.

    That wasn’t all.

    Wayne, your asking questions pulls ever more information out of info-stuffed Samantha ( thanks for your reading, research, experimentation, efforts to share — this website!, etc. ) — others learn, too, from your inquiries and Samantha’s answers.

    Some of the info gleaned is applicable and/or useful to have in reserve as it continues to inform on the many uses of castor oil and the subtleties which can be helpful in managing the use of castor oil in different conditions — refining one’s skills and giving one’s intuition more to work with — though intuition can just “grab” the info without such process!

    May God bless you, Wayne, in your journey!

    1. Hi superlonghair, thank you for your kind and very sweet comments! I’ve got a smile on my face that’s probably going to stay the whole day 🙂

      And I agree — Wayne is definitely aces.

      1. Hi and many thanks super longhair , I ask lots of questions has I like to know what’s the best ways etc.
        I’ve told a few people about using the oil and they are very cynical about it. Now my reply is I’ve read a lot of people saying its helped them lots or healed them.
        If these people were trying to get me buy products and labelling them miracal cures etc I’d be sceptical but there not, they are everyday people.
        And like this site Samantha has, she has given me advice, not tried to sell me anything.
        Myself I’m willing to give it a try has I’ve said before I want to get rid of internal scaring from my op.
        Anyway thanks for the nice comment about me and Samantha’s good advice.

  5. Your studies about castor oil is very extensive and enlightnig.

    1 For skin beauty please state fully how to apply castor oil.

    2 For lower back acne state fully how to apply castor oil

    3 Abdominal pains extending to lower part of the diaghram.

    Thank you.

  6. I used castor oil packs in conjunction with fertility treatments, it can help with Ovarian cysts & scar tissue. My daughter is now 2, and conceived the old fashioned way!

    1. Hi kristaklett , that’s good to hear someone else who’s had good results with scar tissue, that’s my ultimate aim. I’m glad things worked well for you.

  7. Hi Samantha…I used the hexane free cold pressed castor oil around my eyes for a few nights and it actually accentuated fine lines. Any ideas??
    This also happened when I tried organic coconut oil on my eyes and face. I have extremely dry skin on a good day!
    Thank you…and Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Shannon, happy New Year to you as well.

      That kind of reaction after just a few nights probably means you should stop using it. I don’t know why that would occur — perhaps your fine lines are accentuated because the skin plumps up, making the lines appear deeper, especially since you say you normally have extremely dry skin. Still, it’s probably best to use your own good judgement and trust your skin’s reactions, especially if it’s causing you worry.

      p.s: As an aside, natural oils like castor and coconut oil are not “quick fixes”, so if you’re looking for instant results, you’d be disappointed.

      Hope this helps.


  8. Samantha…Oooops! I also forgot to ask you how you make your own make-up remover from castor oil. I’d love something natural to remove my mascara.

    1. Hi Shannon, I don’t make my own make-up remover, but I use a natural, oil-based hard soap that I find removes my make-up quite well. And castor oil removes any lingering traces of make-up and eyeliner (I don’t use mascara) very thoroughly. When I wipe off the excess with a tissue, I can see how much it pulls up. I would think that any natural skin oil should do the trick though.

  9. hello…
    I have been searching for an answer to this question which you have just mentioned.
    Actually I did not have so much hair growth on my face before, but after some medication I notice that hair on my face are now more prominent (i.e It led to the growth of hair). Now, if I use castor oil, would that also promote hair growth ?

  10. Plz tell me can castor oil remove pigmentation completely? And how to use it on pigmented area . I have pigmentation on my forehead , cheeks and nose .


  11. After reading good things about castor oil on TSR, I decided to buy some and use it today. But I have literally washed my hair 10+ times now and it just will not come out!! Anyone got any suggestions?! My hair looks so greasy urghhh! 🙁

      1. are you sure?? do you know of a case where a person had laser hair removal or electrolysis done and noticed reversal of the effects?

        im currently trying jamaican black castor oil on the region


        1. Yes, it’s possible hair growth will return. But it really depends on how long you’re going to be using the oil for. Short-term use shouldn’t bring the hair back.

  12. i will be using it for quite some time in the area affected to reverse some of the scarring from electrolysis. I will let you know how i get on, ive been using it for just over 1 month and already im beginning to see some baby hairs sprout.


  13. Iam 37yrs old . I have got fine wrinkles on my forehead and under wrinkles under eyes. also a dark circle. Recently i lost my weight badly is this because of that . Can you please advice me if the castor oil can help me.

  14. can you use castor oil on an area theres no hair what so ever, but you want alot of heavy thick hair?

    and which type of catsor oil is best for that if any?

    1. I don’t think that’s possible. I assume you mean on an area that never had hair in the first place (and not one that has lost hair, because that would be different).

      I’ve been using castor oil around my eyes every night for years and no hair growth beyond my eyebrows and eyelashes. If castor oil could sprout hairs anywhere, that’d be pretty remarkable!

      I think the only thing that can do that are significant hormonal changes, like the kind that comes with old age or FTM transgender transitions (e.g. steroid injections). Hmm…now that I think of it, the human body’s pretty amazing 🙂

      1. thank you, what i mean is my eye brows are pretty flat, supposedly like this _ and i want them to be like this ^ i basically want them to be quite pointy, so i was thinking is it possible to grow more hair right on top of the eyebrows on the eyebrows so i can pluck them in a more pointier shape.. if that makes sense..

        and do you know of any oils that damage hair follicles from growing anymor hair permanently?

        1. It’s probably only possible if you were born with thick eyebrow hair that has gotten sparse over time (for whatever reason). I don’t know if it’s possible to thicken eyebrows that are naturally sparse.

          And sorry, I don’t quite understand your question at the end there (?).

          1. No, I don’t. If there was an oil that can do that, it’d be very popular because that’d mean no more waxing or electrolysis. 🙂

  15. Burtz Bees recently removed the castor oil from their Radiance eye cream and I believe also their day cream and night cream. I was so bummed to find this out because that was the very ingredient that drew me to their line to begin with 🙁

  16. Please,I have hair lose,my friend just gave me,”VIRGIN CASTOR OIL” she told me to repeat it
    everyday for more than three months. Please I think it may help according to all the information
    I just read now. I will contact again. Thanks

  17. Hi, After reading your article, i am going to use castor oil on my hairs to get thicker and regrowth of hairs on my head and on face to vanish pigment marks. I will let you know when i get the results.

    I want to ask something about white hairs. could you please tell me that is there any way to get black hair back naturally, which has been gone white. at what age do you think hair go white normally.

    1. Hi Shumaila, about white hair, try googling “magnesium deficiency” “white hair” and you might find some interesting answers.

      And this is anecdotal, but in the first post at this forum, the person (Jim) said that after two years on magnesium, his whitish gray hair is now a very light camel (light brown). This was an unexpected side effect for him as reversing his white hair was not his intention.

      Magnesium can be taken in through the skin (magnesium oil), through food (e.g. green vegetables) and supplements. Our lifestyle and habits also matter as many things can deplete magnesium in the body (e.g. stress, alcohol, smoking, pollution, junk food/processed food).

  18. Hi Sam,

    I am using Castor oil on my face to remove pimentation for last 12 days and results are disappointing for me. I have noticed that for last 3 days, my pigmentation marks have been darken and is more prominent then ever, even some little pigment has occurred on the ends of my eyebrows. I apply it at night after using hot water soaked towel to open pores slightly and then apply castor oil on face and leave it over night. In the morning, i wash the face and apply almond oil on face. But some time, I do apply little castor oil on pigment area in the morning too. My skin type is dry in winter but normal in summer. I am confused now, what should i do now.whether its suitable for my skin or not? Should i leave it? What you suggest?

    But Castor oil is doing well with my hairs. I have applied just two times castor oils on my hairs and leave it over night and after each wash. I felt soul in my hairs. Hairs were soft like silk, shiny and awesome without using any conditioner.

    Do have any email account to contact you rather than this feedback form?

        1. walgreens, any natural foods store. Is there a whole foods near you? if not call around so as to not waste gas on searching.

    1. heat can cause pigmentation to worsen, please stop applying heat!!! castor oil has many healing benefits as noted above. but one thing about nature is that these benefits dont always happen for everyone. trial and error…. but please dont use hot water!!! i have what is called melasma above my lip and heat is not your friend….

      1. Thanks for advising about not applying heat. You are right that heat is not good for a person who have melasma. I remembered few years before my skin doctor asked me to avoid heat exposure or use of sun-cream, even while cooking something. What you guys suggest about continue using castor oil using on face effected area. Should I stop it or not?

        I am also waiting for Samantha’s reply. But I am wondering why not she has replied me yet?

  19. I am just now learning about the wonderful world of natural oils!!! I went to Walmart and bought the shelf! I am going natural and my journy is quite interesting to sat the least.. Everyday I contenplate the “Big Chop” But I just can’t go that far yet. Noneless, I did a protective style today but first I did an hot oil treatment with Virgin Olive Oil, and Casteroil. Then, I put it on my face, I’ve been breaking out prior to this.. I can’t wait to see the results!!!! I also have a question.. My daught is 11bshe has had eczema since she was three, what’s the best oil for her. She has a lot of scarring from scratching her skin.. 🙁 olive oil seems to have a healing and restoration agent. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME, WE’RE DESPERATE!

  20. I recently foound the benefits of castor oil.. its seems to be wonderful as people are raving about it.. but i was wondering as to how long it will take to see results.. I have very thin hair and i have some bald spots. its due to my hormone levels and me being over weight. it has been 2 months since i have changed my lifestyle. i have started eating healthy and been working out 5 times a week. Even after the change i dont see any difference in my thin fine hair. I was wondering if castor oil would help me in my hair loss. Please help me you guys.. also i have always been a little hairy over my upper lips and the sides of my cheeks.that is why i thread themm.. will this increase hair in those areas..

    1. try kalo hair inhibitor lotion.. you can get from nisim website and amazon… it claims to remove the hair permanently within 6 months.. BUT i have using this for over a year now.. and see no dramatic results BESIDE slow growth.. but it grows back.. im still using using hoping it will eventually go away forever as i have no choice!! i saw your message and instantly felt like have to tell you as i know the feeling!!

        1. no prob, PLEASE do keep me updated on your results over time, especially after a year.. and tell me if you see hair growing back as im also still using it.. thanks..

  21. hai i hav a baldnees im my front but got litla baby hair.i also hav less hair in my all hair also damanged hair tell me how can i treat

  22. Hi, thanks for sharing your story.

    I wondered if you think castor oil would help me in trying to achieve hair regrowth as i suffer from scarring alopecia. This is an inflammatary disorder and basically hair follicles become scarred and do not grow back.

    any ideas or recommendations you know of that can help?


  23. Nice article but i am concerned about one thing. i would like to use castor oil on my face but just concerned if it will increase my hair growth. As i already have few hair on my face along with thick eyebrows, so i don’t want them to increase. please let me know.

    thanks a lot.

  24. hi. Really my hair not growth. I am please. Can ask you? I want to you to help me. How to grow hair. Thank you

  25. Hello, I bought castor oil and it says Stimulant Laxative. Can I still apply this on my hair and eyebrows or face? Or is just for drinking?


    1. Hi Maria, it should be safe, but IMO it’s best to check the label for ‘cold-pressed’ if you plan to use it on skin/hair (more nutrient-rich this way).

  26. I’ve been using a mixture of castor and EVOO in equal proportion for 2 months now..I leave it for about a week before I get it off..
    The results were amazing….my hair got thicker,darker and has increased by 4inches..that’s 2inches a month…
    I also use the mixture to remove black heads from my face….its so awesome .Try and see.

    1. how often do use the mixture to remove blackheads?

      how long should you keep it on for?

      does it have to be that particular mixture or can i just use castor oil only?

      does it get rid of all the blackheads in that partcicular area?

      and is it permanent? or does it keep coming back and i have to keep applieing for maintainance?

      please answer these questions properly as my blackheads are doing my head in… and nothing works!!

  27. After having a diet i have lost 12 kg weight..At the same time my hair fall has increased so much.Now i am under a Skin doctor’s treatment.Now i am applying Dermovate Scalp application 15 drops after bath,Corvinex 1ml at night on scalp.Hair,skin & nail formula tablet 1 at night and Biotin DS shampoo….Can i still use Castor oil…????

  28. i hv lot of blackheads,freckles in my face…and i have affected by stretch marks…can i use castor oil to get rid from those problem?

  29. I’m 22yo. I’m not having proper beard n moustache is very thin like an unmatured guy..& even in beard area little thin hairs of 3-4mm of size are present… Can I apply castor oil to my beard n moustache? If yes, then plz let me know how to apply…

  30. Hello,

    I have a lineal hypertropic scar from stitches under my nose(I went under alarplasty surgery which is to reduce the size of your nostrils) bad surgery…long story…applying castor oil using heat with a hot wet towel will help remove the scar tissue? For how long do I need to massage?

    Thank You.
    Best Regards,

  31. My hair is starting to fall out (I mixed castor oil and doo gro together) is this good for my thinning hair lost….Thank You……William Sole…(male)

  32. Great for blackheads. I was broke this month so I wasn’t able to get my monthly facial (poor me, lol). Anyway, I remembered I had a bottle of oil wash mix in a bottle (castor oil, jojoba oil, almond oil – castor oil is the main ingredient and you can use any combination of other complimentary oils. Look up “oil face wash” on the internet for more info).

    Anyways, I massaged a small amount of this oil onto my clean face (make sure that the pores are open. I tend to do this after a shower and add to it by placing a warm facecloth on my face in the shower) for about 1 minute. I really concentrate massaging around the nose area and cheeks. Get warm damp cloth again and place it over your face. Leave on for 30 secs and then wipe off. Repeat until excess oil is gone (do this before bed and your face will absorb the leftover). After that I use a blackhead extractor (or you can use a bobby pin) and gently draw it across the skin. A lot of the blackheads have come out during the massaging part, but the ones that haven’t just slide out. I even found a blackhead that was just hanging out of my chin just from the oil wash drawing it out. My skin looked great the next day.

  33. Hi i am using caster oil to remove tan. my skin is uneven. i use this oil overnight? can i use it over night?

  34. So I had these horrible deep scars from acne along with wrinkles, on top of lip where I smoked and also age spots that were dark. These have been there for years and I am 54. I had been using egg whites with honey and lemon for about two months then I began to apply castor oil to my face afterwards within about an hour span and left it. For a good month now, my face looks so much even toned minus the age spots now, and the pores have substantially are smaller, no black heads or white heads now and it has helped wonderful with the loose skin under my chin and neck after I have used the honey, lemon and egg white treatment….this sounds like alot of treatment but it was well worth it and I also wash my hair, then while the hair is still a bit damp I massage the ends real good with about a half of teaspoon of castor oil and sometimes on my roots, it is wonderful and soft, I hope this helped.

  35. I started using castor oil at night on my face…great for first 2 weeks. Backed off using it due to traveling and my face is TOTALLY broken out. Never had any skin issues at all. Help? Is there a way to get this castor oil out of my skin on my face. What is going on?

    1. I saw where they have said to use only cold pressed or cold drawn, and hexane free. what kind did you use on your face, perhaps that may have something to do with it?

  36. 7/18/2013

    I cannot say enough good words about castor oil. Had major foot surgery roughly three [3] months ago. In addition to lots of pain and being on pain medication prescription drugs, lots of built up scar tissue resulting in shots to my foot before they can be surgically removed. I dread having to even think of going through that experience again. Well, I will get straight to the facts. For the past two weeks I have been using lukewarm salt/iodine every night, drying my foot carefully and then applying warm castor oil and massaging as deep as I could. Miracle healer — within the first few days I was amazed when most of the built up scar tissue starting falling off. On my recent visit to my podiatrist she was amazed and I told her that I had stopped using the prescription gel that she ordered because I noticed that my foot was swelling and it was not helping with the scar tissue. Well I could go on and on but I am now a true believer in castor oil and will continue using not until during my recuperation from foot surger but will incorporate castor oil into my routine use.

    Oh thank heaven for mother nature, castor oil.

  37. hi can i use castor oil right after dermarollling? i have a 20 year old white and dark spots and depressed skin due to skin allergies and chicken pox which leaves me scarred for 20 years. i have tried a different treatments and it didnt work.
    i would like to try the castor oil, hoping that it would heal my old scars

    1. Hi cath, yes, you can use castor oil after dermarolling. But you may want to wait until after the redness has subsided before putting it on (if you get any redness, that is). it’s a very thick and heavy oil that boosts blood circulation so it might feel quite uncomfortable or ‘hot’ to put on immediately (doing so shouldn’t cause any harm though).

      If you want to apply a healing oil right after your dermarolling session, I’d suggest extra virgin coconut oil instead. It’s very soothing, light and also helps with scar reduction.

      Hope that helps.

    1. Cheers, sabella marie 🙂 I love castor oil too, I’ve been using it around my eyes before bed for years now, and people I meet for the first time always assume I’m much, much younger than I am.

  38. when rubbin the caster oil on ur face .do u have to remove it with warm water da next day or cold water ? if u place it in ur hair and u dont remove it da next day .WAt will happen to ur hair? i have a few acne on my face hw do i have to use the caster oil on it ..Thanks for ur coorporation <3

    1. You’ll need to use an oil-based soap along with water (whether it’s warm or cool shouldn’t matter much).

      About leaving castor oil in hair overnight, it’ll be just like for any other oil. If you use very little, you’ll probably feel comfortable enough to leave it in without needing to wash it off the next day, but if you use a lot of oil, it’s best to wash it off the next morning.

  39. I really enjoyed your article; I have gone all natural and I believe castor oil is the one thing I’m missing. Plus, u mentioned how it benefits the scalp, I have a friend with a serious scalp infection/rash (her hair is thinning a lot, plus she has stress); I have got to introduce her to this product as well.


  40. Hi.. I have so many darkspot on my face.. I m worrying much abt this problem. I tried so many bt marks are still on my face. My face looks like dead skin.. and I have thin hair and hair lose problem. I wil use castor oil from today itself by hoping for best..thank u..

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