Cleanliness is Next To Fewer Breakouts (or how to clean your make-up sponges)

With clean make-up sponges, your make-up will not only look better and be easier to apply, but you’ll also get fewer zits and break-outs since bacteria won’t fester in them.

More make-up will adhere to your sponges if they’re clean and porous. With powder and foundation, this will give a much smoother finish, better coverage, and even coloring. With blusher and eye-shadows, colors will look brighter even when applied lightly.

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Born-Again Eye Pencils in an Instant

If your eye pencils harden and dry over time, bring them back to life by dabbing a tiny amount of lotion over and around the tip. Take off the excess with your finger. Now your eye pencil will glide on effortlessly again as if it’s brand new!

And if you don’t have lotion, moisturizer, skin cream or baby oil will work just as well.

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Blood under the Toenail

About two months ago, I was standing in a crowded bus next to a pretty big guy. We were both holding onto metal railings when the bus jerked to a sudden stop. I managed to stay on my feet, but he lost his balance and flailed in my direction.

Unfortunately, when he landed, he also stomped right on my big toe.

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