Honey naturally moisturises skin

What it does: Natural skin moisturizer. Expect softer, smoother skin.

How to do it: Apply honey on clean skin. (An alternative is to mix it as 1 part honey, 1 part milk.) Leave on for 20-30 minutes. Wash off thoroughly.

Why it helps: Honey has natural antioxidant properties and is an anti-bacterial. Its high sugar content and high acidity (low pH) deprives bacteria of the nitrogen needed for growth. The hydrogen peroxide in honey also hampers bacterial growth.

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  1. Honey has great moisturizing effects. I often keep a bottle in my kitchen, but go for 100% honey and not the ones often sold in market with some other mixes. I also use it for sore throat and even for cough relief.

  2. I wonder if anyone has an idea.

    About a year ago i developed a dry spot on my nose, about the size of a baby fingernail. Its almost asif it is sunburnt. There is the dry peely bit and oink underneath. If you remove the dry bit and then moisturerise it still becomes peely afater a day or two.

    Hmmm, need a spa day

    1. Please go see a dermatologist asap this sounds like either pre skin cancer or skin cancer. If it is ask for mohs surgery. Do not delay

  3. @Tim: I agree with Lise, you should see a dermatologist.

    My experiences with honey as a skin moisturizer are just great. One of the advantages of using it is that the skin smells really good after applying it. 🙂


    Lluvy @ Professional Beauty Products

  4. this is so interesting…. would you recommend a specific type of honey? light, dark, semi-liquid? (well maybe not the latter if it’s supposed to stay on like a mask….) also, is it ok for every skin type?

    i will add this to my DIY beauty rituals. cheers!

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