How to Get Longer-Lasting Nail Color


If you find that your nail polish chips and peels off easily, it could be due to the natural oils on your nail.

For longer-lasting nail color: Dab some astringent or facial toner over your nails before applying any nail polish. This will remove all traces of oil residue and help the nail polish adhere to your nail, and last much longer.

Tip: If you don’t have facial toner or other astringents on hand, the juice from a sliced lemon or lime will work just as well. (Just make sure you don’t have any broken skin or it might sting!)

4 Replies to “How to Get Longer-Lasting Nail Color”

  1. You should also:

    apply a base coat
    2 thin coats of polish, remembering to lightly coat the free adge of the nail (the end of the nail which u file)
    a quick drying top coat

    and wear gloves!!!

  2. I have always had trouble with peeling nail polish no matter what the brand is. I never thought it would have something to do with the oil of my nails.

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