Swirl some soap and water over a foggy bathroom mirror, and it will stay fog-free for a week.

This is an oldie, but a goodie.

If you take hot showers like most people, you probably have a problem of facing a fogged up mirror in the bathroom sometimes.

Mirror fog is easily remedied by any number of things you have lying around the bathroom.

– soap (liquid or bar soap, it doesn’t matter)
– shampoo or conditioner
– shaving cream
– toothpaste

I personally prefer using plain old soap because its very easy to wipe off.

How to do it: Just dab a little bit of soap (or whatever you choose to use – see above) on your hand and wipe this over the foggy mirror, or just the area you want to clear. Wipe the excess soap and suds with your fingers in a few smooth motions, and voila, No More Fog!

The fog-free status will last about a week or so, after which you’ll have to repeat the process.

*** You can use spit too, but that’s just… a bit gross. Divers use their own spit to clear the fog from their goggles before going underwater. But in the bathroom mirror, I really doubt anyone would want to spit at their own reflection, no?