Tip: Baking Soda Scrub

I’ve written before about how baking soda makes an excellent facial and body cleanser (here).

But if you do not have very oily skin (like me!) it can be extremely drying to use everyday.

If you can’t take the dryness, you can still use baking soda as a scrub once a week.

Tip: Use more baking soda to get a good exfoliating scrub on. The good thing is that the particles are very fine – so if you have sensitive skin that turns red easily, this scrub is perfect for you.

2 Replies to “Tip: Baking Soda Scrub”

  1. I found that baking soda really does work as a scrub.. when i first scrubed my face with it after a while it made my face feel really dry, but after 5 or so minutes it fel soft and very clean! im using it daily now!!

  2. Great idea! I will try this on my face for less abrasive exfoliation 🙂

    Going along with the sodium solutions, I thought I’d share my newest creation…It’s gonna’ give a more intense scrub but it doesn’t bother me at all…it leaves my skin super soft, exfoliated and moisturized…

    When I ran out of my TraderJoe’s lavender body scrub (ingredients were basically natural oils and salt), I was so sad!!! (I’m living in the UK – no TraderJoe’s here just super expensive whole foods and supplements stores.) But quite by accident I had an idea to make my own scrub: coconut oil and epsom salt! Sure adding a lavender oil would make it smell a lot better, and would be more like the TJ’s version, but I’m used to moisturizing with coconut oil and quite like the smell of it. So now I have a super cheap, natural, homemade alternative! Because of the coconut oil, it’s moisturizing enough to use every day. I had been using coconut oil at the end of my shower after towel-drying like 50%, but it was still kinda’ greasy….now I just use the scrub and rinse it off, and it’s not overly-greasy at all!

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