If you have weak nails that break easily, try using fresh garlic. It works so well that some commercial nail hardeners contain garlic extract. Save your money by piercing a garlic clove with your nails, and let the juice dry naturally.

Garlic is extremely versatile and is found in many recipes. Its well-known for its amazing antioxidant properties and ability to reduce cholesterol.

Apart from cooking with and eating garlic, the juice in fresh garlic will also strengthen and harden weak, brittle fingernails.

How to do it: Chop freshly peeled garlic and put this in your nail polish. Let this sit for a several days, afterwhich your old regular nail polish becomes a strengthening solution! (Some store-bought nail hardeners list garlic extract as an ingredient. e.g.  Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener and Oleda Hard Hard Nails.)

Tip: If you don’t polish your nails, you can still get the same benefits by dabbing the juice from garlic onto clean nails. (A very quick and easy way to do this is to pierce the peeled whole garlic with the tip of your fingernails. No chopping required!)

Leave the juice to dry, then wash off if you can’t stand the smell.