Drink Lemon Juice to detox and stave off acne

What it does: Flushes the body of toxins that result in acne.

How to do it: Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to a full glass of water. Drink this all day (6-8 glasses).

Why it helps: This diluted lemon water gently flushes toxins out of your body, which helps control acne. Results can be seen in a few months. The vitamin C is in lemon juice also helps collagen synthesis in the skin’s epidermal layer. So you can expect to have firmer skin as well.

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  1. Another reason lemon juice works is because it helps keep the blood at an alkaline pH. And acidic body is more susceptible to illnesses and skin conditions

  2. Hot lemon water in the morning (half a lemon dropped into boiling water and drunk like tea) is an invigorating way to start the day, & fantastic for cleansing the digestive system. 🙂

  3. this suggestion are helpful. need solution for my hair beside the mayonnise . please help me i’ m a black american lady and need help also for detoxin sugar out of my system because of my diabetes. thank u

    1. Hi Janice, google “essiac tea diabetes”. Essiac tea is also called Ojibwa tea and Guardian Spirit tea, and if you can get the premixed herbs, the tea is easy to prepare and brew yourself. Essiac tea is an old tea that’s helpful for cancer, but people with diabetes have also found good results with it. What’s more, the taste is mild and easy for most people to drink.

      Good luck and take care


  4. I have always had problems with breaking out. I just started drinking essiac tea & am breaking out terribly below my mouth (lower face & chin area). I would think I’m probably detoxing to quickly. Is this right?
    BTW I have had horrible fibromyalgia now for over 20 yrs. I also have Sjogren’s Syndrome. My symptoms are also reeking havoc more so than usual. I’ve been bedridden for almost the entire time I’ve been sick. Every symptom you can come up with for fibro I suffer with. I’ve tried so many things using both traditional & more often holistic therapies. I’m at the end of my rope. I can’t take this illness any more. HELP!!!!!!!! I’d also like to know how long before I might feel any benefits from drinking this. One more thing…..is it ok to also drink Kombucha tea with this tea??

    1. Hi Gezelle, I won’t presume to know much about what you’ve been through, but I’m sorry you’ve suffered.

      Your immune system should benefit from kombucha tea or other fermented foods/drinks you like, and it should be fine to take when you’re on essiac tea also. Although if your essiac tea or any other beverage is drunk hot, then it’s best to space out some time between drinking that and any fermented drink (since hot liquid in the stomach may kill off the good bacteria/yeasts in the fermented drink).

      Having said that, I think the best thing is always to listen to your body. So if something doesn’t feel right or good, you can always try something else that might actually work better for your body. Everyone’s different.

      It also does sound like you’re very anxious and that you’re trying to do a lot, which I can understand. I can speak from my own experience that making essiac tea can be quite time-consuming all on its own.

      And I hope I’m not over-stepping here, call me a well-meaning fellow earth dweller who knows there can be a lot of pain in the world… but have you also considered if any “emotional stuff” might play a role as well?

      I know I have had (and still do) some deep-rooted issues with guilt and shame. These same feelings seem to be prevalent in my family/relatives, and we have a history of lupus among us. It took a long time for me (along with many dark, dark nights and help from above and all around) to start to come to terms with some of it gradually.

      Of course, this might not apply to you or your situation at all, but I just wanted to bring it up in case it can help somehow.

      Sending you much love,


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