Garlic for Strong, Hard Nails

Garlic is extremely versatile and is found in many recipes. Its well-known for its amazing antioxidant properties and ability to reduce cholesterol.

Apart from cooking with and eating garlic, the juice in fresh garlic will also strengthen and harden weak, brittle fingernails.

How to do it: Chop freshly peeled garlic and put this in your nail polish. Let this sit for a several days, afterwhich your old regular nail polish becomes a strengthening solution! (Some store-bought nail hardeners list garlic extract as an ingredient. e.g.  Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener and Oleda Hard Hard Nails.)

Tip: If you don’t polish your nails, you can still get the same benefits by dabbing the juice from garlic onto clean nails. (A very quick and easy way to do this is to pierce the peeled whole garlic with the tip of your fingernails. No chopping required!)

Leave the juice to dry, then wash off if you can’t stand the smell.

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  2. i might give this a try, my nails bvadly need some strenghtening solution, but eventhough i love to use garlic to cook i really can’t stand the smell obn my fingers/hands…

  3. With nails so brittle and soft that they could never grow at all, I decided to try the clear polish/garlic a try. The hardest part was letting it sit for 10 days. On the 10th day I took all the ridges and buffed my nails; the polish did smell a bit like garlic when I applied it, but in the morning the smell was gone. After two weeks I noticed that my nails we not splitting any more and an added plus…they were growing like crazy. I now apply a fresh coat of polish weekly and have to trim my nails because they are just growing, growing, growing. This really works!!!

    1. How much garlic to use in a bottle of clear nail polish I’ve tried everything to I was looking again and I found this comments

      Weak nails

      1. Usually, I try tips for my nailx, and they never work, but, I tried this tip, and it really worked. My nails were so badly damaged from artifical nail tips for well over 22 years. I chopped fresh garlic and put it into clear nail polish. I’m not very patient, so after applying it weekly for a few months with no results, I gave up. But, after a while I noticed my nails had stopped peeling and tearing off. The nail bed is now healthy, and my nsils are stronger and actually growing. Be patient, if it worked on my nails, it will work for anyone. Just give it time.


  5. My nails have been very weak and constantly breaking. I saw the fresh garlic remedy on dr. oz. I put the fresh garlic in my clear polish and ive been doing it for 3days already. I am seeing an improvement. My nails are looking different and feeling different too. Shanean

  6. Wow, it’s interesting. I never thought that garlic can strengthen and harden fingernails. Certainly, I will test this practical and inexpensive method!

  7. i just started this today im confident it will work i really hope it does how long does it take to grow by the way

  8. This really works. My nails are really hard and are growing so much. The smell is really light but works for me since I love to bit my nail but everytime I even think about it the smell doesn’t allow me to do it which is wonderful. I use to buy nail polish don’t dominican rep where it was originally found but me doing it myself is cheaper and faster. I recommend this to anyone

  9. a jamaican friend told me to put garlic into clear nail polish to make them strong. i was scepticle but now ive read this im def going to try it. all those brand name hardners dont work for me.

  10. I recently tried this garlic trick! I dabbed some garlic juice and let it sit on my nails for about 25 minutes and even put on rubber gloves while it sat so that I could do my daily duties and then i infused some actual minced garlic from the leftover clove and put it into my nail polish and polished my nails, I hope it works.

  11. i will try this garlic if it really works with me coz i have a very thin fingernails. it peels and brittles many times. i want them to become stronger, thicker and healthier. hope it helps…

  12. Garlic really works for strengthening your nails. My great grandma thought me this as a kid late 70’s early 80’s. She also made me the nail polish (glad to hear i’m not alone in that one!) My nails are very strong and long. When i tell my friends about the garlic trick, they don’t belive the crush garlic in the nail polish, or the fact that i never pass on the opportunity to peel garlic when anyone is cooking after all these years. It really works!

    1. Thanks for sharing that about your great grandma, Wanda. I find it wonderful how knowledge gets passed down from generation to generation. 🙂

      1. me too my grandmother always uses garlic on her nails , she has super thick and long nails even the nailcutter won’t cut it because it’s really strong ?

  13. Just made a batch of this a couple days ago. Just waiting a couple more days for it to set. Can’t wait to try it and see see results!!!!

  14. I’ve tried piercing the cloves with my nails and I can’t believe how hard it has made them!!! My nails were soooo paper thin it wasn’t funny!! I was actually considering going to a salon to have some artificial nails applied but then came across this article. What a savings!! It would have cost me $45.00 plus taxes to have them put on and then $25.00 every 3-4 weeks to apply filler to them, and for .50 cents, I have 3 bulbs of garlic at my disposal… IT REALLY DOES WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. My sister just told me about this remedy today, so I am going to try it and can’t wait to see how this goes for my nails!

  16. The garlic really works, my nails were weak, had ridges, and would split and peal
    They are a 100% stronger. Please try this in some clear polish.

  17. My aunt has been dOing this for years and lately my nails had been peeling And cracking, so I asked her tO make me some and she did this is my second day trying it and my nails seem stronger than yesterday, it might sOund crazy but the garlic smells kind of good mixed in with the polish, lol!

      1. They actually now have clear Garlic polish in stores. I got mine at Sallys Beauty store, but should have it at any beauty store

  18. one of my good friend in high school had an amazing nails, I asked her what u do? and she told me that she cuts the garlic in half and puts it in a clear nail polish and uses it.. i didn’t really believe her this was back in 2004 and after 8 years my nails been cracking, breaking, they change color because i put so much nail polish on, they turned yellow.. so i said let me try it.. and i did and it actually worked 🙂 GARLIC is amazing.. i know a lot of ppl say eeeww it smells and stuff but girls the smell disappear after 15 mins wash ur hands 3 times with soap u should be fine. and beside nobody is gonna go smell ur nails lol.. but it really WORKS 🙂 TRY IT.

  19. i play flamenco guitar and a guitarist recently told me about this. at first i didn’t believe him then i saw so many post about it so i tried it and it worked. in like 10 minutes the juice dried and the smell went away but my nails were as hard as rock.

  20. So sad, I started using garlic for my nails, but now the garlic smell is giving me migraines! =( But I love how awesome my nails look, but can’t justify using garlic anymore if I am going to get migraines. Any other suggestions?

    1. Hmm… if you don’t mind the chemicals, you could try adding cut-up garlic pieces into a bottle of nail polish, let it sit for a few days, and then just use the garlic-infused nail polish. I think that should mask any garlic smell quite well.

      If not, you could try wearing gloves (eg disposable surgical gloves) after using raw garlic juice on your nails. You’d probably need to wait for your nails to dry first, so there’ll still be some smell for a while, though.

      Good luck!


  21. I tried this since the start of September. My nails became really strong and they are growing so fast. I would recommend to trim your nails every two days. At first, I couldn’t bear the smell but I started using a strong fragrance hand wash now it’s perfect 🙂

  22. I am going to try this because there are so many positive comments about this treatment. I’ve tried all sorts of ways, but I love nail art, and yet I can’t even my nails properly… 🙁 So I’m really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I poke a small hole in the garlic clove & then using a small lipstick brush paint the garlic juice on my nails each night before going to bed. My nails are amazing now.

  24. This is something that I learned long time ago I used to bite my nails for the long time my dad try everything for me to stop that until one day I did bite my nail really short and I got a really bad infection that was the last time that I eat my nails after that I start fresh garlic at night time and my nail and since then I always a lot complements about my nail they are strong and really long all the time I love my healthy nail. sometimes people ask me if they are my real nails and I feel really good to say yes they are my real nails. this really works I been doing it for many years I was 16 yrs old when I start it and I am 43 now.

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