Sandalwood – a traditional remedy for acne

What it does: Helps mild acne and pimples.

How to do it: Mix sandalwood powder (can be found in most herb stores) with water to make a paste. You can add turmeric also if you have it. So its 1 part sandalwood powder, 1 part turmeric powder, and 1 part water.

Dab on pimples. You can either leave this overnight or wash off after leaving on for 30 minutes.

Why it helps: Sandalwood is an herbal antiseptic and has cleansing properties.

16 Replies to “Sandalwood – a traditional remedy for acne”

  1. this is d best remedy for acne..only thing is tht sandalwood
    shud b pure..dnt get swayed away by d face packs hving
    sandalwood as an ingredient..they do not work..
    best is to get a sandalwood twig or branch frm sumwhere n make a paste
    wid rosewater..leave it overnite..

  2. For Indians this is well versed (atleast in parts of India were Sandal wood was or is found)

    However commerical exploitation of sandal wood has ensured that the one that you get in domestic markets in India is sub standard or coloured, or uses some chemical perfume to mimic an orinignal.

    I have found tourists and business folks from west coming to India (atleast in Bangalore), they say that they want to visit a sandalwood factory and buy sandalwood in kilos (as if its some tea powder)


  3. i am having pimpels and oily skin,,, i m afraid…
    plz say… will dis be d appropriate one.. i mean… my pimpels will go.. ? der wil be no side effects ryt?? lastly.. der r many 2 types brown and kind of light white. which one is the one to be used?

    1. Both red and white sandalwood are supposed to be good for the skin. Red appears to be more popular though.

      No one can say if this will work for your pimples or not, as everyone’s skin is different. The only way you’ll know is to actually try it (as is true with almost everything in life).

  4. Hi im using this mask from a beautician & it has lightened my skin like 4 shades
    lighter but i dont know what it is it looks like sandalwood powder mixed with other stuff
    its in flour form and you got to add water to make a paste and leave on for abt 1-2 hrs.
    Does anyone know what ingredients are in there – cause it sure done miracles
    for my skin. Theres abt 3 diff colors to this powders!

  5. Hi I recently got an actual piece of pure sandalwood,I’ve been putting water on the branch and scarping it till a paste is formed and then applying it to my skin,I want to know if this way is effective and will it help cure my acne? Thanx

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