Have you ever noticed how your make-up looked good at home, but less so once you leave the house? This is because the lighting we have at home will affect how make-up looks and how we apply it. The best lighting is natural sunlight.


This one is for the ladies.

Did you ever notice how your perfectly blended concealer looks not-quite-so-perfect somewhere else?

No, you’re not crazy. It’s all got to do with lighting.

Some women even avoid certain types of lighting because they know their make-up always looks worse under certain types of lights. But you don’t have to do this.

The trick is to apply your make-up in natural light (sunlight). The rule of thumb is—if your makeup looks good in natural light, it’ll look good under any type of artificial lighting. You can think of sunlight as the ultimate benchmark.

A nice side effect of this is that when you use natural light, you’ll find yourself applying less concealer, foundation, blush etc. etc. This is because you’re able to blend it much more efficiently than ever before.