Papaya exfoliates skin

What it does: Applied as a face mask, mashed unripe papaya will remove dead, flaky skin.

How to do it: Mash some fresh papaya, unripe is better. Apply on clean skin as a mask for 20-30 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

Why it helps:
Like pineapple, the enzymes in papaya (papain) is a natural BHA.

3 Replies to “Papaya exfoliates skin”

  1. Yes, I really like the papain enzyme..although I haven’t tried a papaya recipe yet. I really like papaya kojic soap and papaya soap because they really helped with exfoliating my problem skin on my face and body. Removed the acne breakouts, my engrown hair bumps, and help fade the acne spots. Exfoliates really well and very cost-effective…no need for expensive brands because this works well on it’s own. thanks

  2. @ Nadya.. You’re right, there’s a lot of different brands of papaya soaps and lotions.

    But like this article, I use papaya as an exfoliante and moisturizer, I just add a little milk to the mashed papaya.

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