Need a Quick-Acting Acne Fix? Break out the Calamine Lotion!

Calamine lotion is widely known for its ability to sooth insect bites, treat eczema, sunburn, skin rashes, poison ivy, and chickenpox.

A lesser-known use for calamine lotion is for acne and its more severe form, cystic acne (cystic acne appears larger and is particularly difficult to treat).

Expect to see results overnight. Calamine lotion is a cheap remedy for acne and best of all – it works very quickly.

How to do it: If the lotion comes out runny, just shake the bottle well before using. It should be a thick liquid. Apply evenly over skin. Leave to dry overnight, then wash off thoroughly the next morning.

Why it works: Calamine lotion contains zinc oxide, which soothes irritated and inflamed skin. It also works great on oily skin and cystic acne because zinc oxide is a drying agent and an astringent.

TIP — When applying calamine lotion, be sure to avoid the eyes and mouth. Also, calamine lotion can be very drying for some people, so you might want to spot treat the areas with acne only.

22 Replies to “Need a Quick-Acting Acne Fix? Break out the Calamine Lotion!”

  1. Yes, it should.

    The only thing you have to be careful about when putting it on your back is staining your shirt/sheets 🙂

  2. I have tried this, this does work. Its very cheap and more effective than expensive products I have tried in the past. How elese do you think, acne products are a billion dollar industry? Because they dont work and they keep consumers buying, dishing out money. “Sad but true”

  3. I think I may have cystic acne, what a mess, I tell you. I don’t mind a bump here and there, but CYCSTIC acne is HELL on earth. It is very difficult to treat. I even tried Natures Cure, Proactiv, tea tree oil, nothing works on this particular acne. I can’t afford a Dermatologist, too expensive. I agree with COCO, the ACNE skin care industry is nothing more than the worlds biggist con, and american rip off. They say they have cures for this, but you dish out money, and sometimes it just makes your acne worser than ever. I beginning to think if I just let it alone, and let it run its course, it will over time disappear. Hopefully when I am not too old, to remember what clear skin really looked like.

  4. Retta – You need to see a dermatologist. Sometimes breakouts lead to bacteria infections and you end up spreading more. I’ve also used an over the counter treatment I purchased on ebay called “Acne Stop”. It works like a peel and peel away dead skin to help get you cleared up. You look terrible for a week and then it’s so much better.

  5. I recently had a hormonal acne breakout and purchased the Made from Earth Grapefruit Glycolic Scrub to battle the blemishes. I like this product because it is super antioxidant and clears up acne pimple and helps to reduce any scaring. This product has salicylic acid to fight the pimples and works nice, also easy to apply and not goey or messy at all. Reasonably priced for a glycolic scrub, and the smell is so good in the morning.

    1. It should make you more comfortable and quiet the itching, but IMO allergies can only be cured through healthy dietary changes. I’d recommend reading up on the benefits of an alkaline diet if you’re so inclined.

  6. This is a good product i used it two days ago on my forehead pimplr scars now starting to fade.I used to have very good skin but i come s from nowhre was very depressed but thnx to calamine lotion

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