As our cells release physical toxins, we also release emotional toxins. Some are tied to the food we ate, and others to painful memories and events. This purging can appear in the form of intense detox dreams when we sleep.

detox dreams

This year, I made a conscious decision to eat healthier and to detox my body from a lifetime of junk food, fried food, meat, smoking (I’m not a smoker but I second-hand smoke quite a bit), pollution, chemicals and god-knows-what-else.

So far this year I’ve added juicing, various herbal teas and more raw food into my diet, and it’s been going really well. I feel great and healthier than ever.

Then about a week ago, I decided to kick things up a notch by adding a green barley powder into my diet. Green barley is different from barley grainsΒ  – green barley are the young and green shoots of the plant. It’s one of the most nutrient-rich sources of green food around. Its usage goes back to ancient Egypt and Greece.

The reason why I chose to take green barley powder was to add more chlorophyll to my diet. Chlorophyll is a powerful detoxer and blood cleanser. It cleans out the intestines really well. Chlorophyll also has the ability to bind to heavy metals like mercury and carry it out of the body. It also gives me a clean energy boost.

The only downside to taking the green barley powder? My detox dreams – which I’ve been having almost every night.

Detox dreams are pretty common when you’re detoxing. In theory, as your cells release physical toxins, you’ll also release emotional toxins. Some are tied to the food we eat over the years (and which have become a part of our bodies), some could be tied to painful memories and events. These toxins can show up in the form of intense detox dreams at night.

These inner toxins are actually good for me to release, but boy are my detox dreams scary! For someone who very rarely has nightmares, this is quite a change. My detox dreams are always intense. Some have been violent. One night I dreamt that someone was trying to hunt me down and kill me. Another night, I had a dream about ghosts (think the original Japanese version of The Ring and you’ll have a good idea of the kind of ghost I dreamt about). When I woke up in the middle of it, I couldn’t go back to sleep for several minutes because it was still haunting me.

The good thing about detox dreams is that they’re temporary. I know that eventually my body will get most of the worst stuff out of me and the scary dreams will stop. In the meantime though, I just might invest in a dreamcatcher. πŸ™‚

Have you had any detox dreams? What were they of?