After 2 months of spraying magnesium oil over my arms, a hard and raised scar softened and flattened significantly.

I’ve been using magnesium oil for a few years now by spraying it over my skin and brushing my teeth with it occasionally.

Magnesium oil is one of the few things that allow me to feel results almost immediately.

About 15-20 minutes after spraying magnesium oil on my skin, the stiffness in my neck and shoulders goes away, and I feel much more loose and flexible.

But the effects of magnesium oil are more than just physical. Since I’ve been spraying magnesium oil, my “state of mind” has changed remarkably. I feel more at peace during challenging personal times and it’s become easier for me to let go of stress from work.

More often than not, I feel calm and happy.

I noticed that my emotional responses become more measured and I can react to difficult situations with more grace. I still have bad days, mind you… But whenever I remember to use mag oil, things feel more manageable somehow.

Another benefit? My memory has improved and I’m able to remember small, but important details (which helps me both at work and at home).

I spray magnesium oil primarily over the back of my neck, shoulders and upper back because that’s where most of my stress ends up — in stiff and aching neck/shoulders. But I also spray magnesium oil over my arms and chest every day.

After the first 2 months of spraying magnesium oil over my arms, I noticed something completely unexpected.

A very hard hypertrophic scar on my elbow had softened and flattened significantly. I’ve had the scar for over 15 years. It was a really hard nub of scar tissue, which would hurt when pressed or pushed slightly.

I got the scar from an old childhood injury with a wire fence that had healed badly. Since my scar would hurt when I pressed on it (even lightly), I knew there was some nerve damage.

Over many years, my scar had also vascularized (meaning it had formed its own blood vessels), making it even harder to budge. It was also dark red from the blood circulating within.

Yet, magnesium oil had managed to soften and change my scar so much in those 2 months.

My scar’s sensitivity also changed. I don’t feel the same sharp pain that I used to when I would accidentally bump my elbow against something. Amazingly, my scar is now completely pain-free, and I can manipulate and push it with a lot of force without the old sharp pain (which always made me feel there was a bundle of nerves knotted up in my scar).

My scar also felt more fleshlike after the 2 months — it was still raised, but gone was the hard-as-wood nub. Instead, the texture of my scar was closer to regular flesh.

If you have a nerve injury or a hard scar that causes you pain, I hope you’ll consider using magnesium oil for pain relief and some healing. While I still have my scar, I’m very grateful for the improvements I got with mag oil.

I don’t expect to remove my scar through magnesium oil alone (I’m using castor oil for it daily instead), but it has certainly helped me, in more ways than I ever thought it would.

Note: I think the only place you might want to avoid spraying magnesium oil is your face, I’ve found it just stings and itches too much there. Also if you feel itchiness during your first time spraying, you can wash it off after 15-20 minutes. I leave mine on to air dry and only wash it off during my next shower as I’m quite used to it and don’t feel the same itch that I did when I first started spraying mag oil on my body. Apparently, the “itchiness” is a sign of magnesium deficiency, and should go away with time as you build up the magnesium stores in your body.