Castor oil prevents wrinkles

What it does: Calms down inflammation. Prevents wrinkles and softens skin.

How to do it: Apply pure castor oil on skin. Don’t overdo it, a very light application is enough.

Why it helps: Castor oil softens skin naturally by penetrating the skin’s surface layers. This is important because an oil won’t do much good if it just sits on top of the skin. Nurses often apply castor oil on patients after cosmetic surgery.

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  1. The castor oil and the most of the natural oils are beneficial for our skin and hair care.
    I like to use natural oils for my skin and hair.

    1. I find castor oil extremely well. I am trying to remove two warts from my forefinger right now.I love the info about this oil.Thanks for the website,

      1. Best Removal for a Plantars Wart is a sliver of fresh garlic covered with a waterproof bandaid where the origination of the wart began. Keep it on as long as you can. Repeat another time or two. And it will disappear! This was my last resort after trying everything else except having it cut out. A owner of a health food store told me to do this. Couldn’t believe it. Awesome!!!

  2. WOW……..I sure hope caster oil works on my vanishing hair. Thank Heaven it is thinning fairly evenly although more on sides and top. Looking forward to this. Must go to town now.

  3. HI, Tetley,
    I wanted to share severa things I found to be quite helpful for my thinning hair. I have hypothyroidism and am in menopause. With both problems going on I found my hair was less than desirable. It was dry and brittle and thin.
    I started eating grass fed, organic beef liver once a week. I am taking the herb Horsetail and have also started taking Cod liver oil & black currant oil. With all these suppliments, I have noticed a difference in my skin, my hair and now……never in my life before….I’m growing nails. I even like wearing nail polish for the first time in my life. Amazing! Not all herbs work for the same people the same way. There are other things that will boost your hair and nail and skin condition as well. These just work for me. For years I was mostly on a vegan diet….with cheese, eggs and occastionally chicken or turkey. When I changed my diet to include raw grass fed beef dairy, raw goat/cow cheese, liver from organic grass-fed beef and chicken and more soups (made from a bone shank) than cold salads….my health and energy levels improved and so did my hair,skin & nails. I ordered some astragalas root, ginsing, burdock root, dandelion root and licorice root for my hypothyroidism as well…..I boil about two quarts of water with a tablespoon of each dried root in the pot. …strain and I drink this as a base for my daily tea. I’ve gained my life back.

    Now, and then I cheat on my diet and I’m not worried about a little bit of something any more affecting me like it used to. I am so thankful to the Lord for showing me these little things I could do to enhance my standard of healthful livng.

    Rosemary is really good to stimulate the root growth for hair regrowth…..put a few drops in your favorite shampoo.. I’ve never tried castor oil…..except to draw out poisons. Hope it works for you..

  4. Does castor oil help with peripheral neuropathy of the feet. I had chemo and it caused this condition. Has anyone had success with castor oil?

  5. hi, i did not know much use about castor oil. but every week i used to apply for my hairs and leave it to remain over night and take bath the next day.

    any way thanks so much

    can any one tell me does it works out for eyes and can i get moistured my eyes using this castor oil as i have got dry eyes
    and how can i do it

    tnanks in advance

    1. Hi sowmya,

      Yes, you can use castor oil as a dropper to moisten dry eyes. Some people with chronic dry eyes after LASIK surgery have found relief with castor oil drops in the eye. Just make sure to use cold-pressed and hexane-free castor oil for this. Other kinds might contain chemical contaminants.

  6. thank u so much samantha

    you are doing a very good job by writing articles in this website

    becoz, lots of people does not know the values of things like castor oil, turmeric powder etc., which is availble at their door steops and that too cheap and can be affordable , but people will run in searching for costly products and getting no result by using them.

    pls, go ahead in doing this good work and all the best

    and if possilblc can u suggest me like how can i use this in treatment for dry eyes during day time , since it spreads and it is thick too

    i have got refined castor oil and i dont know where to get compressed castor oil and i have got only this oil near my house.

    pls , suggest me if possible madam


    1. You’re very welcome, and thank you for your kind words! 🙂

      There’s no way to get around the heaviness and stickiness of castor oil, I’m afraid. My only suggestions are to:

      – use very little (1-2 drops) and wipe any excess around your eyes. Once castor oil is in your eye, it’ll feel less sticky because of the heat from your eyeballs and your blinking, which will help “spread” it around. You can sterilise an old store-bought eye dropper bottle and fill it with castor oil to help you control the amount you use.

      – avoid wearing eye make-up (mascara/eyeliner) as castor oil will most certainly smudge them, and chemicals from the make-up may enter your eye along with the castor oil.

      I buy mine online from (the shipping is reasonable and there’s a discount code on the top-right of this page if you’re interested). If you can’t find cold-pressed castor oil where you live, you can use refined castor oil if you exercise some caution. Use your own good judgement in this case, if you notice any adverse reactions (eg pain, irritation, redness), you should stop using it immediately.

      Hope that helps!

  7. thank you so much samatha

    really i did not know that casor oil work so much

    i am started using it from yesterday, ie i read the article of urs as how it works for dry eyes

    u know i am suffering from this dry eyes and i have wipe my eyes every 5 minutes, as the white discharge comes out and i have got this problem from past 5 years. when i consulted many doctors they said it is just allergy and just wrote some eye drops and suggested to use for 1 week or so, but i consulted many but none gave proper guidance and as to how to treat with this problem of white discharge and they did not even know what the problem was.

    after searching for many weeks i understood myself as it was happening becoz of dry eyes and i was searching for some home remedies

    in that too i found nothing, but fortunately i got ur article and i found it intresting and i am finding it really it is doing good and i am feeling it from today itself.

    once again thank u very much samatha

    good luck

    1. Hi sowmya, that’s great that you’re finding some relief with it today. And I truly hope you’ll see a long-term improvement and healing of your dry eyes.

      Please come back and let me know how you are after some time. I’ll be interested to hear. In the meantime, take care!

  8. I’m using castor oil for the past 6years. 3times a
    Week @ night. I got a little castor oil wid crushed
    Tumeric stick soakd in it.
    I’m 39 look 25 :)! Castor oil is the best thing that
    Happen to a woman!!!

  9. dear sam,

    i am a 22 year old from bangladesh. i have been suffering from pimples problem since i was in class 3 :P. it was gone when i was in grade 12, but now it’s back after 3 years. my face has suddenly been filled with pimples. another problem is that i have fine lines on the cheekbones and from nose to mouth areas. and my skin looks dull. i have fair skin. i was thinking of applying castor oil as night moisturizer. will it help? and will the castor oil detoriate the pimple situation?

    i have combination-dry skin type.

    thank you

    1. Yes, castor oil might help pimples and dry, lined skin. But you’ll need to make sure it’s cold-pressed so it won’t clog your poress.

      As an aside, pimples are usually a sign of something else going on inside us. Our skin is an excretory organ, but our bodies only expels toxins via skin eruptions (eg pimples, acne) when our primary excretory organs (liver, bowels, kidneys, etc) aren’t working optimally or are hindered in some way. So you may also want to look at other areas of your health (e.g. diet) if you’re seeking a more long-term solution to pimples.

      1. thank you so much for your reply.

        i am mixing castor oil and olive oil and applying it everynight for the last 3 nights. i put a warm washcloth for 30 seconds and then remove the excess and oil. can u tell me when approximately can i expect to see a result? however, when i wash my face in the morning with warm water only, my skin feels dry and i see sm white flakes on the forehead and left cheek. do u know where the problem lies?

        1. You’re welcome. It depends on your original skin condition and speed of healing, but home remedies work slowly in general. It might take a few weeks or a few months before there are results (if any). And I don’t know if I’m reading your comment right, but 30-second castor oil applications are probably not going to do much… Unless you meant you only apply heat for 30 seconds (?), which should be helpful.

          I don’t know about the white flakes, you might want to consult with a dermatologist who can examine your skin.

  10. Hey Nabila, just saw ur comment and just wanted to say that I suffered from acne pretty much all my life until I went to Jasmine Mansur at Apollo…she prescribed Roaccutine to me & its the best thing ever….u can research about it online……u can try it if u are still having problems with pimples…..feel free to email me if u have any questions…..

  11. has anyone ever infused comfrey leaves with a mix of castor oil and olive for a skin renewal ointment?

  12. I love this site. I have been all over the internet looking up natural remedies and have bookmarked so many different sites for each one. But this is now my one to shop! You have everything on here that I have been looking up. So now I don’t have to have 15 links in my bookmark tab.

    I have been using castor oil on my face for over 6 months now. My skin is radiant and soft and i have not had acne or random dry spots on my face for a long time. Plus my make up goes on better and castor oil is great at removing make up and removing wax when I do my eyebrows.

    Love castor oil!

    1. Awww thank you Yolanda! I actually don’t have very many articles on my site so your comment meant a lot to me. 😀

      Much love,


  13. Hi… I have bought a local brand castor oil which says the oil is “pure & double refined”. Will this help? Its just a local brand and its also NOT cold pressed. I bought it for my hair, to apply it with some coconut oil. Where do i get a cold pressed castor oil ? And can anyone please name some castor oil brand for me to use??

  14. Thank you for this amazing info about castor oil! I wanted to share something that might explain the way castor oil can, if overused, result in loose, seemingly dry skin. I was doing Ayurvedic research online and stumbled across a site that talked about Castor Oil and how to work with it for greatest benefit. They said that it’s something that makes skin receptive to moisture but that in and of itself it’s not that moisturizing, so they always pair it with the dosha appropriate oil in ratios that keep the castor oil from 10% to about 50% at most (that’s for folks with oily, acne prone skin). Folks with dry skin or who are wrinkle conscious should keep it at about 10% castor and 90% dosha appropriate oil (for me that’s coconut or sesame). When I read your posts about the odd effects of Castor Oil long term, by itself, I had the light bulb moment and wanted to share. I hope this helps! All the sites I hopped through raved about Castor Oil as well and this page is so helpful for knowing the myriad uses.

  15. Thanks for the information about the benefits of Castor Oil. Last month, i am feeling lonely because as i saw my face on the mirror. I noticed that i have a wrinkles on my forehead and under my eyes. So, i am glad to know that Castor Oil is also use for removing wrinkles. Can i use castor oil as a maintenance for my face? And this product has no side effects? Thanks for the reply. God bless!!!

    1. The kind I have is expeller-pressed. I know that cold-pressed or expeller-pressed, hexane-free castor oil is better. It may also say refined on it, though. I don’t know what double-refined means.

      Check the label for ingredients or any other information. The only ingredient in mine is “ricinus communis (castor) seed oil”. Yours may have additional ingredients. If you want the purest kind, I’d suggest going to a natural/health food store and looking there. From what I’ve heard, castor oil bought from a drug store or some place like that will probably not be as good.

      However, I have read a lot of good things about castor oil in any form. No matter where you got it and what it consists of, it seems that most people do get results, but the consensus tends to be that purer oil works best.

      Try yours on a small area first to make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin, as some people have that problem. If you feel comfortable with it, find out a good method that works for you, if you don’t already know one and see if it gives you the results you want. If it doesn’t, again, you may need a better type of castor oil.

      Good luck.

  16. Writing in hopes that this is still an active site! I’m so encouraged to think that something as simple, and inexpensive, as castor oil, could be helpful with so many things … I am, however, not really clear on the instructions for using the oil to help “clear” existing wrinkles, keep others from appearing, and encourage more youthful looking skin in general. (Loved reading about the young lady who looks YEARS younger!!!)
    Do you (1) cleanse w/a small amount of a castor and coconut oil mix (10%/90% respectively or half each?) on a nightly basis, or (2) just apply a very small amount and leave on, on a weekly basis? Or perhaps (3) you do a combination of both? I would welcome hearing your thoughts, and any additional information you might have at this later time ~ since almost a year has passed now! Thanks so much! Kathleen

    1. Hi Kathleen, all you need to do is rub a small amount into your skin regularly. I use it nightly around my eyes before bed.

      If you’re using it over a larger skin surface, mixing it with extra virgin coconut oil can make it thinner and easier to spread.

      Hope that helps.

  17. I was just reading all the awesome comments on the site and I’m just learning about oil and essential oils. I had breast surgery 3 years ago and have some major internal and painful scar tissue. The doctors have all said that more surgery will only create more. So is castor oil the answer for me? Or should I try something else? Thank u for any advice!

    1. Hi Natalie, yes you can definitely try castor oil to help slowly break up the scar tissue. Other natural oils like shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil can work also. Just remember that castor oil can permanently stain linen and clothing.

      For deeper internal scarring, I’d suggest looking into enzymes, iodine and magnesium.

      Enzymes like serrapeptase and nattokinase can help break down fibrous tissue. Better yet, add some raw food to your daily diet as raw fruits/vegetables contain many live enzymes.

      Meanwhile, iodine and magnesium can soften scar tissue and encourage the formation of healthy cells in its place over time. You can try spraying magnesium oil over your breasts daily as it can help with nerve damage and alleviate your pain. You can buy it online, but I’ve found that I can make my own “DIY mag oil” very cheaply with filtered magnesium bath flakes dissolved in water. It’s worked just as well.

      Also based on my own experience, doing these things won’t just help with scarring, but your overall health will also get a huge boost 🙂

      Good luck!


  18. Hi……… Just a question……. I have pigmentation on my cheeck n upper lip. The upper lip I think it’s from waxing. I’m a fair complexion person. I have used castor oil for 3 days now. I can see some improve but after I wash off oil my face is dry. Can I use coco butter lotion (palmers) on my face. Being using it for 20years now

    1. Hi bithi, I don’t know if castor oil can help xanthelasma, but at the very least, it won’t hurt to give it a try.

  19. I had wrinkles , dark marks and face was looking very old. I started using caster oil 2 days ago. I feel so good now I am glowing .. It has already started working. I look forward for more..i have tried every expensive product not knowing that my face can be this beautiful with R20.

  20. i have the book EDGAR CAYCE on PROPHECY
    by Mary Ellen Carter
    this little book is chock full healing paradigms using Castor Oil. Excellent and compelling reading!

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