Skin needling and dermarolling for scars and wrinkles

(TIP: To return to this shortcut list, click the Back button on your browser.) What is skin needling and dermarolling? Why skin needling and dermarolling can be effective An overview of the needling/dermarolling healing process over a 12-month period Needling depths matter The advantages of skin needling and dermarolling How to needle/dermaroll safely and effectively … Continue reading “Skin needling and dermarolling for scars and wrinkles”

Castor oil prevents wrinkles

What it does: Calms down inflammation. Prevents wrinkles and softens skin. How to do it: Apply pure castor oil on skin. Don’t overdo it, a very light application is enough. Why it helps: Castor oil softens skin naturally by penetrating the skin’s surface layers. This is important because an oil won’t do much good if … Continue reading “Castor oil prevents wrinkles”