How to Recycle Old Perfumes

If you’re like me, you probably have a few old bottles of perfume lying around, gathering dust.

Instead of throwing them away, here are a few ways you can make good use of your old perfumes. Before you do this, just be sure that you still love the scent first.

1) Use them to freshen the air in your home. Spritz the perfume lightly over carpets, fabric sofas, curtains, cloth-covered chairs, tablecloths, or bedlinen.

2) Similarly, you could use it to freshen the air in your car if you have cloth-covered seats.

3) Add a few drops into a hot bath. Instead of using aromatic or essential oils, try adding a few drops of perfume into the hot water. You’ll feel pampered and relaxed.

4) Re-scent old fresheners. Or make new ones by spraying the perfume on uncooked rice. Put the rice in a small cloth bag or porous wrapping. Leave these ‘air freshener’ bags in your drawers and re-scent them over time to keep the smell fresh.

5) Spray them on cards and letters. Save your old perfumes for heavy card-sending occasions like Christmas. Before you mail out your Christmas cards, spray the stationery with your perfume. You could also do this on wedding invitations for that extra romantic feel.

That’s all folks!

3 Replies to “How to Recycle Old Perfumes”

  1. Great tips.There are many ways for recycling the Old Perfumes but one which I like the most is selling them on ebay , ebid or another venue. Charity shops may like them too. There are lots of collectors of old bottles out there.

  2. Thank you SO much. I have been looking high and low for a post like this. I have several perfumes I don’t want to pitch, but I don’t like them on my skin. 🙂

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