MSM – Natural Sulfur for good health

What it does: Potentially cure melasma for some. Some women have reported great results (100% melasma removal), while others have had little results even over several months.

Because MSM is taken internally, it helps to soften skin all over the body. You can expect healthier and stronger hair, skin, and nails. People who take it for joint pain have also noticed old scars becoming softer and much less visible. For this reason, MSM is also found in some scar reduction creams. (It is also the natural MSM in aloe vera that makes it so effective on burns and blisters.)

How to do it: MSM is naturally occuring in the body and there is very little or no chance of overdose. If you take an excess amount, it will just pass out of your body naturally.

If you’re taking MSM to detox, start out with a small dose of 1-2 grams per day and slowly increase this to 4-5 grams to let your body get used to it. People who take it for melasma have reported taking 8 grams or more per day. A note of caution, when you’re new to MSM, you may experience some slight stomach discomfort and the need to go to the toilet more often. This is normal, and will pass as your body gets used to MSM.

Some people also experience headaches as part of the process. This too will pass, but you can lower your dosage as you see fit. MSM works best when taken with Vitamin C. Drink plenty of water as this will help your body flush out the toxins easier.

Why it helps: MSM (or methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural sulfur that is found in fruits and vegetables. However, most people in urban areas are deficient in MSM as a lot of our food is processed. Organic sulfur in food is lost when processed, heated or dried. If you can eat them raw, high sulfur foods include asparagus, broccoli, red pepper, garlic, and onion. If not, MSM is a convenient replacement.

Taking MSM as a supplement makes cell membranes more permeable. This helps in the delivery of nutrients as well as the removal of toxins from cells.

The effect this has on our cells is one of the reasons why people who take it report an immediate increase in energy. (And also why its not a good idea to take it right before bedtime!)

And because MSM improves the permeability of cell membranes, it also helps other vitamins that you ingest be a lot more effective. (MSM is best taken with Vitamin C and CoQ10. )

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    1. Hi pooja, MSM is short for methylsulfonylmethane. You can usually find MSM in the vitamins/supplements section of most pharmacies. Some healthfood stores might also have them.

  1. I took a chance and tried OxySulfur. Ed McCabe claimed that his msm is far more superior than the rest. I have been using the one by Natural Factors. It did help with allergy and knee pain but I had to take several per day. Just one dose of the OxySulfur and I had an incredible surge of energy. I did not get any detox symptoms with the Natural Factors but am with the OxySulfur. It is more expensive but I would rather spend my money and consume something that gives me full benefits. For his claims, I give them thumbs up.

    1. Glad the MSM works but the OxySulfur may have worked better because it is probably not mixed with fillers. Most have fillers in them and you can do the purity test by taking a pinch and putting it in water. If any of it floats, it has fillers but if it sinks and starts to dissolve, it is pure. There are other companies that sell it cheaper than Ed McCabe. I use a few depending on what I need it for and if I am doing pills or the powder.

  2. any one having arthritis take msm and you will think you went to heaven,you feel one hundred percent better you can do things you could not do i was in a bad car accident i had to be cut out of my car i only could sleep on the floor but after taking 4 msm 3 times to four times a day i sleep in the bed i can do things i never thought i would be able to do any more they are not habit forming take them for one day and you will feel the differents god bless.

    1. I take MSM and love all of the benefits I get from it. I just found out earlier this week that I have osteoarthritis in my neck. I would have never known because I have been taking MSM for 13 years. I had neck surgery and have a plate and six screws in it. They told me that I would only get about 60 percent range motion. I am happy to say that I have 100 percent range motion. I had foot surgery for my bunion. The doctor said that I would lose at least 25 percent flexibility. She was shocked and amazed that I had less swelling at my 3 week checkup than any other patient she has had and I also got 100 percent flexibility back. She wanted to know what I did. I told her about Emu oil and MSM. She researched it and upon my next check up told me that she was now recommending it to her patients. Glad you are feeling well from its use.

  3. I have this skin overgrowth on my nose, and do not know what these are or how to remove these, they could be warts, but unsure, I have them several laces on my face and body, some bigger than others.. are they tags, could we have pictures of those “extra flesh pieces” they are looking like growth.. my only rememberance is that I had a black acne sport on one of them developping into wat i called “tags” not sure what they are and what can be done..?? any ideas anyone… thanks heaps. grace

    1. i meant , do we have pictures here to identify what different skin problems look like (I was writing going ahead of myself) and rectifying the spelling with I have them several places, several on the faces some look like sun spot with extra flesh (overgrowth) i mentionned that initially one of them was a black spot pigment like acne spots.. then it developped into that I called above and here extra flesh growth.. thanks,

        1. I have these burn scar on my leg about 6 years now, just the black mark and black dots remain on my leg and I just used the castor oil two weeks ago to get rid of this burn scar, do you think this would work and how long does it take for the scar to disappear..


  4. I am 64 years old, until two years ago I received compliments about how beautiful my skin was then I developed a brown circle on my left cheek, Long story short, prior to this I visited a spa for weight loss consultation, i was invited to have a free consultation with a uv lamp to see if possible skin damage, I accepted, was told I HAD NO SKIN DAMAGE, MY NECK LOOKED YOUNGER THAN MY AGE . PEOPLE OFTEN STOPPED ME TO ASK ME WHATi used on my skin, I TRULY HAD NEVER WORN MAKE UP ONY LIP STICK and a bit of eye brow pencil, shortly after my encounter with the uv lamp i noticed that first brown circle, I have visited many dermatologist with each visit and prescription my face gets worst, and my neck wrinkled, I was diagnosed with melasma, I am afraid to try the peels. I was a fair skinned person of mixed heritage, Irish,cherokee indian& africian, so I am desperate to find out where, why and when and a solution that helps, went to a natura path tried herbs, PLease Help! THank You ! Marrie in florida

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