Tip: Go Male with Pore Strips

I love using pore strips. There’s something deeply satisfying about the “rip off”. I also like getting a look at the nasties stuck on the strip. (Okay, some people may find it gross, but whatever. )

Here’s a quick tip I want to share about buying pore strips.

Whether you buy the regular white ones or the black ones (seen in picture), try to get the package that’s for men.

The pore strips for men and women are the same strips. The only difference is that the ones for men have a larger surface area. This not only gives better value for your money, but the larger strip is very helpful if you’re trying to get the blackheads and whiteheads on your inner cheeks.

3 Replies to “Tip: Go Male with Pore Strips”

  1. No, pore strips are actually really bad for you!
    What they do is they basically rip open your pores, which causes more oil buildup because they are enlarged.
    And after you rip off the white/black heads you’re supposed to moisturize, but then the oil and dirt will get into your bigger pores.
    If you DO still use the pore strips, wash your face with a pore-minimizing scrub/liquid and a pore minimizing lotion, and don’t use them again!

  2. I would love to find a line of male only products that relate to the Jerry Jones in all of us but don’t have the money for a lift.I to am tired of large pores and oily skin.But no way am I wearing makeup not at any age.

  3. I agree with Abby. I have used pore strips for the last few months, and although you can see some of the oil come off. I think that it also takes a lot of the good moisture out of your face. What I do is typically use the pore strips and then use a face moisturizer after to keep some moisture on my face. I also suggest using a moisturizing body wash like “dove,” to keep clean and moist at the same time.

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