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  1. Hola, I am possessed by a demon and I write to you in hope you are able in any way to help me get the demon out of my body after 21 years of suffering, there might me some ways like using Occult like Wicca/Witchcraft or somebody experienced like a Priest that could do exorcism through Skype/Wire maybe, I live in Portugal. God Bless you and protect you

    1. Hello Dariusz, I’m going to assume your question is a serious one. Sorry, I have no contacts in the occult world (not my area or interest). But I would be wary of reaching out to someone who claims to be able to use the occult or witchcraft to help you. There are many con artists who make a living out of duping those who feel vulnerable, lost or desperate.

      I am no expert at all, but for what’s it worth I would like to help you. Have you tried using prayer? I imagine that forming a closer relationship with God/the Divine in your heart and mind will over time make your body inhospitable to any unwanted entities. i.e. they will leave on their own.

      Believe in your own goodness, your and everyone else’s neverending connection to God (this can never be severed even if we feel alone or abandoned) and find ways to let go of any burdens you may have been carrying for a long time (shame, guilt, unforgiveness for past mistakes, self hatred etc). Emotional burdens do a very good job of making us forget our inherent and natural connection to God and all of life, so finding ways of letting them go can do an enormous amount of good.

      I will say a prayer for you right now. May it reach you wherever you are.

      May God and angels surround you with love and protection, may they help to heal the places where you are hurt, and remind you of your goodness.

      May loving spirits give you many helping hands and reminders that you are never alone.

      May you remember that no place and no person (including yourself) can ever be truly unholy since God is in every molecule, every atom, all the spaces between the atoms, and in every breath we take.

      May this remembrance overpower any illusions that seek to frighten you, and blow away with ease with what is truly powerful, eternal and can never be destroyed.

      May you remember that God who loves you speaks quietly and gently, and anything else (demons etc) that seek to make you feel scared and alone will scream, shout and use violent/scary stories/images. May you be able to discern between the two and remember that you have the power to ask what does not belong in your house/your body to leave. Your body is yours by a sacred right, you were born in it and it is very special to you. You will live there until your last breath. It is a special place that is blessed and sacred to you alone. It is a place where you can pray and remember God.

      Once in a while, there may be visitors, but they have no claim to your body, and they do not belong there no matter what they say, how they make you feel or how long they have been there. They belong in other places, their own spaces, and it is not good for them to be where they do not belong too. Maybe they are hiding with you because they are scared to go home to God, which is where they came from (since everything can only ever be created by God, all demons’ true home is with the creator eventually).

      You also have the free will to allow any temporary visitors to stay on the condition that they simply sit together with you in the company of God in your body, and then like any good host, you have every right to offer these temporary visitors what you wish, including unconditional love and forgiveness (they will likely leave on their own as your body becomes inhospitable with remembrances of God and unconditional love. When they leave, you may choose to bid them farewell and rejoice, knowing that you need not be afraid of them if they ever come knocking again).

      May you remember how good you are and how important your soul is to everything and everyone. You are important to me, and to all our other brothers and sisters on this earth. We are connected always and you are never alone or without help. Just like I am connected to you and felt the love when you said God Bless you and protect you.

      I send you prayers and love, and reach out a hand to you. May you only encounter sincere and loving help when you seek it.

  2. Hi there, thank you for your blog. Your comment above, your prayer for the man named Darieusz is really moving and loving. I just wanted to mention that.
    I actually was writing because I read your post on ajo sacha and have interest in learning from this plant teacher slowly, as an opening to perhaps working one day with stronger teachers. I noticed in your post you said you used a stick of the ROOT nightly. I’m having trouble finding a way online to but the actual root and just wonder if you have any advice or a source for it. Thank you and love to you ????

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks so much for your kind comment! It means a lot.

      I used ajo sacha roots 1-2 years ago, but the place I bought them from doesn’t seem to offer the roots anymore. I hope you can find it somewhere else. I know what it’s like to try and source for something online.

      If you’re so inclined, valerian root can be used as a substitute for ajo sacha. It’s easy to find and also much less costly. The dreams I had with valerian root were much stronger and more unforgiving than those I ever got from ajo sacha, but in a good way. If you try it, just be careful not to take too much as valerian root can cause stomach pain when taken in excess (going by my own personal experience when I took 4 capsules at once!).

      Much love to you too!


  3. Hey! Cherich your blogs as the journey very much!!!!Do you go on dieta when making the root infused tea or its not necessary to have lucid dreaming with ajo?? Lots of love.

    1. Hi lasheka, I didn’t go on dieta. Perhaps if I did, my dreams (they were informative and healing, but not lucid) would have been different or more intense on ajo. If you try it with dieta, do let me know how it goes!

      Much love back.


  4. Hey, I have a pressure cooker of my own and I’ve been looking for a recipe like this

    Could you possibly email me the specifics?

    I need to know exact measurements so that I can successfully make this for SWIM

    This is the only article I’ve found for this on the internet

    My email is xxx

    1. Hi Swim

      Sorry for the very late reply. I’ve removed your email address in your comment to protect you from spambots.

      My ayahuasca recipe and method can be found here.

      Good luck!


  5. Hello

    Thank you for sharing this good and important information.
    I am a semi retired fellow who has been living in Peru studying about and with the plant medicines for 6 yrs now. I own a piece of jungle land where I grow among many others, Ajo Sacha, Chirac Sananga, Ayahuasca, Chacruna, Bobinsana etc.
    I needed and am grateful for the hard hitting plants such as Ayahuasca is to get me going on this path of healing and spiritual growth. While I had always studied on the spiritual path I was kinda stuck at some point and Ayahuasca gave me a good smack and set me back on the path forward, yikes! she doesn’t fool around. 100s of Aya ceremonies later, as time wears on and I get older I have come to appreciate these other more gentle teacher plants. Yes they are gentler for sure but can be very serious and helpful indeed. I am pleased to see you write about your experiences with some of these important plants. I consider Ayahuasca the ‘big boss’ as I call her sometimes but these other plants are definitely not to be dismissed as being weak or inferior in any way.
    I have seen a few people jump aboard the Aya bandwagon, most have come and gone moving on with their lives. A rare few keep on studying with the plant masters as I have and I’ve noticed they’re participating much less with Aya ceremonies these days and are more into dieting some of the many other plants such as Ajo Sacha and Chiric Sanango. Some study at Aya centers in the amazon and others are having their own experiences with the plants at home, both very valid ways to learn and to heal.
    I haven’t spent much time with either Ajo Sacha or Chiric Sanango although I planted a lot of them and tend to them to assist them to grow and flourish. I have a fair bit of experience with Bobinsana though, another beautiful plant master from the amazon that I grow and I was surprised at how much teaching I received through dreams. I am not one to usually remember my dreams but with Bobinsana I was able to. Sometimes the dreams were so vivid and colorful they seemed ayahuasca like and I might just have laid down to sleep when the colorful visions start before I am even asleep, kind of like lucid dreaming I guess. Bobinsana makes me feel sedated and mellow, then knocks me out into a profoundly deep sleep and then teaches and heals me in the dream realms. I wake up in the mornings feeling amazing and so grateful for this super friendly plant master.
    So just wanted to say thanks for having this website and posting some of your experiences about your plant adventures. I hope these writings of yours will encourage others to consider working with the gentler plants for healing and spiritual growth as well as working with prayer, intentions, and dreams.

    Many blessings and thank you !

    in Peru

    1. Hi Pierre

      Thank you so much for your lovely message! You made my day and it put a huge smile on my face 😀

      It must be wonderful to live in the jungle and surrounded by big beautiful trees and nature. Sometimes I feel sad that I live in the city, but then I remember that I’m terrified of many small insects so maybe it’s okay that I do (my cats have saved me many times by pouncing on the occasional cockroach while I scream and run away, which is just embarrassing).

      Coincidentally, I wanted to try bobinsana last year, but in the end, I decided to forgo it since I wasn’t sure of its effects. But after reading about your experience with it, maybe one day I’ll try it afterall 🙂 Thank you for that.

      I still remember my ayahuasca experiences eventhough they were a long while ago, and once in a while when I pray before going to sleep I’ll also call on mama aya for help or guidance. I don’t know why exactly, but with mama ayahuasca, it feels like a lifelong relationship ????‍♀️

      Much love and blessings to you too!


  6. Hi Lula

    I think using a pressure cooker to prepare Aya is a fine idea as it must save a lot of time like you say. Think I’ll get myself one soon as it would be handy in preparing some of the other plant medicines as well.
    Living and working in the jungle is not for the faint of heart that’s for sure since the energy sapping heat and humidity is pretty heavy duty and when it rains it doesn’t fool around! Worse than that is the constant presence of insects all intent on taking a bite out of you or else wanting to lay their eggs in you, total yuk! Also not good is the fact that the mosquitoes here can carry and transmit diseases like malaria and dengue, no fun. In spite of all that it is still i good to live in the jungle hanging out with this crazy array of plants and animals. For all of the things that can bite you or make you sick the nature here thank God provides you with all the necessary plant remedies. There’s a few local plant medicines that I just won’t do without having on hand in order to live here.
    Yes it seems that once you have connected with Madre Aya you somehow remain pals for life 🙂
    Thanks again for creating this website and sharing your good info and experience. If people would open up more to what nature has to offer us via healing and teachings the world would be a better place. The plants are very happy to teach those that are willing to open up to them and who will pay attention to what they offer us and they do offer us a lot.

    Stay well!


  7. Hello,I was wondering if you knew of anywhere in the states to get some chiric sango root. I am having a very strong call from it

    1. Hi Christian, I’m afraid I don’t know of any place in the states. You could try online if you’re so inclined (e.g. wakingherbs sells the rootbark i.e. bark from the roots). Good luck!


  8. Hi Lula,
    I just read your recipe for ayahuasca 50/50
    I have a couple of questions. How many doses do you get out of the 80g/80g mixture? How much do you reduce down the dose approximately? (in ml)
    Do you use dry or fresh chacruna? The smartshops only seem to have the dried leaves. I was wondering what the difference in weight might be.

    1. Hi Ermir, it’s been some time since I made that recipe so my memory isn’t the best.. but I think it made 5-6 small jars that I stored in the freezer. 1 jar was for 1 dose, after I boiled it down further on the day of use. Each final dose was boiled down to around <50ml, which was okay for 1-2 sips.

      The ingredients were all dried so getting a 50/50 ratio for them was simple.

      I hope that helps.


  9. Hey there I am wondering on your recipe for Ayahuasca if you used dry or fresh ingredients? Thank you so much for your time !

    1. Hi Ayahuasca Kaur, I used dried ingredients in my ayahuasca.

      Thanks for asking, I hadn’t realized that this info was missing in my post so I’ll add it in.

      Be well,


  10. Hello Lula, I’ve enjoyed looking over your page. And look forward to trying some of the herbs and plants you mention.

    Yesterday I tried your Yage pressure cooker recipe. It sounded quite good in that it would save lots of time (and it makes sense since the pressure cooker cooks everything else so well).

    I followed your instructions to a T. The only difference was that I used a 5 Liter instead of a 6. But I only put in about 60 gr of dried and shredded Caapi and 40 gr of Chakruna (dried).

    I checked the brew once at 2 hrs to see how it was doing. The water seemed a bit low so I added a little more. But when I finally opened the cooker after four hours there was only about 2 oz (or slightly less) of liquid left. If I had let it cook 15 more minutes I think it would have been bone dry.
    Am I missing something in this process? I’d be grateful for any feedback. The only thing I can think of is that my heat was too high. I had it on medium to low (closer to medium), so maybe it needs to be super low?

    Thanks in advance if you’re still checking this page.


    1. Hi Emma, thank you for your kind message.

      And I’m very sorry the recipe didn’t work out for you.

      I don’t think the heat level was the issue. I don’t remember the heat setting I used on my pressure cooker, only the amount of time I’d set on it.

      When I cooked my brew in the pressure cooker, I cooked it normally, i.e. with the pressure “on”.

      Meaning that a little steam (ie. a small amount of water) was expelled in the first few minutes when the pressure was being built up. But after that, the cooker sealed in the rest of all the water I had initially put in. When I opened the lid, the water level was about the same as what I had put in before starting to pressure cook it.

      I only let the water boil down when I started doing so with the lid removed after all the pressure cooking was done, and I was able to regularly check on this process with the lid off.

      Since you saw your water level get “a bit low” after 2 hours when you first checked the brew, could your pressure cooker have started without the pressure being “on”?

      If yes, this would mean the steam would have continuously been expelled over 2 hours, with no actual pressure being involved. It would have been the same as if it was cooked in a pot on the stove, and would have led to a lot of the water being lost. That’s the only thing I can think of to explain it.

      I’m very sorry if that’s not helpful and not at all what happened in your case, but I can’t think of anything else that could have resulted in such a low water level as you described.

      Much love,


  11. Hi Lula,

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

    After reading your message I think that the steam must have been escaping through the side of the lid, as the pressure cooker was in pressure cooking mode. I mainly just wanted to make sure this wasn’t normal (that is, so much liquid evaporating). I only ever cook rice and lentils and had no experience with leaving the cooker on the fire for so many hours…

    Anyway, I will give it another shot now that I’ve heard back from you.

    Very best to you,

    1. I see, that explains it then. Thanks for taking the time to come back with a response 🙂

      And good luck on your next try, Emma. I’m sure it’ll go well.


  12. I am also very thankful for the pressure cooker recipe. After much research I am about to embark on my first ayahuasca tea experience. I had a strong calling while in the covid-stay-at-home-2020- life. However, I plan to micro-dose the tea instead of taking a full dose. One main reason is that I do not live with a shaman 🙂 and feel a trip sitter might be nice for that first breakthrough time.
    In your recipe you indicate the first cooking time to be 4 hours. I am wondering if you have ever tried other times and what your results were?
    I am also wondering what size of jars you used? Are they widemouth mason jars? It will be a bit of trial and error to figure out my micro-dose so I thought those jars might be a good starting point.
    I hope you are super well and look forward to your response.

    1. Hi Morgan, thanks for your kind message.

      I’d always just kept to a 4-hour cooking time in the pressure cooker (translates to normal cooking of about 12 hours, which I had found in the ayahuasca book I’d used as a guide) so I can’t tell you what a different cook time might lead to.

      But if you feel compelled to experiment, there’s no harm to it I’m sure. You might even find a brew that’s most suited to your needs that way.

      As for the jars, I used pretty small jars (190 grams) that once held cooking sauces. I had a bunch that I’d washed and collected over time so that was what I used because they were clean and could fit on my freezer shelf. I think it’s fine to use anything really as long as it won’t leak in the freezer.

      Since you’re planning to try microdoses, you could even just use an empty ice cube tray and once its all frozen, the cubes can be stored in a bag in the freezer, and you could take and adjust what you need easily. Just an idea 🙂

      I wish you all the best + much love and support in your journey!


    1. Cheers Morgan 🙂

      The book is ‘Ayahuasca: The Visionary and Healing Powers of the Vine of the Soul’ By Joan Parisi Wilcox. There’s also an extract of a page pasted on the recipe post.

      Much love,


  13. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing your post on Chiric Sanango diet, have you heard of someone or tried using powdered Chiric Sanango, i would like to diet with it but not sure how much to use and how to prepare, I assume it would be to add boiling water. But how much of it? Thought I ask you.

    1. Hi Yana, I’ve no experience with using the powdered form, but yes I expect you can prepare it by adding hot water. As to the amount, I would suggest starting with a small dose first like a half teaspoon and seeing how you feel, then you’ll have a better idea of the strength of the powder that you have and can adjust accordingly if needed. Stay safe and be well!


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