Tip: How To Snip Tangled Hair

If you have ever battled with a clump of tangled hair, then you know how frustrating it is trying to work a comb through the mess.

Using conditioner on the wet clump might make it easier to untangle. And if you have the patience, this should work quite well.

However, sometimes the tangle is so bad that you’re left with no choice but to cut it off.

I’m no stranger to this and have done so once or twice. And since the clump was small and my hair was pretty long at the time, it wasn’t much of a loss.

But if you have a massive tangle or a few small ones, then snipping them off might leave you with an uneven length and choppy hair. To prevent this, here’s a very simple tip: cut through the clump vertically.

Making vertical cuts will sacrifice less hair in the process. Once you make those cuts, you’ll find that combing through the tangle becomes much easier.

3 Replies to “Tip: How To Snip Tangled Hair”

  1. There is a product called the Take Down Remover Cream. It removes dreadlocks safely, so it is a suggestion-instead of cutting the hair.

    At our salons, we try as much as possible to salvage tangled or severly matted hair.


  2. wow you have this tip! I’ll use it when i get my hair clumped next time. I’ve had tangled hair so many times before and always end up chopping a whole lot. Though now i’ve not had any problems after finding the right shampoo/condi for my hair.

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