Apple Cider Vinegar for Age Spots

What it does: The high acid content in apple cider vinegar makes it an excellent skin exfoliator.

How to do it: Dab a little apple cider vinegar on age spots every night before you go to bed. Leave this on overnight. (If it stings too much, wash off and dilute the mixture with a little water. ) Repeat this for 3-4 weeks and you should see those age spots lighten.

Extra: For men, apple cider vinegar is also a great aftershave. This will keep skin soft.

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  1. I have started using undiluted ACV as a facial toner and I can’t beleive after 4 days what a difference I see in my own skin! The pores are much tighter and my face looks less tired and more vibrant. I hope that it also fades sun spots that I get during the summer. I use it at night and let it dry, and it feels great. I also take a glass of H20 to which I add about 2 TBSP of ACV vinegar a day, hoping to improve my hair quality & shine. I am a skeptical, 54 year old registered nurse, and this has been a fun and amazing experiment to actually see such a difference so quickly! Who would have thought that ACV could be such a useful item that is so overlooked.

    1. Kathy,

      It’s been about 6 months since you began using ACV. Have you noticed any additional improvements in your complexion? Have you changed anything else in your regimen? Diet, exercise, supplements, topicals, etc.?

    2. Wouldn’t it be great, Kathy, if all western society medical personnel actually learned nutritive connections to health during standard education and training? Some of my practitioners admitted they very sadly had very little and the connections are naturally, huge! Big pharma has way too much control. ACV rocks. Use baking soda to wash body and hair with coconut oil and ACV as rinse and conditioner and voila! Also, frankincense and lavender essential oils help fade spots and soften, reduce scars.

  2. I had a few spots of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and forehead – like skin dicoloration. I looked around the web and did some research – when I ran across site that had recommended the Made from Earth skin care line. I went to their website ( and found their Rosehip % Hibiscus Face Serum / moisturizer. The description sounded promising, and I figured that I had nothing to lose, so I ordered it.

    After about 3 months of use, my skin is looking very nicely toned and the spots are fading rather quickly. Once you apply this moisturizer, you’ll instantly notice how it makes your skin silky smooth.

    I find it to smell very pleasant – almost like the hibiscus flower. Overall, don’t expect this product to work immediately, you have to give it a little while, and I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Plus, for a chemical free and organic face cream the price is just perfect.

  3. I haver severe UC, and because of that I,ve become very dark around my anal area, will a sitz bath mixed with AVC and baking soda help to lighten those areas again.

  4. My mother tried this remedy with a particularly large age spot she had on her arm. The flat texture of the spot did not change, but the color faded. That was enough to sell me on the results!

    Having inherited her tendency for getting these dreaded spots, I’m going to give it a try, starting on my arm, then most likely bathing my arms and hands and then my face in the stuff.

    I told my husband to expect me to smell like salad dressing every night!

    1. Yes, it can help to fade some tans. Like other exfoliants, it’ll increase cell turnover and brighten the skin. Applying it in the evenings is best because it can make the skin more sun-sensitive.

  5. hi samantha . I went in search of apple ceder vinegar but to no avail .what i saw was white malt vinegar. is it good enough in achieving a bright skin ?

    1. Both are ok, it depends on what you want to achieve or feel comfortable with. If you mix vinegar with any oil, it’ll weaken the acidity, but may be more comfortable / less drying.

  6. hi samantha . In most article about apple cider vinegar it always indicated that only apple cider vinegar is the best for skin care that other are not good enough . Is that right ? Because what am using presently is malt vinegar and am also drinking it . What are the benefits of drinking it? Does it also improve skin? please note what am using is malt vinegar and not apple cider .

    1. Apple cider vinegar seems to be the most common used to treat the skin, but malt vinegar can also produce similar effects. Like I said before, all vinegars are acids and they act the same way to slough off old skin cells. However, the nutrient content would vary as they comes from different sources (apples vs barley).

      The health benefits of drinking malt vinegar are similar to drinking ACV (may help digestion etc). You can go a simple online search to learn more.

  7. I have lots of dark spots, mostly on my legs. I am 56 so they are probably “age spots” but they are definitely worst where I have been in the sun my whole life. There are too many to “dab” so I am wondering if it would lighten all my skin if I just rubbed it all over? Or would the dark spots just react to the apple cider vinegar? I have drank ACV off and on for years, and I am going to begin this routine again.

  8. A lady in my craft group has used ACV on her age spots and they have disappeared and she now has beautiful clear skin. So, I am going to try it too and hope for the same results. Good to know you can use it on your face as I was worried about using it there but now I am convinced it is okay. ACV is so versatile with so many uses. I find my pantry is a saving on my beauty regime and I use Bi-carb Soda for my blackheads which leaves my skin soft and most effective on blackheads too.

  9. Hello everyone.! I had melasma or brown spots on my both cheeks.. (I really don’t know weather it’s melasma or brown spots) I am using apple cider vinegar with equal amount onion juice on my cheeks since three months and also drinking apple cider vinegar with water ..but I am not seeing any difference 🙁 should i stop using apple cider vinegar? Or how long should i wait to see the result?

    1. I had melasma. It is completely gone. The best thing you can do is the Obagi Nu Derm treatment for 3 months including Skinceutucals Vitamin C, Revisions sunscreen & Tretinoin. I promise you it works & you will be so pleased.
      A natural brightener for maintenance is Licorice extract to prevent tyrosinase & frankensence to brighten.
      Age spots are another story. I’ve tried everything including 99% dichloroacedic acid, chryotherapy & a hyfrecator… a lot of downtime.

  10. Hi Sadia

    Maybe ACV does not work for everyone. Try olive oil or castor oil for your brown spots and they will fade in time and both are great for wrinkles too. My sister is married to a Greek and says she has never seen any old Greek women with lines on their faces, which is due to the Mediterranean diet which is high in olive oil. Both cost about $6 at the chemist and it is worth a try and you won’t be wasting these products as they have lots of uses. Good luck and hope one works for you!

  11. Hi Caroline thanks for your response.. OK I will try both spots on my brown spots.. I want to try everything for my spots… just want to know how long should i use these oils to see the result?

  12. Hi Sadia
    I have never seen anything which tells you how long you should use a product for removing brown spots. I guess it depends on the individual and how many spots you have, so I guess you just have to be patient and use a product that suits your skin at keep at it until the spots go away.

  13. i have malesma on my upperlip, jaw line n chin. i had took harmone related treatment last year, and last month i notices dark skin around my upper lip, jaw line and chin area. now i started taking acv with water diluted in equal ratio and also having aloe vera empty stomach. my skin colour got fair but my dark patches are still visible though they got very little light. help me, please for curing it fast. what else i can do ?

    1. I had melasma. It is completely gone. The best thing you can do is the Obagi Nu Derm treatment for 3 months including Skinceutucals Vitamin C, Revisions sunscreen & Tretinoin. I promise you it works & you will be so pleased.
      A natural brightener for maintenance is Licorice extract to prevent tyrosinase & frankensence to brighten.

  14. ACV also gets rid of moles . I had one on my face since birth and applying a tiny tiny cotton ball soaked in it to the mole and taped on with medical tape over night for a week and it was gone . just be sure you don’t get ACV on the skin around it and don’t touch the mole, let it just blacken, mush up and fall off. cleanse the skin around the mole and apply Neosporin around the mole only to keep that part of the skin from getting irritated

  15. Hi Samantha, I have age scar on tigh , can I used apple cider vinegar on it as well? Or is it strictly for spots. Please advice

    1. Hi vanessa, I’m not sure what you mean by age scar, but you can try apple cider vinegar on it. Sometimes exfoliants can help reduce a scar’s appearance, and ACV is a good one. Just take care not to overdo it. Like any acid, ACV can make the scar and surrounding healthy skin more sensitive.

      You can also try healing oils to heal your scar. I’ve had good luck with using castor oil on my scars.

      Hope that helps!


  16. Thank you for sharing such an informative and honest post about ACV. I wanted to mention that raw, organic ACV is the most powerful formulation. The processes that render ACV pasteurized/refined/filtered remove, in short, “the good things.” Of course, those ACV are beneficial as well, but at only a fraction of raw.

    Additionally, as a holistic/natural pet health practitioner, I thought I’d mention it has wonderful effects for our pets’ skin. I use it for mites, mange, fleas, ringworm, and all sorts of other skin conditions. I will limit my usage comments to skin only here. Be sure to dilute for pet use. If anybody needs more information, I’m always happy to help (no this is not a sell).

    Thanks again!

  17. Hi I used to have the most vibrant skin ever and due to stress my skin formed dark hyperpigmentation on my forehead, upper lip, chin, cheeks and chest..
    I’ve tried absolutely everything, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on facials and beauty therapy products, I’ve tried lemon juice, oranges, olive oil, onion, aloevera, baking soda, bananas, apple, avocado!! And everything I’ve ever tried has made very little difference in the worst of ways,
    I came across apple cider vinegar and after months of products which have not worked on my sensitive skin and I most say that after applying raw apple cider vinegar on my face I’ve seen results after 5 minutes. I’m in absalute shock that something so cheap can be the best thing I’ve ever used on my skin.
    so if anyone else has the same problem with not finding what works on your skin if your skins to sensitive I highly recommend raw unfiltered apple cider.
    I’m so impressed with how something so simple can be so effective.
    😌😌 especially after 5 minutes,
    I can’t wait to you’s this remedy more and more.

  18. I used diluted ACV on my face where I have dark pigmentation stains. My face turned red and it made the stain much worse. What can I do to reverse this? I don’t have faith in ACV due to this!

    1. Hi Lynn, give it time and the redness should fade. Stay out of the sun or use a good sunscreen until it does. If the area is irritated, apply a gentle healing oil like extra virgin coconut oil. I’ve found that coconut oil brings down redness quite well.

      Since the ACV was already diluted, but you still had redness, you may have very sensitive skin. I would suggest not using ACV again. You may want to consider healing oils like shea butter, Vitamin E oil or coconut oil instead to slowly fade any pigmentation.

      Hope that helps.


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