Detox dreams = scary nightmares?

Detox dreams are pretty common. In theory, as your cells release the physical toxins, you’ll also release emotional toxins. Some are tied to the food we’ve eaten over the years (and which have become a part of our bodies), and some could be tied to painful memories and events. This “purging” can show up in the form of intense detox dreams at night.

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Fasting for Better Health and Skin

Fasting can be extremely therapeutic and offers a myriad of health benefits. It’s also a natural reaction. In the wild, injured animals will fast and only start eating when their wounds have healed.

You’ve probably fasted many times in your life without even realising it. Remember when you were sick and had no appetite whatsoever? This was your body’s way of taking care of itself. Without food to digest, your body could better focus its energies on fighting the infection and recover more quickly.

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Relax in a Sea Salt Bath

Have you ever swam in the ocean and found that your sleep that night was so much deeper and more restful than usual?

Well, there’s a reason for that.

Seawater has special qualities that soothes the nerves and helps to calm our minds and spirits.

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