Healing ovarian cysts: my personal journey

In April 2010, a lovely lady called Valery sent me an e-mail asking me if I knew of any natural ways to heal ovarian cysts. As luck would have it, at the time, I was a year into my own journey of healing my ovarian cysts and fibroids. Talk about synchronicity.

Anyway, I was very happy to share with her the ways I had been successfully treating my own ovarian cysts. But it also got me thinking that it might be worthy of a post so that more people could benefit.

You can read this entire article if you have the time, but you can also read my original e-mail reply to Valery, which is the short version.

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Healing my ovarian cysts

I am not a doctor or a nurse. I’m just a regular person who happens to be very interested in my own health. The following is a retelling of my own journey, thoughts and experiences. If you have a serious medical condition, you should consult with a doctor.

For about a year, I had been on a journey to fix some niggling health issues, the most pressing of which was polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt is thisjust because something is hereditary DOES NOT mean it’s written in stone.

My mother passed away from complications arising from ovarian cancer when I was five years old. When I hit puberty and started having painful periods each month, I truly believed I would follow in her footsteps. How could I not? All the literature I read about uterine issues (painful periods, fibroids  and endometriosis) told me that my condition was hereditary. It was in my DNA.

It’s only now that I realise how very powerful and damaging that belief was. It made me accept my condition and believe there was no way out. So I suffered from tremendous pain for a few days each month my period came. During that time, I would be completely dependent on painkillers just to function. And by function, I mean to walk and to stand upright. To go to school. And eventually to go to work. I thought it would be like that always, until menopause would relieve me.

I was wrong.

It’s been nearly a year now since I started making changes to my life. It wasn’t always easy. But right at around the 3rd or 4th month into it, I noticed something remarkable. My period was becoming less painful than usual. Instead of three painkillers, I only needed two of those powerful little blue pills.

The next month, when my period rolled around again, I couldn’t believe it. The pain, debilitating as it has always been, had dulled from a painful roar to a dull discomfort. I still wasn’t feeling my best, but I could function. And so it progressed. With each cycle, the pain was less. Now I was excited. The progress I was making not only made all my healthy choices easier but also opened my mind to what else was possible.

The first month that I was able to completely go without my little blue pills, I couldn’t believe it. I remember waiting for the pain to come that day. I kept waiting because I didn’t dare let myself believe it. But the pain never came. As I’m writing this now, I still get a little emotional. If you’ve lived with debilitating pain for years (in my case, 15 years), you’d know how incredibly humbling and quieting it is to realise that recovery is possible.

Okay, enough jibber jabber. This is what I did.

1) Getting alkaline: minding my diet and my emotions

The first thing I did was start reading up on alkaline diets.

I must have read hundreds of articles on the importance of maintaining an alkaline blood pH (which is the body’s natural, healthy state). Alkaline-causing foods are mainly of the plant variety. Not being a big fan of salads, I started eating fresh fruit and drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices every day. Not a difficult thing to do for me because they were always delicious!

I later bought my own juicer so I could have them anytime. By the way, when I say ‘fresh fruit juice’, I mean the kind that’s made from a juicer and whole fruits. Pre-packaged juices are a completely different animal and can actually have the opposite effect. Instead of boosting alkalinity, they are usually acid-causing because of all the added sugar, flavoring, chemicals and preservatives. Check the back of a fruit juice box. Do you see an entire paragraph of ingredients? Not a good sign.

I wanted to attain a healthy, alkaline state for one reason to give my body the optimal environment it needed to heal itself.

I didn’t just load up on fruits, vegetables and other alkaline-causing food, I also learnt which foods were bad and acid-causing so I could avoid them (see a chart of alkaline and acidic causing foods). Acid-causing food are mainly things like fast food and packaged/processed foods. I also cut down on my dairy and red meat consumption (down to almost nothing) and opted for fish over chicken whenever possible.

I wasn’t perfect all the time. There were days when I succumbed to a sudden craving for a cheeseburger and fries, or a cup of strong coffee. But after I strayed, I just went back on the path.

Speaking of which, when it comes to something as personal as changing our diets, I think it really doesn’t do any good to demand perfection from ourselves. When was the last time you met a perfect person, anyway? Or had a perfect day? To expect something impossible is cruel. If you wouldn’t ask it of your best friend or loved one, why demand it from yourself?

So if you’ve decided to make a change to your diet, I hope you’ll remember to be kind to yourself. The point is to improve from where you started. Not to achieve perfection. With time and patience, you’ll get there, and when you do, you’ll realise that those few weak moments didn’t really matter anyway.

I also paid mind to my emotional life because I learnt that emotions and habitual thought patterns also have a powerful effect on our bodies’ pH. Learning this was amazing in of itself.

For example, fear and stress are acid-producing emotional states. Perhaps because of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol that are released in response to those feelings, but there could be other reasons too.

In contrast, feelings of love, gratitude and happiness are alkaline-producing states, which promotes healing in our bodies. Modern science is only just starting to uncover this. One example is oxytocin (a hormone produced during meditative states, and when we feel happiness or love), which has been proven to accelerate wound healing and new cell growth.

But while science and scientific studies are great, sometimes the best truth is already right in front of us. When I look at my friends and the faces of the people I know, I cannot help but notice that the ones who are joyful and have a radiant, inner calm also have the most youthful faces and are in the best health, while the “frowniest”, the most anxious or fearful, and the ones who complain the most have faces that look aged beyond their years and the most health issues.

Since it didn’t make sense to have the fruits of my labor be erased by my emotions, I worked on easing my daily stresses and changing my thought patterns. I started meditating, practising mindfulness and increasing my self-awareness.  Slowly but surely, I started to see life differently. As my view of the world changed, so did my life and my habitual thought patterns. I got angry less often, I relaxed more, I spent more time doing absolutely nothing and loving it.

If this interests you, here’s a primer—just something to get you started.

  • Buddha’s Brain: The New Neuroscience (opens a pdf). Your mind and brain routinely change each other.
    A quote: “Fleeting thoughts, feelings, etc. leave behind lasting marks on your brain – much like a spring shower leaves little tracks on a hillside – which form the tendencies and views that make us suffer, or lead us to happiness. This means that your experience really, really matters.”
  • Mindfulness and pyschotherapy. An easy-to-read blog with good quotes and thought-provoking posts.
  • How to be happier? Think like a baby. An entertaining article on how our brains change as we age—becoming more focused and inhibited. And how to retrain your brain to expand your consciousness.

2) Detoxing

When people hear the word detox, they usually think of going on a detox diet like the Master Cleanse. But detoxing for me was much less glamorous. My main purpose of detoxing was to aid my body in healing. Simply put, by detoxing from as many harmful chemicals as I could, I was getting the road blocks out of the way to let my body do its job.

I actually didn’t need to do much in the way of my diet because an alkaline diet of more raw fruits and vegetables was already detoxing me slowly. Instead, I focused on minimising my exposure to harmful chemicals by switching to all-natural soaps, shampoos and deodorant.

    • I avoided drinking out of plastic bottles and switched to aluminium tumblers (because of the chemical leech when water is kept in plastic too long).
    • I stopped using perfume and anti-perspirants, opting instead for baking soda, which worked better than any brand of deodorant I had ever used (almost all commercial perfumes/deodorants are chock full of synthetic chemicals and xenoestrogens. The latter is especially bad for women with ovarian cysts and fibroids as they would already be oestrogen dominant. I wrote a little about oestrogen dominance in this article).
    • I started using an all-natural DIY toothpaste because of the fluoride in commercial toothpastes. In my case, this was sea salt. My teeth have never looked better and my breath stays clean and fresh longer (in contrast, the sugar in commercial toothpastes actually feeds mouth bacteria).
    • I changed from commercial liquid soaps and shampoos (which are full of chemicals) to natural hard soaps and a DIY shampoo.

These might seem like a lot because you’re reading them all at once, but I actually made each change one at a time and very slowly. Small changes led to big ones over time.

3) Using ginger and turmeric

I’ve always been a fan of taking herbal remedies such as garlic whenever I feel under the weather, so when I learnt that ginger and turmeric were useful for healing uterine issues, I jumped right on board.

In vitro tests show that ginger kills ovarian cancer cells. Turmeric, which is also a root in the ginger family, has also been shown to have a positive effect on ovarian cancer cells.

Ginger Tea recipe (delicious!): As many fresh ginger slices as I can manage in a cup of hot water with a little bit of brown sugar to taste. Leave to steep for 15-20 minutes in a covered cup and top off with freshly-squeezed lemon juice (from half a lemon). This was delicious and became an almost daily drink for me.

A second method is by juicing. If you have a juicer, you can also extract fresh ginger juice. To save time, I like to make a big batch at once and freeze the ginger juice in ice cube trays. I then store these in a container in the freezer and pop in a few cubes in my drink whenever I want. It tastes really good in chilled lemon juice with a bit of sugar. Be warned though — this makes for a much more spicy drink than the hot tea method above.

Turmeric concoction (much less tasty): To change up the routine a bit, some days I would also take a half teaspoon of turmeric powder in a little hot water with a pinch of sea salt for taste. This didn’t taste good so I only have it occasionally. It wasn’t too unpleasant, just a little bitter and chalky. This is the kind of drink to take quickly, and I downed it like a shot.

Interestingly, once I started drinking turmeric, I noticed that when I started feeling a little under the weather, I would start craving a turmeric drink. As oddly tasting as it was, my body wanted it. And it worked too. I rarely get sick, but I remember being hit by a particularly bad flu that was going around once, and it was because of turmeric that my symptoms were much less severe than what others around me seemed to be experiencing.

4) Apply castor oil packs

I love castor oil. It’s great stuff. Also called the palm of Christ, castor oil has been used for centuries for many ailments. One of its most important propertiesespecially in the treatment of uterine problemsis that castor oil can penetrate more deeply than any other oil.

This one was simple to do and it felt good. A few days before my period, I would put a castor oil pack on my lower abdomen each night before I went to bed. A castor oil pack is really just a way to put castor oil on a part of your body and wrap it up so that it stays there for longer.

What I did was rub a generous amount of castor oil over my lower abdomen (I wiped the excess on my lower back). Then I would place a castor-oil soaked cotton cloth over my abdomen and wrap it all up using some cling film. This keeps the oil in place on my body and from staining my clothes and bedding. Some people use heat on top of the pack (such as a hot water bottle), but most of the time I didn’t because it was a hassle. But if you’re more enterprising, using external heat would help the castor oil penetrate more deeply and this is always a good thing.

p.s: Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny makes for interesting reading. This TIME article talks about epigenomes, which sits on top of our genomes. These tell our genes to switch on or off — to speak loudly or whisper. It is through epigenomes that environmental factors like diet and stress can make an imprint. Proof of this at work can be clearly seen in the faces of older, identical twins (opens a NYTimes.com slideshow).

5) Iodine and magnesium chloride supplementation

Further along on my journey in November 2010, I also started supplementing with iodine (plus iodide) and magnesium chloride. Deficiencies of both are very common.

In women, sustained iodine deficiency can lead to a host of uterine, thyroid and hormonal issues—including breast and ovarian cysts as well as fibroids. I took iodine supplements in the form of Iodoral and also painted iodine tincture on my skin to supplement.

I went through an uncomfortable detox period during the first month on iodine because I took high doses, but those detox symptoms petered out eventually. Taking high doses of Vitamin C was very helpful for this as it not only minimised my detox symptoms, but also cleared my intestinal receptors so that the iodine can be absorbed more readily. By the way, if your gut isn’t in the best shape, it’s a good idea to fix that first as otherwise the iodine may be poorly absorbed (a waste!).

Magnesium chloride (which I ingest and apply transdermally on my skin) and magnesium citrate have proven to be a great nerve soother and relaxer. More importantly, magnesium is antagonistic to calcium. Thus, it can help dissolve the calcium deposits in ovarian cysts (as well as calcification in other soft tissues, including the joints).

A wonderful side effect for me has been a drastic improvement in the texture of my breast tissue. Not only has the general “lumpiness” disappeared, but a hard, benign lump that I have had for many years softened and shrank drastically thanks to iodine and magnesium chloride. I’m positive it will disappear completely over time. (If your breasts get sore/swollen during or before menstruation, try painting them with iodine tincture. I got almost instant relief when I painted my breasts the first time. And the brown stain disappeared very quickly, a sign that my poor breasts were sucking up the iodine. )

I strongly recommend reading more about iodine and magnesium. Here are a few great articles to get you started.

    • Iodine – The universal medicine. “In the case of polycystic ovary syndrome, the starvation of the ovaries causes them to become cystic, swollen…. The greater the iodine deficiency, the greater the number of cysts in the ovaries.”

    • A 2004 Taiwanese study on magnesium and calcium in drinking water and risk of death from ovarian cancer. The results of the present study show that drinking magnesium-rich water on a regular basis may exert a protective effect on the risk of death from ovarian cancer. Future studies of magnesium intake and ovarian cancer should include estimates of magnesium intake from drinking water as well as from diet and supplements.

    • Magnesium — The Neglected Mineral We Cannot Live Without (download pdf). This article will be an eye-opener for most people and for that, I’m labeling it a must-read. You’ve heard about calcium through the powerful milk/dairy lobby and endless milk commercials, but it’s actually magnesium that’s crucial for strong bones. Would it surprise you that two of the strongest animals on earth—elephants and oxen—don’t sit around guzzling milk all day? Of course not. They eat plants, which are chock full of magnesium.

So that’s it—these are the things I did over the course of one year that eventually took away my pain and changed my life (it really did!).


There’s so much knowledge out there that most doctors won’t even tell us about. The default mode when treating women today is by pushing us drugs and pharmaceuticals (all of which have serious health side effects and are liver-toxic).

Meanwhile, simple treatments that can result in true and complete healing are ignored or ridiculed as “alternative” or “new age”. But if we take a step back and just observe our lives today, it’ll become clear that most drug advertising only seek to “manage” diseases and pains, instead of providing a cure or healing.

And a long list of serious health side effects including death are almost a given with pharmaceuticals. This type of thinking has been prevalent for so long that most people just accept these lousy terms as normal and the “proper” way of doing things. But to people living just a hundred years ago, trading a symptom for serious risks such as heart disease and diabetes would be sheer madness, not progress.

The surgical route is not that much better either, and comes with its own risks and unintended consequences.

For instance, power morcellators are used to chop and mince flesh for their easier extraction during hysterectomies and the removal of uterine fibroids. However, if these tissues contain undetected cancer cells (sarcoma), power morcellators will actually spread this cancer within the abdomen and pelvis. Many women are facing uterine cancer because power morcellators were used during their hysterectomies. The FDA has recently started to scrutinise power morcellators, which is a good thing. But for some women, this may be too little, too late. Shockingly, after accidental morcellation of a cancerous tumour, the average remaining life span is only 24-36 months! 1

Clearly, something is very wrong.

It’s not hard to understand why this has become the way of our world—in the end, it’s all about money. What big pharma wants, big pharma gets. And when big pharma spends millions each year in campaign donations and lobbying our government and health officials, what do you think would happen? And has already happened?

The good news is that we always have the power to learn and to re-educate ourselves. With knowledge, we can make the changes that will put us back on the path of true healing.

P.S: As an aside, I believe that cysts and fibroids aren’t the problem. I think they’re actually our bodies’ ingenious ways of trying to help us stay alive. When our diet and health are suffering, when we assault our bodies with strange chemicals and toxins, our bodies will create “pockets of diseases” such as cysts and fibroids to contain the problem so that we may continue to live. Our bodies love us so much that it can suffer our abuse and do this for years and years. But if we fail to listen to the signs that are there, eventually these “pockets of diseases” will cause us pain, illness and problems.  So I say, let’s do our part—let’s start listening to our beautiful, intelligent and loving bodies.

1 Many thanks to Lindsey Caldwell from the American Recall Center for sharing this vital (and potentially life-saving) information. 



Valery’s original e-mail followed by my response

Sent: Friday, April 23, 2010 7:34 PM
Subject: any tip to treat ovarian cyst

Hello, your website was very informative, very clear, simple, no nonsense, genuine information. I have been researching the internet for info lately and am tired of made up/copied/misinformed/unproven methods websites.  I was wondering who are these people who have time to set up sites like those.

By any chance, do you have any information regarding ovarian cyst and how to treat it (dissolve it) naturally.  So far, I have found info on the internet regarding apple cider vinegar then blackstrap molasses and a few others.  I am not completely sure if they are efficient or just promotion on webpages.

I look forward to hearing from you.

best regards,



Subject: Re: any tip to treat ovarian cyst
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 21:54:03 +0800

Hi Valery

Thanks for your email and comments about my website. 🙂

I was actually a little taken aback at first when I read your question, because believe it or not, I’ve been on a journey to heal my own ovarian cysts (and fibroids) as well for the past year.

I started out thinking that my problems will be a part of me forever (my mother passed away from ovarian cancer), but after a year of much learning and experimenting, I’m very much humbled by how much I didn’t know then.

This is what I’ve learned and what has worked (and is continuing to work) for me:

– First thing is to do no more harm. Avoid foods that are known to make ovarian cysts worse, eg coffee. Also avoid those that mimic female hormones, eg soy. Even common chemicals such as those in perfumes and air fresheners are oestrogenic. Our skin absorbs these chemicals readily, so go as natural and chemical-free as you can.

– Read up on a pH balancing diet. The aim is to get your diet/lifestyle alkaline – which is the natural, healthy state of the body. Healing will happen then (and your body will do a much better job of dealing with the cysts if it is in a healthy, alkaline state). This should be a lifetime journey, so do not rush or stress about being perfect. Read as much as you can first and make small changes that are comfortable for you.

– Incorporate ginger and turmeric in your diet. These are in the same family (rhizomes) and both are especially helpful in dealing with uterine problems. Ginger has been shown to kill ovarian cancer cells. Try to drink ginger tea every day. Ginger slices (as many as you can tolerate) steeped in hot water, some honey and lemon is a delicious drink and will slowly shrink your cysts.

– Do hot castor oil packs on your lower abdomen. This will promote healing and reduce inflammation. Castor oil is so good at helping uterine problems that it’s not unusual to feel some light “fluttering” in the left or right ovaries when the pack is on. I hope this helps you and I wish you all the best in your journey.

Best Regards


275 Replies to “Healing ovarian cysts: my personal journey”

  1. what are the things that must be avoided most especially on household chores when suffering from ovarian cyst??

    1. Any chemicals and fragrances should be avoided since they’d add a toxic or oestrogenic load. Unfortunately, most store-bought detergents, soaps and sprays contain this stuff.

      The good thing is there are many cheap and natural household cleaners out there. Just off the top of my head, cleaning substitutes include vinegar, baking soda, borax and even Vitamin C powder (believe it or not, Vit C powder is said to shine stainless steel fixtures really well. They also remove the black stuff on pool steps for some reason). There should be more natural substitutes for cleaning if you do a search. Like I said, these are just off the top of my head. 🙂

      Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience online, because it has given me so much relief. i was diagnosed of multiple ovarian cysts on my left and right ovaries as well as a fibroid. i am not loosing hope, but every day i keep developing a more positive attitude which keeps me going

    1. Oh you’re very welcome and thanks for commenting. 🙂 This isn’t one of my more popular articles and I’ve wondered if it’s really doing any good, so it’s always wonderful to hear that it’s helpful to someone.

      Good luck on your journey Jemuel.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story! I’ve been diagnosed with POS, I don’t have painful periods I have lengthy or no existent periods. 6 months on or 6 months off. My doctor recommends BC to regulate my period. I have cyst in my uterus do you think the Castor Oil Packs will help me also??

    1. Hi Georgette, I’m sure castor oil packs can help you as well. They’ve helped many with PCOS. I’m not sure if taking BCs is a good idea though, you may want to consult with a naturopath as well for a second opinion. BCs, being hormones, can lead to a whole host of other health problems as you seek to fix one thing (regulate your period).

      IMO, it’s better to heal the whole body holistically.

  4. Hi, Im riza from philippines and im very glad reading your article and praying that it will workout for me. Thank you for sharing your experience for free unlike others they wanted to get paid for helping others. May God bless you!

  5. Thank you very much for your articles all very helpful. I have fibroms and try to chance my lifestyle to avoid a second operation. I already had 1 operation but the fibroms came back after a few years. 1 more thing I would like to add is the importance of regular exercise joga, pilates and aviva.

    1. That’s a good point about regular exercise. I took daily brisk walks, which not only kept me healthy physically, but was very calming mentally and emotionally. Thanks Nissi!

  6. Thank you soooo much for your information, and for helping others for FREE!!!! I was diagnosed with Multiple Fibroids in my Uterus and Cysts on each Ovary on Monday. I have been on the internet for hours trying to find out Natural ways to cure my problems and came across this site. Most of the other sites want to charge you for their info, and I’m thinking, What ever happened to sharing your knowledge to Help others? I appreciate you taking the time out to organize your information, and give it to us straight, without having to read between the lines and getting more confused. You Are Truly A Blessing!!!! Thank You Again.

    1. You’re very welcome, Dayna. I wish you all the best in your own healing journey.

      And thank you for your kind words — they made me smile! 🙂

  7. Thank you very much for your articles all very helpful. I have fibroid and try to chance my lifestyle to avoid a second operation. I already had 1 operation but the fibroid came back after 3 years. I appreciate you taking the time out to organize and display your information for others. it wil be very help full for those women who wants to avoids operation to get rid from fibroid like me. May Allah bless you always. AMEEN

      1. hi samantha,

        your article is very informative… many thanks for sharing it…

        btw, does apple cidar vinegar and blackstrap molasses work for the cysts?

        1. Hi rukz

          I’ve tried both blackstrap molasses and ACV to treat my cysts, but they just didn’t work for me. But I only tried them for 3-4 months however. I found the taste of blackstrap molasses quite offensive as well, which made my experiment then a rather dreadful affair to remember. 🙂

          But please don’t take my word for it as everyone will be different, and I’ve read plenty of user accounts on the web that said molasses had been very helpful. Who knows? They just might work well for you.

  8. Thanks for the information. I have felt very overwhelmed and you have given me some relief about changing slowly with my diet and not guilty for wrong turns I have made.
    Appreciate the kindness

  9. Thanks soo much for sharing your God given knowledge. I too suffered from ovarian cysts and fibroid. Before reading your article, I was taking turmeric and ginger to relief the abdominal pains. It really worked for me so I continue this treatment. After a few months I went to the doctor to do an ecography. The result was alarming becuz the ecograph showed pictures of ruptured bloody cysts. To my own understanding this thing must have been the result of my personal homemade remedie. I thank God for that !

    1. Oh you’re very welcome Gracey. And thanks for sharing your story about the results of the ecograph — the ruptured cysts are really something.

      I actually learned all these things from many different people who kindly passed on what they know about healing for free. I tried many different remedies for myself, and I wrote this article about the ones that have helped me. So it’s really the result of many kind folks’ generosity and caring. 🙂

  10. hi Sam

    im really thankful i came across your site..
    i learned a lot!
    i have PCOS and acne..
    is it all right to do your advices while taking contraceptive pills?
    im using it because my acne is so stubborn..
    it’s my first time to use turmeric mask today..
    and im planning to start the turmeric drink tomorrow and will buy castor oil tomorrow..
    i think youre much more informed of the nature of pcos than any doctors i know..

    thank you

    1. Hi piggy, I’m very glad the article is helping you. I don’t know the intricacies of what would happen when you combine contraceptives with natural remedies. But I can imagine that it might negate some of your body’s healing efforts. The changes in the article are meant to help balance hormones as you heal, so introducing synthetic hormones via contraceptives may undo/slow your body’s work. You may find it helpful to consult with a naturopath to know more about its effects with natural remedies and such.

      I can understand your distress in wanting to treat your acne, though. But you might also like to know that when I was busy getting alkaline (eating raw salads + fresh juices every day), my skin was the best (and no spots) it had ever been.

      If you can go a month without the contraceptives, make your healthy changes, and observe any improvements in your skin after that month, you just might be encouraged to continue. Plus, even a small improvement in your skin would be incredible because you’d know it’s sustainable and something your body is capable of doing all on its own.

      1. Hi Sam,

        thank you for the quick reply..
        i tried the turmeric + milk today and i think im gonna be sick.. it is not really tasty.. 😡
        i feel like puking all the time.. :xxx
        anyways, im going to try ur other advice 🙂
        i see.. then i guess im going to stop continuing the pills.. 🙂
        probably, without all the cysts, my acne will go away too.. 🙂 hormones.. :xx
        i hope you will post some of your own salad recipes :DD
        my skin looks a lot better today even after 1 use of the turmeric mask..

        really, thank you so much! 😀
        bookmarked your blog 🙂
        thank you again :))

  11. Hello,
    First; thank you for so freely sharing your journey and experience.
    I have suffered from ovarian and breast cysts for 12 years and recently had surgery, after being told by traditional western doctors there was nothing I could do I started to research myself.

    I was recommended to a wonderful naturopath who diagnosed me as estrogen dominant. I am 36 years old and this was the first time I was EVER told about estrogen dominance and cysts.

    She suggested potassium chloride, (Blackmores PC73. apparantly brilliant at breaking down cysts) as well as perscribing a herbal progesterone remedy to bring my hormones back to balance. I am also about to start a alkaline diet too to see if that helps. I have always followed a organic, healthy lifestyle so Im hoping this will bring about a change.

    Thank you to all for making me feel a tad more normal and not so alone in my journey, there is nothing worse than being told there is nothing that can be done. Its wonderful sites like this that allows us to feel apart of a “community” (of sorts!) and able to share experiences and helpful advice. I wish you all the best for a healthy cyst free future.

    Meg (Australia)

  12. Hi There!
    I have been suffering from pcos for more than 15years now.Initially I couldnot be diagonised and when i was ,i have been put on different BCs since. I have tried discontinuing BCs for some years in between to check if my hormones got allright ,but alas it dint help much and I got late cycle of 3-5months delay and the docs put me back on BCs. I am overweight with some 10kgs of my ideal weight. I have been taking healthy food for past two weeks and stopped taking BCs .Just trying to get normal naturally.

    Your article is pretty impressive and encourages me to try it out!!
    I would definitely include Ginger tea and more turmeric in my diet. If I take more Iodized salt in my food ,will that satisfy my iodine intake?
    I have been doing some research on net for last 2-3days and i find some sites saying flaxseed and applecidervinegar can aid in pcos.Can you please enlighten me on that?
    My main focus is to reduce weight ,become normal asap , as i would be trying for a baby in some months.
    I would also like to know foods which would help me to reduce weight being in pcos and regularize my periods and get healthy ovulations?
    Any help is welcome!!
    Thanks in advance and God bless!!
    Keep up the good work coming! and thanks a ton for your kind advices !

    1. Hi muskan

      To answer your questions…

      1) It’s probably better to do your own research on iodine first as taking iodine supplements can lead to some very uncomfortable detox symptoms, so there’s a strong need to prepare yourself mentally. IMO, iodized salt is a waste of money, the amounts are too small and what little iodine there is vaporizes into the air fairly quickly. If you’re looking to incorporate iodine into your food, then kelp and seaweed would be better options. Here’s a good place with lots of info about iodine supplementation -> Iodine and Orthoiodosupplementation

      2) I didn’t try flaxseed and ACV didn’t help me, but I’m just one person. They might work for you.

      3) An alkaline diet is already going to help most people lose weight at a healthy pace (PCOS or no PCOS). I also like Mark Bittman’s simple advice—Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. If you can eat more raw foods, that can help too. To balance your hormones, you may want to see if you’re a good candidate for a liver cleanse. In any case, herbs that can strengthen the liver (such as milk thistle and ginger) will help since the liver is the body’s primary organ for processing oestrogen.

      Best of luck!


      1. Hello Sam ,

        Thanks for the kind advice!
        you would be glad to know that after following a healthy diet for a month and with God’s grace got my period without any medication.
        But my doc says since I have pcos i may get periods but may not ovulate regularly.
        I dont want to get on clomid because of its negative impact.
        I would like to know your view or opinion to take Agnus Castus (Chasteberry) 1000mg to get healthy ovulation? or any other natural supplement .

        Thanks in advance! and hugs 🙂

        1. Hi muskan, I’m happy to hear you’ve had some improvement already. I really hope you’ll continue with your healthy diet as things will continue to get better.

          Sorry, I don’t know about Chasteberry (first time I’ve heard of it, to be honest), but maybe someone else will chime in and help? (All the supplements/herbs I took are already in this page.)

  13. Wow! what a find! Hi Sam, thanks so much for sharing this info, God bless you. I have a big myoma on the outside layer of my uterus, it just keeps growing but fortunately it’s painless. I have been searching the net for natural ways to get rid of this monster for more than a year now. This is the only info i have come across that seems to be genuine and encouraging. I’m definitely going to try out your remedies straight away. Expect positive feedback from me at the end of this month. 🙂
    Kind regards,

  14. Hi My name is Simone. I recently discovered that there is a cyst on my left ovary that measures 6.8cm. I recently read your article and found it quite practical. I started using the castor oil and almost immediately I got relief from the pain even though the pain was slight. I am just wondering how long it takes for the castor oil to dissolve the cyst.

    1. Hi Simone, I didn’t use castor oil alone, so it’s hard to say… With all the things I did (including castor oil packs), it took several months to a year. I would imagine the timeline would be different for every woman, since we would all be in different states of health during the start of our healing journeys.

      I’m glad you felt relief from castor oil, it’s a good sign. My advice is to experiment, and do what works for your body. For example, I’ve gotten a few questions about blackstrap molasses (BSM) and if it can help with uterine issues. I actually did try BSM for a few months, but it didn’t help me. But I’m just one person and what didn’t work for me might work well for others. I hope that makes sense?

  15. dear Samantha,I LOVE YOU.
    You are so helpful & lovable.I couldn’t imagine anyone being so goooooooooood.
    I have been dealing with an ovarian cyst myself.but never knew it could be for my bad eating habits.
    you opened my eyes.
    love you

  16. Dear Samantha,Thank you for such a wonderful article.I felt so overwelmed and tears filled my eyes.Finally,I found that there is a cure for the dreaded PCOS…thanks to u again for your generosity and will to help all PCOSers.
    I too suffer from PCOS for 13 years.I have 2 children,1 with metformin and clomid treatment and the 2nd one with homeopathic treatment.But Alas…those dreaded cysts return back.I have suffered most of the symptoms of PCOS till now like acne,weight gain,hair loss,fatigue,depression,infertility,gestational diabetis and thyroid in my last pregnancy.I had a misscarriage of 6 weeks 5 months back.I am sooooooo upset with all this.Its nice to share my feelings with someone who had gone through this and has recovered…Yippy…I am so happy for you Samantha…I will also start changes in my lifestyle and follow your advice…I hope it will help me too,
    I wanted to ask that you did castor packs everyday,even in days of periods?..there are many varieties available in market…theres castor oil for internal use.Which one do you use and where do you find such big amounts of castor oil?Secondly,after your cysts dissolved.did you stop the above treatment? If so,have the cysts gone for good or have a chance to return.Plss reply to me and I am waiting.Thanking You once again.
    take care.

    1. Hi sara, I’m so very sorry to hear about your past miscarriage, but I’m glad my article gives you some hope for the future.

      I would put on castor oil packs on-and-off, but mostly right before my periods (for me the discomfort shows up a couple of days before) + during the 1st day of my period (my worst-feeling day). I’d suggest doing what suits you best and helps you the most.

      I used the Home Health and Heritage brands of castor oil (but I don’t think brands matter, it’s more important to check labels for cold-pressed and hexane-free castor oil so you don’t get the refined kind). I bought the largest bottles (about 1 litre) from iherb.com because shipping was cheap for me, but you can find the same ones at Amazon and Vitacost also. They’re not hard to find. If you’re near a specialty health food store, it might also carry good castor oil.

      I’ve mostly stopped using castor oil packs on my abdomen because I don’t need them anymore. My cysts and uterine issues are gone, but it’s only because I’ve kept up with my healthy diet and lifestyle. For a short period of time, my diet was steadily going downhill and I noticed that my periods were getting progressively uncomfortable as a result (not a good sign as pain is a precursor). But once I noticed, I started making healthy food choices again and things went back to great. So maintenance is needed…

      I think it’s very normal and understandable for people to want “lifetime guarantees” for good results once they get them, but our bodies just don’t work that way.

      And that’s not such a bad thing. Anyway, once we’re aware and know what to do to get our bodies back on the path of health, we’ll see that we already have the best health insurance out there — ourselves.

  17. Thank for sharing your experiences. It is reassuring to hear I am not alone. I had what you call a worst case scenario two years ago. A ruptured ovarian cyst caused internal hemorrhaging and I had to receive an emergency laparotomy. Luckily my ovaries are still intact and I have managed to control my symptoms. Some months are worse than others, especially now that I have stopped taking birth control. Like many of you, I do not want to just mask the pain, I want to find the cause and eventually cure my reproductive aliments.

    I have tried everything you have mentioned and I really see a marked improvement in my overall health. One thing that I would also like to add to this is list is restorative yoga and meditation. Find clips on you tube on yoga that target the endocrine glands, ovaries, reproductive health, ect. This has been extremely beneficial for me.

    1. Hi Lucia

      I’m very glad the suggestions are working for you! 🙂 And thanks for sharing the tip about meditation and yoga. There’s so many ways to support healing, isn’t there? In fact, I’d add visualization to your tips as well.


    2. Hey Lucia!
      Glad to know that it worked for you 🙂
      It really is reassuring for people like us to find a pal and get head started !!
      I was looking out for some yoga for reproductive health. Can you please let me know which all yoga you did ,that benifited you.May be the links.It would be really helpful.
      Thanks in advance!!
      And Best Wishes..Cheers!

  18. Hi Sam…i’m starting to feel my cyst back ever since I got of BC. I eat healthy but what was ur detox entail of? Not eating at all? did u eat meals? And the magnesium…how many tones daily did you take the supplements?..I really wanna heal naturally

  19. i am just 22 years old girl from mumbai.i am having pcod.i am having hairfall which i cant take it anymore.i am also having thyroid problem which i was taking pills but after taking it i saw more hairfall.please help me i am tired of it.i want get rid of both cystic ovaries.reply

  20. Hi am ndidi from nigeria,pls I have pcos.iwhich was caused by an infection chlyamadia,pls am looking for a curel,cos am rilly tired and fed up of the unbearable and uncomfortable pains am passing trough in my life right nw,pls I need your help to help me get rid of this pcos.thanks and God bless .

  21. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wonderful story. I really appreciate people like you who are kind enough to share. I am a strong believer in natural ways to detoxify.

  22. Hi I’m moni’que a 34 yr old with pcos. I was diagnosed when I was 23. Been surfing the internet for yrs to see was there anything out there that i can do naturally cause I do not have any medical ins. Especially for infertility. My question is if I decided to take ur advice I will be 35 this june. I need to lose sum belly fat, get stress free, relax detox my body I havr my periods every 3-4 months. Wanna have kids so despartly never been pregnant, never had a miscarriage besides the diet and everything will yoga help with ovulation?? Plz give me some feedback on what to do ??

  23. Thank you soo much for all of your information, I’ve been searching for info online as I too have polycystic appearing ovaries, and this is the most comprehensive and real information I’ve come across. Thanks for taking the time to share, I had begun changing my diet and slipped for a moment and almost gave up, this is coming at just the right time, God bless you an everyone else on this page on their journeys to greater health. <3

  24. Hi samantha,

    i have been suffering from pcos since 5yrs now..and have tried all sort of treatments…frm homeopathy to natrupathy..but nothing seems to work..guess i have grown impatient day by day…
    My main problem is acne…my periods are normal…but this acne is like having a mood swing..just gets worse..i still have not been able to figure out…what aggrivates it and what subsides it. and its really bothring me.

  25. Hi I’ve I jst turned 30 trying 2 fall pregnant desparatly,I hav endometriosis & Pcos,tired of pain nw & I have terrible mood swings.

  26. hi your website is very informative ….and full of valuable information …..just amazing remedies I have got from your website, i have suffering from Uterine fibroids for 2yrs… there are two 4cm big fibroids and 1 is 1cm ssbserosal fibroids ….and I’m suffering for prolonged period and mid cycle bleeding ….now avoiding xenoestrogen… feeling Good …
    God bless u
    Regards shailja sharma

  27. Hi Samantha,

    I had been suffering from PCOS since I am 12, I am now 27 and I am trying to do the PCOS Diet Plan but your information posted here is so valuable and I am happy that there’s people like you out there willing to share their own experiences on a natural way for the healing of PCOS. Thanks alot and hope your advice works for me too.

  28. Hi Samantha,
    I feel so much hope after reading your post about natural ways of dealing with ovarian cysts. I currently have a large cyst on my left ovary and am waiting on an MRI to see if it is benign or malignant. I’ve been feeling quite scared in the interim and was feeling like there was nothing I could do to try and encourage my body to dissolve the cyst itself until I read your post. I have been reading more about castor oil packs and was ready to start trying that ASAP, but a lot of the info online says not to use them for cancerous cysts. Do you know if it would be dangerous to use them before I know for sure whether my cyst is benign?

    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Micaela,

      I can imagine how scared you must be, so I’m very glad that you feel more hopeful. 🙂

      I didn’t know castor oil is supposed to be bad for cancerous cysts. I’m surprised because castor oil is a popular alternative therapy for cancer, and has been known to help skin cancer. But then again, cancer is a strange thing… Perhaps the theory against using castor oil for cancerous cysts is because it can increase blood circulation, which may make the cancer more active? Anyway, I can’t tell you what to do because I just don’t know. If you feel doubtful, you should probably play it safe and follow your gut.

      As an aside, I read somewhere a long time ago that giving names to our diseases actually strengthens them. Hearing a complicated medical term and assigning it to a part of our bodies would make anyone feel scared and powerless, simply because we give so much credence and trust to doctors. (For that reason, some healers think doctors have no business giving someone a bad diagnosis unless they have a cure at the ready, because just by giving the disease a name, they’ve already made their patient worse.)

      This isn’t suggesting that we should bury our heads in the sand, just that once we are aware of the effects a negative diagnosis can have on us, we’ll have the power to change how we feel, instead of just being at the mercy of our fears.

      And this might sound a little odd, but I’ve found it very helpful to leave whatever health issues I have unnamed in my own mind (or if I must name it, I’ll call it something funny that I choose myself). It’s interesting how not giving something a name always makes it feel less defined and more flexible (and thus, FIX-able).

      Sorry to go so off-topic, but I have a lot of thoughts and I must put them somewhere. 🙂


  29. Thanks so much for writing this. I did follow what you said about the packs and alternate diet (raw) and exercise. It has helped me so much. I was on a downward spiral and I was reaching out trying to find some other way to heal myself other than what the dr was telling me (hysterectomy), and I did! These fibroids are getting smaller and the inflammation has drawn down so much!!
    Your post was probably one of the first posts I read that really spoke to me. Just a little background now… My fibroid was the size of a 14 week pregnancy, I am 39 years old and I also have an ovarian cyst. My next scheduled appt after consulting with my dr a week after trying the castor oil packs and drinking herb teas (red clover, ginger, dandelion root and goldenseal) will be in 6 months. She did tell me that she noticed some “water weight, and a little bit of fibroid” reduction. YEAH, right!
    I am so thrilled! I FEEL so much better!! Your post rocks. Thanks for helping us out. To anyone who may be going through a similar situation, please know that because of Christ we can heal ourselves with herbs and fruits and vegetables on Earth. A lifestyle change is paramount.

    1. Hi debbie, you’re very welcome. Comments like yours make me really, really glad I wrote this post 🙂 I’m very happy that you’re on the road to healing.

      Much love,


    2. Hi Debbie,

      I just read your comment. I was diagnosed with very large uterine fibroids and large ovarian cysts in June of this year. My specialist has advised hysterectomy as well as cyst removals. I would rather not go that route. I have changed my diet to vegan (most of the time), have been seeing a naturopath, getting accupuncture. The last visit I had with the doctor, I was told that I had slight shrinkage of the fibroids but the cyst on the left ovary had grown by about 2 cm. Am doing the castor oil packs. Am going to start doing some of Samantha’s suggestions that I am not already doing. I was wondering what type of exercise you did, as I am finding that I am breathless (everything inside me is pushing up). I do some yoga (cannot forward bend very well due to the cysts & fibroids). I would like to start exercising a bit more, but find that my back hurts when I do. Sounds like you had similar sized belly from fibroid. Any information you could share would be beneficial. Thanks, Melanie

  30. Hi Sam
    Just wanted to say thank you for this post. It was so full of helpful information. I have been on this journey of natural healing for cysts since last November and I have seen results as well. You mentioned a few herbs that I haven’t tried,tumeric and magnesium. I will definitely be adding these two as well.
    Thanks again for such honest helpful information
    God bless you


    1. Hi Roz, you’re very welcome, and thanks for your comment — it made my morning! 🙂 I’m really happy to hear that you’re getting results. Be well.


  31. Hi Sam,

    Since i learn from my dr that i have fibroids and also informed that its maybe one of the causes of my 5w6d miscarriage i wasn’t paying attention to it until my last visit that dr told me to have another u/s this october to check if fibroids size increases. It gets on my nerves now that i am googling and researching for natural healing or to have it shrink. the dr said it needs to be monitored. Your site gives me a clearer option on what to do to shrink this fibroids.

    Question, when is the best time to drink ginger tea? i boiled ginger root last night, too excited. Is it after meal or before meal?

    Thanks again, may the God’s healing power be upon us.

    God bless u


    1. Hi Nelia, thank you for your kind words and I’m sorry to hear about your past miscarriage.

      I’ve drunk ginger tea both before and after meals, and neither have given me issues. Although I feel it might have worked better when I drink it on an empty stomach (because then the ginger compounds won’t have to “compete” with anything else, but this is just my theory). Ginger after a meal is also good for digestion and should still have some benefits.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Thanks Sam, i’m starting my new diet now. more greens and fiber, ginger tea and castor oil and a lot more new changes to daily habit. Praying as well that when u/s come i can see progress in my shirking fibroid mission. I’ll let you know.

        Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

        God bless…


  32. Thanks for the info. I too have PCOS and was trying to get pregnant again. However, we don’t want to go back to pills for it’s nasty side effects. A family friend suggested that I try the turmeric root tea 5 days before and 5 days after period. Is this concoction safe to drink everyday? I am a coffee lover and this is the first time I’m going to drink this type of tea. Any advice? Thanks.

  33. To God be the glory for the wonderful things He have done are still doing mightily in my life as soon a i became a young lady the pain was not much leaving school in flow of blood on the bus afraid to sit. Married for eight year two operations and now trying believing in my FAITH in God will move this mountain for this too shall pass in Jesus Name. I am trying ACV and putting my FAITH to work for FAITH without works is death. I just came from my doc that there are two 4cm around the margin. Thank for sharing so here we go in JESUS NAME and by his GRACE I AM HEAL. Blessed.

  34. Hi, I’ve been doing research about this as I have been diagnosed with a 3cm ovarian cyst and starting to feel the pain. My doctor told me to watch and wait but I’d like to do this the natural way.

    Any idea if i can just use kelp supplement or multi vitamins with iodine nstead of iodoral? i don’t think i can easily get iodoral in our area so i’m looking for other options.

    1. Hi jc

      You can get iodine from other sources, but check how much iodine the multi vitamins/kelp supplements really contain. In my experience, most contain tiny amounts (that are in mcg, not mg). Another option is to get iodine through your food/drink (e.g. seaweed, natural sea salt, etc).

  35. what were your detox symptoms? how did you know your body was changing , was there any new developments around, on , before, or after your period ? I have been detoxing and I notice my period came 1 week late and ended after 8 days . then I am still having brown discharge as if endometriosis tissues are leaving my body (I have endo). I am loosing weight and feeling great and wondering if that is a sign the the extra tissue and scar tissue is cleansing from my body

    1. Hi tyler

      Well, I had lessening pain during my period each time. That was big for me.

      Apart from that, I also had very heavy clotted discharge during my healing months (heavier than what I was used to). I guess this was my “purge” (of what, I can only guess). It was pretty gross, but because it came from my body I was also a bit fascinated. Some of it was definitely more “flesh-textured” than blood-like. I don’t know how else to describe it (and I also don’t want to make you lose your lunch. LOL). It was good for me to see these extra tissue leave my body each month. Better out than in, right?

      I also used to have a pregnant-looking belly during my period and this gradually lessened over time also. I used to look about 3-4 months pregnant whenever my period came, which was pretty disturbing (water bloat just should *not* look like that). I had a different pair of jeans just for my period week because the others wouldn’t fit me comfortably. I remember at one point wondering if my bloated belly was just a problem that I was imagining, and so I showed it to my sister one day to ask her what she thought of it. The look on her face was a wake-up call. I knew then without a doubt that it wasn’t normal and should not be ignored. So I was actually in denial about my issues for a looong time before I did anything about it. Weird, huh? Sorry for rambling a bit…but your question abt that time brings back memories for me 🙂

      Anyway, I’m so happy you’re seeing changes and feeling great. A “side effect” from making all these healthy changes would be losing some excess weight all over the body. Apart from excess fat loss, some could come from scar tissue being digested (the enzymes from raw fruits or veggies do a good job of this) or a reduction in the size/inflammation of any abnormal growths or tissue. Even iodine is known to promote weight loss. This is just because getting vital minerals/nutrients usually kick-start a good chain of events that get us to a healthier state (so the weight loss naturally happens).

      I wish you continued healing and all the best,


  36. Hi, I was diagnosed of uterine fibroid years ago.I ve been searching for alternative treatment (natural) to surgical operation. Is there any way u can be of help pls because I have tried some herbal products like fibroclear and I am yet to see changes.further more, I ve periods that now last close to 2weeks and even after that experience some reddish brown discharge wit blood sometimes even before my next period.is it something I should be really worried about?

  37. hi,i had a myomectomy in 2010 .after 8 months the fibroids were back causing me so much pain and bleeding non stop.when i went to the hospital the doctor said i have a 5.6 cm fibroid on my lower abdomen close to the celvix.He suggested removing my womb as the only option.i am 32 and desire to be a mom one day.i refused to have the operation despite the symptoms.i came across your page and reading all the coments,i would like to try the ginger and tumeric.we have got them in my mums garden.thank you for this page.i have hope that i will get better.i have changed my diet already.plz give me more advice on how i can go about the whole thing.i am so stressed .patricia

    1. Hi Lilaika

      There’s a lot of info in the article. Take your time to read it slowly.

      I know this sounds rather impossible when you’re feeling stressed (as anything would), but try your best to keep yourself calm and happy.

      As I wrote in the article, “fear and stress are acid-producing emotional states”, and this acidity deteriorates all of our bodily mechanisms. This may sound frightening, except the reverse is ALWAYS also true.

      What I’m trying to say is — your body was powerful enough to create the growths out of nothing over time (in the form of the fibroids that you had). This only means that it is powerful enough to un-create them.

      p.s: Some last parting thoughts, your body is on your side and always has been. Give it your support and love (replace criticism/worrying thoughts with encouraging words in your mind). The energy we send to our bodies matters.

      If you’re so inclined, there’s a thought-provoking documentary called “The Living Matrix” that explains the science behind this well. I wish you all the best in your journey 🙂



  38. Thank you Lord for the gift of good health. Thank you for healing and restoration.

    Thank you Lord for people like Samantha who come in handy just at the right time. Believe it or not I have been on the net the whole of today seeking answers to the pain am experiencing even as I type this. I feel like someone stabbed my insides with a sharp knife (make that 2 knives), and whoever did it just left and walked away. Anyhow, I thank God that am finally here (it is 11.05p.m. Kenyan time).

    Last week I found myself in an emergency situation which I did not expect at all (what am I saying? You can’t expect an emergency). The discomfort in every step I took as I walked around the office was a clear indicator that my day wasn’t going to be a good one. But working in a law firm requires speed and vigor and the last thing a partner or associate wants to hear is ‘so and so is not well’. The last thing I should have done was push myself so hard coz the next thing I remember is running a very high violent fever of 41.8 degrees with all these medical personnel milling around me doing one thing or the other. REASON??? OVARIAN CYSTS. To be honest, I was (and still am)so pissed with this cysts issue. Am out of hospital now doing my third day of my sick of and still am in so much pain. I was given painkillers but all they do is just sedate me and I do not like it.

    It is such a relief to finally find a solution to my pain. I hope this remedy will help me with:- 1. this current pain. 2. permanently getting rid of these monsters and 3. totally changing my lifestyle to eat and live healthy/better quality life.

    Enough said. Am off to get me that cuppa ginger. Thanks Sam.

    1. Hi Caroline, thank you for your kind words though I’m sorry to hear about your pain. I hope you’ll find a way to take things easier at work over time because it sounds like stress is a big factor at play. All the best in your healing journey 🙂


  39. Hi Sam.
    This is about 3mths since my last period. At first I thought I was pregnant although I refrained from taking a PT early because I didn’t want to get another negative test. Eventually I went & got a negative. I consulted with my MD and he sent me for an Ultrasound after some physical exam & urine culture. The scan result showed a 36 x 45mm right ovarian cyst in the pouch of douglas. I av been having abdominal cramps, lower back pain, more frequent & urgency to urinate. The Doc says my cyst is too small for such symptoms & prescribed Primolut N. Av started eating healthier, drinking lots of water, taking more fruits & veggies. But my period hasn’t come yet.
    Please further advise will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks for your article because most of the others always ask for money to download their ebook.

    1. Hi blessing

      It’s good that you’re making healthy changes, but it’s not a quick fix. It can take several months to a year to see results. Your symptoms (abdominal cramps, lower back pain, more frequent & urgency to urinate) suggest there’s pressure against your internal organs and/or inflammation. If you feel like your doctor is not listening to your concerns, I’d suggest getting a second opinion. Good doctors listen to their patients.

      If you can, try to find an experienced naturopath to consult with on your issues (alongside your regular doctor), and read up on the effects synthetic hormones (like Primolut N) can have on the body, if you haven’t already done so. IMO, it’s a bandaid that comes with side effects, but it’s better that you educate yourself.

      Also look up “adrenal fatigue” and see if you match the symptoms. Adrenal fatigue is one of the things that can lead to erratic or missed periods.

      I wish you all the best


    2. what a nice article
      thanks sam…its usefull 🙂

      what happened to Blessing also happened to me. i was very sad to hear that.
      the doc give me some medicines and fortunately my periods came the last of month, how happy i am ^_^

      some people suggest me to consume zuurzak leaf (Annona muricata L), they believe that leaf can cure cyst. First, dipping the zuurzak leaf to hot water than you can consume it after warm, mix it with honey.
      but the question, is zuurzak leaf can find there??

      go heathy….^_^

      regards :

  40. Great post, thanks! I’ve been trying to incorporate these tips into my daily routine..well more like every-few-days routine. For example, I absolutely LOVE the ginger tea idea! It’s so delicious! I don’t even need any sweeteners with it – just the spiciness of the ginger is all I CRAVE. I can’t believe I was deprived of this idea for so many years :p

    I’ve been taking magnesium but I’m concerned because the ingredients don’t list magnesium chloride and magnesium citrate — just magnesium oxide, and anti-caking magnesium stearate and magnesium silicate. Should I get a different supplement?

    Also I’ve been looking for table salt with iodine here in England but I can’t find it anywhere. Back in the States it was a standard ingredient (i.e. iodized salt). So I have decided to get iodine supplements. If I get the iodine tincture, too, where is the best place to paint it for ovarian cysts?

    Thanks for the great site!! I am starting to detox and will be trying the apple cider vinegar/baking soda hair cleanse. (I also have difficulty finding those things at stores here in the UK – only in small bottles/containers – so I opted to buy them on Amazon and am awaiting my shipment.) Cheers!

    1. Hi KT, sorry for the very late reply, I somehow missed your comment. I would paint the iodine tincture on the lower belly area for ovarian cysts. Hope that helps.

  41. Hi Sam,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I have recently been diagnosed (in June) with very large ovarian cyst (about 11 cm) on left ovary, cyst on right ovary, and 2 large uterine fibroids (10cm and 7.5cm). I have been seeing a naturopath and my specialist just informed me that the fibroids have each shrunk by about 0.5 cm but the cyst has grown by about 2. She is recommending surgery (hysterectomy and removal of cysts). I really do not want to go in that direction, so have been searching the internet trying to find natural alternatives. It is so promising to read stories such as yours. I already eat vegan and am doing casor oil packs and taking tumeric capsules. I am going to try the ginger tea and mention iodine and extra magnesium to my ND. I just really wanted to thank you as most of the information out there seems to need to be purchased to find out what worked for that individual. I have vowed that I will let others know what worked for me when I end up shrinking my fibroids and cysts. If there is anything else that you did that may help, please share. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    1. Hi Melanie, you’re very welcome. And thanks for commenting. It’s comments like yours that make me really glad I wrote this article. 🙂 Wishing you all the best in your own healing journey!

      p.s: I just remembered this older comment reply, which might be interesting to you. I’d recommend anyone on a healing path watch that documentary. It’s one of my favorites.


  42. thanks guys for all the information. I had a laparoscopy in August to remove a chocolate cyst and it came back within 2 months after my gyno prescribed Clomed for me. I was so depressed that it had came back and upset that my doc didn’t tell me that. Now i am taking Novnyette for the past 2 months and my period has not come for the past month. i am now trying the apple cider vinegar and molasses hoping it will work…wish me luck.

    it’s also good to know i am not the only person dealing with this cyst problem but thanks for all the information, i hope i don’t need to have another operation because i would like to get pregnant next year.

  43. Hi Sam, first i would like to thank u for the share. i went to the ER due to some pain on my right belly n doctor told me it is ovarian cyst n just sent me home with painkillers. does that mean it is already ruptured? or do i hv to wait till i get my period?

    1. Hi, the pain can indicate either a cyst or a ruptured cyst. I think the only way to know which it was is with a sonogram or an ultrasound. I should think the doctor should have told you which it was (?).

      And as far as I know, periods have not much to do with the possible answer either since cysts can rupture at any time (and fluid from a ruptured cyst can also be discharged at any time).

      Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I hope you’ll get some relief from the pain soon. On top of the painkillers, you can also try external heat over your belly, it might help relax and soothe the area.

  44. hi there, am so greatful for your article and hope i get healled dis tym cos i already had my first surgery of ovarian cyst. Its has now regrown on both side of my ovary and also with fibroid and presently am trying hard to get pregnant i hope this really works for me. Thank you again but if there is anything i can do let me kno

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